What is Fifth Dimensional (5D) Healing?

5D Healing directly reconnects your body and mind to your Source of health, wealth, love and life fulfillment.   Therefore it is the most direct and powerful form of healing.   To fully answer the question of what 5D healing is let’s start with a brief examination of the third, fourth and fifth dimensions.

Third dimensional (3D) therapies are purely physical treatments like drugs, surgery and physical therapy. Western medicine is almost purely 3D.   3D therapies focus on changing or repairing a part of the body or aspect of the mind.  Because it is rarely taking the whole person into account it is common for there to be negative side effects.  3D medicine is also very expensive.   3D offers amazing life-saving interventions, but is weak for preventing suffering or improving quality of life.

The 3rd dimension is characterized by the experiences of:

  • Focus on solving problems and “putting out fires”
  • Polarization with others – personally, politically, economically and globally
  • Fatigue, adrenal stress or exhaustion from focusing on solving problems and overcoming resistance
  • “Weapons of mass distraction” leading to many disappointments and lost opportunities

Fourth dimensional (4D) therapies are more holistic and integrative than 3D.   They look at the mind and body together.   Acupuncture, microcurrent, homeopathy, energy healing and some aspects of integrative medicine offer various combinations of 3D and 4D benefits.

Time, or duration, is often considered to be a 4th dimension.  Therefore 4D therapies take the circadian cycles of the days, months and seasons into account in diagnosis and treatment.   While 4D therapies are more holistic and natural then 3D it are still mostly focused on solving problems, and is therefore dualistic in nature.

The 4th dimension is often referred to as the astral plane.  4D experiences include:

  • Working with the subconscious mind, affirmations
  • Most systems of metaphysics and magic
  • New possibilities and opportunities
  • The struggle between light and dark energies

Fifth dimensional (5D) reconnection   5D sessions are not about fixing or clearing anything.   It is a process for physically reconnecting your body to your higherBeing, or Sourcethrough the systematic infusion of Divine light.

The 5th dimension is the realm of unity, oneness and inter-connectedness.   The 5D aspect of ourselves:

  • Is whole and complete
  • Is in direct flow and connection with our source of all good and supply
  • Experiences and radiates unconditional love and service
  • Is unlimited and can create awesome outcomes in our physical, everyday life when we tap into it

How does 5D reconnection work?

Darren-5D-healingAcupuncturists describe energy pathways in the body called meridians.  Meridians contain acupuncture points which can be stimulated with needles, heat or micro current for pain relief, healing or rejuvenation.   In 5D work these meridians are referred to as axiatonal lines and certain acupuncture points referred to as spin points.

The Earth also has its own axiatonal lines, as does the solar system, galaxies and the Universe.  At one time the axiatonal lines of human beings were in direct connection and flow with the Universal lines of force, and life was very different.  Through what has often been called the “fall from grace” our race largely disconnected our body’s energy pathways from those of the Universe.  This led to all manner of pain, disease, conflict, scarcity and spiritual dis-connection.

We might say that 5D reconnection helps reverse that fall from grace, putting you back into direct connection with Divine source.

In a 5D session the client usually lies face up on a treatment table in a meditative space.  Darren will facilitate reconnection by directing 5D laser light through his hands and fingers into axiatonal lines and spin points on the client’s body.  Almost everyone who receives these sessions experiences a deep sense of relaxation and well-being.  Those that are more sensitive to energy usually also report blissful feelings of energy and light moving through their bodies.

Darren can sense where the subtle energy wiring of your axiatonal lines and spin points are frayed or broken, and can help restore them to full connection and function.

Does 5D reconnection heal?  The root of most, if not all, pain, depression, fatigue and disease is a deep sense of disconnection from our loving, abundant Source.   As you get physically re-wired to Source you move out of separation and into the joy of living fully.  Your energies are freed up from struggle for creative self-expression and giving your greatest gift to the world.  As you are reconnected the innate wisdom of your body can much more readily restore and rejuvenate itself.  Therefore improvements in health and well-being are likely.

No claims or promises of specific medical results can be made for 5D reconnection, yet positive changes are common.  These changes may be noticed right away or several days later.  They could be in the areas of improved health, relationships, finances or spiritual awareness.

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