This post is about a very big truth that very few people accept or grasp.  The failure to recognize this truth keeps most people in state of fear and servitude.  The fact that Trump was elected confirms just how widespread this condition is.  His election has been a big wake-up call and is shaking many of us out of our complacency or apathy.  That is a good thing.

Demagogues like Trump feed upon people’s fears.  But it is not only his supporters that can be manipulated by anger and fear.

In this post I will share an often hidden reason why so many people with the potential to be conscious, loving and powerful drain their energy and lower their consciousness level struggling with fearful, negative thoughts.  Some of the reasons for this may be different than what you have previously believed.

If you value living as a free man or woman and are ready to claim the awesome power of who you really are, this information will be of value to you.  This is major stuff – equivalent to the choice of the “red or blue pill” in The Matrix movie.

Do you often feel disturbed by excess negative mental activity in your head?  If so you are not alone.  Most people I know complain about their “monkey mind”.  I have felt that most of my life as well.  In my healing practice I mainly work with people who feel burdened by PTSD, anxiety, compulsive negative thinking, loss of purpose and related issues.  The top complaint from most of them is being disturbed by compulsive negative thoughts.

Our minds are a holographic image of Universal Mind – the mind of God, so to speak.  This makes us very powerful.  Yet it also makes us very vulnerable because our minds can create and amplify negative, painful experiences using all that power.  It is literally like a powerful computer running malware or buggy software.  To the extent that we have not awakened to the higher truth of who we are, this vulnerability can create havoc in our lives.  And it does for the majority of people. This has led to the epidemic of “low-grade PTSD” that I have written about previously.  Another good word to describe the condition of people’s minds at this time is “discombobulation”.

The first part of this post will share a few insights from spiritual psychology about just what makes our minds so susceptible to discombobulation.  After that I will share how our angst has most likely been amplified by hidden outer influences.  That part may sound like science fiction to you, yet is vital to understand and deal with at this time.

After describing these I will offer specific ways you can heal your mind so you can more easily enjoy inner calm, no matter what is going on.  This will support you in becoming an active force for positive change on Earth.  And this is the time to step up for that as a Spiritual Warrior!

Having an overactive mind is more than just annoying. It can distract you from fulfilling the purpose of your life.  Fulfilling your life is not just some lofty goal for the future – it is what we can and should be doing right now.

Our monkey minds keep trying to convince us to do any or all of the following things that drain our energy, weaken our bodies and lower our energy vibration:

  • Judgment of self and others
  • Procrastinating from doing the actions that are most meaningful and fulfilling
  • Self-doubt
  • Feeling separate / abandoned
  • Breathing shallowly
  • Denying what we inwardly know is true

In his landmark book The Four Agreements Don Miguel Ruiz uses the Toltec term mitote to refer to the condition of our minds.  Mitote means fog, and Don Miguel explains how it is full of “thousands of voices all speaking at the same time”.  These are the voices of all our unresolved relationships and experiences from all our lifetimes and existences.  That is why there are thousands of them!

These include the voices of our parents and our ancestors, past traumas, and “pain bodies” that connect us with group of other souls.  Don Miguel tells how we can turn down the volume in our heads by living impeccably according to the Four Agreements.

This mitote has been with us for a long time. The rapidly shifting energies surrounding our planet are stirring things up a whole lot more.  This can make these inner voices feel more overbearing and discombobulating than they previously did.

If you are reading this far you are most likely a spiritually aware person who has heard much of this before.  The second reason for our overactive minds may not be as familiar to you.

We all know how people are susceptible to “suggestion”.  That is how one person can implant ideas or thoughts into the mind of another.  Suggestion can be a positive thing, such as when a skilled hypnotherapist implants the idea of freedom from a smoking addiction into the mind of a willing client.  The power of suggestion has of course been misused often throughout our history by manipulative people wanting to control or “brainwash” others.

In general people with stronger Will chakras can implant suggestions into people with less developed Will chakras.  That is why parents should be so careful about the ideas they implant into their young children, and why dog trainers must have a very well developed Will.

Back in the 1930’s Hitler used his power of suggestion to turn millions of Germans to the dark side of genocide and mass destruction.  He and his henchmen used public rallies and the very basic technology of radio.  We saw the power of massive negative suggestion again in this recent Presidential campaign.  Trump won the Presidency by using his powerful Will center to implant repeated suggestions through mass media about how Hillary Clinton is “crooked”, corrupted and the source of all our problems.  He literally hypnotized millions of susceptible people.  He was able to use far more sophisticated technologies than Hitler had available, including television, smart phones and computer social medias.  Of course the Democrats used all the same technologies, but not as effectively.

Let’s take a deeper look at how our minds have become discombobulated. Understanding this is the key to freeing yourself.  Let’s start with a snippet from a story.

As a teenager I was a voracious reader of science fiction.  Many sci fi books conveyed new possibilities that really excited me.  One of my favorite authors was Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.  There was one story that really grabbed me in his book The Sirens of Titan.  This was about a human army on Mars.  In order to keep the men in the army regimented and obedient the commanders had installed a technology into their heads so they could not hear their own thoughts.  All they could hear 24-7 in their heads was march music that sounded like “rented a tent rented a tent rented a rented a rented a tent”.  This kept them from knowing who they were beyond their function as a soldier.

In the storyline a couple of soldiers got a hold of some forbidden alcoholic beverages.  They sneaked away from the army base one night, built a fire and got drunk.  This calmed down the “rented a tent” drone in their heads enough so they could start to hear their own thoughts.  They then eagerly wrote down anything they knew was true in a notebook.

Back when I was 16 and read this I didn’t understand why this story struck such a deep chord in me. Now I get it.

Just like the army on Mars in Vonnegut’s book, I am convinced that there are both human and non-human entities using this same power of suggestion to deliberately broadcast a lot of negative noise and angst into our minds.  These entities have basically domesticated the human race as a food and energy source, just like the story in The Matrix movie.  In some other writings these interfering entities are called “archons”.  For the purpose of this article I will call these them“energy parasites” because archon means master and they don’t deserve that kind of respect.

I first learned about these energy parasites back in the 1980’s when I read Barbara Marciniak’s book Bringers of the Dawn.  I have learned a lot more about them since.  I can’t prove to you that these entities exist, and there could be other explanations for the experiences you are about to read.  The reason I am motivated to share this and risk be judged by people as being wacko is that this knowledge can be extremely helpful.

These energy parasites don’t have emotions of their own, so they feed off ours.  They have a vested interest in stirring up as much negativity as possible in our minds and our societies, because that is a richer nutrient source to them than when we are feeling good.

These parasites know that humans are very powerful Creator Beings.  They want to keep us off balance and distracted so we don’t collectively awaken and remember who we are.  If that happened we stop being domesticated and open to their influence.

Check yourself.  Did you just feel a reflexive feeling of judgment and rejection of what you just read because it sounds “too far out” or “too woo-woo”?  That reflex appears to be one of the suggestions implanted into mass consciousness by the energy parasites.  That is one of their software programs – it inspires as much doubt and ridicule as possible about the knowledge of their existence.

As Master God Beings, our natural state is of wisdom, love, light and unlimited creative potential. Self-doubt, depression, anxiety, diseases, PTSD, polarization and conflict are implanted programs that are NOT who we are.  Yet all that seems “normal” to us because we have experienced it all around us, and within our very minds, since childhood.

Based on repeated self-observations and information I have gathered from other Light sources, here are some ways that these energy parasite entities influence us.  As you read it, check in with your gut.  Feel whether any of this has been your experience, and rings true for you. Or not. That is the way you can discern truth from illusion.

1. Room 101

If you read George Orwell’s book 1984 you would probably remember “Room 101”. That was the place where political prisoners were tortured with the thing that they were most terrified of.  The managers thoroughly researched each inmate to find out exactly what would freak them out the most, and that is what they put in Room 101.

In a similar way the parasites can tell what would make us the most fearful or insecure, and they keep transmitting thoughtforms about that into our minds.  For me the most painful thoughts have been those of “abandonment” or “failure”.  Throughout my life I have noticed what has felt like a compulsion for my mind to keep bringing up those thoughts, even though in most cases there was little logical reason to have them.  Many times I have wasted a lot of time and energy trying to figure out what is wrong with me and how to heal my issues instead of moving ahead being the agent of love and transformation that I am.  That made the parasites happy!

For other people betrayal, fear of violation, shame or self-sabotage could be in their inner Room 101.  And the crazy thing is that we keep accepting these impulses from the parasites as our reality, thereby lowering our vibration and dispersing our love and power.  The fact that we do this is one of the “bugs” in our brains.

It is true that our patterns of inner pain are connected to our personal past and the experiences of our ancestors.  These create vulnerability to suffering in these areas.  So while these parasites do not create our emotional issues they tap into and amplify them.

2. The Hydra

In Greek mythology the hero Hercules was commanded by the gods to perform a series of labors.  One of them was to kill a monster called the Hydra, with nine snarling heads. When Hercules used his strong arm and sword to cut off any of the Hydra’s heads two more heads grew back in its place. This is descriptive of another of the implanted parasite programs that causes inner pain to be self-replicating.

The energy, time and money you invest into “healing” yourself is often diverted into maintaining or even aggravating the issues.  In other words, the more we try to free and heal ourselves the more deep we may get into the doodoo.

I have met so many people who have been working with doctors, psychotherapists, holistic healers, shamans and gurus for years to decades, and who have told me that their deeper issues are still eating away at them.

3. Procrastination

This implant compels some people to feel uncomfortable feelings when they start to do actions that are important, uplifting and fulfilling for them.  They then reflexively do something else that is more of a time waster (like going on social media or compulsively checking text messages and emails).  Or reaching for drugs or alcohol.  The message of procrastination is “yes I really see how enriching and vital this is and I really want to do it, and I’ll get to it later”.  Our government and economy are based on our mass procrastination tendency.  We keep pushing debt and environmental solutions to the future instead of using our considerable resources to deal with them now.   Not a good example for our young people!

4. Overwhelm

This is one of the most common words I have heard from my clients.  Again, this is simply a holographic program designed to frequently overload your mind with more input than it can process.  Most of the time there is no real reason for it, it’s just an intrusive software program.

5. Self Doubt, Self Judgment and Self Sabotage

Yup, this is really crazy, insane stuff, but most of us do it.  Can you imagine a lion, a sparrow or a cockroach sabotaging themselves?  No, only we humans do this peculiar behavior.

6. Abandonment and separation

In reality we are One with the Universe, all life and endless Divine Love.  One of the most insidious implants broadcasts a denial of this truth inside of our minds, making us feel lonely, depressed or abandoned.

Psychologists are taught to treat all of these experiences as normal parts of human nature.  Just like broken families, warfare and genocide.  Yes, some of these experiences are part of innate human nature, but the gross amplification of them we are experiencing is not.  The parasites stir up and amplify our dark sides because the inner conflict and angst that results makes good nutrition for them.  Dealing with all this stuff may exhaust and distract us so much we never get around to awakening (which would deprive the parasites of their food source).

Claiming your power

It is clear that people are having all those experiences I just described.  It is not actually so important whether or not you believe that these are holographic programs implanted into our minds by parasitic entities.  Regardless of what you believe there are ways you can take your power and the sanctity of your inner space back.  If there is any blessing in the election of Trump that is a much needed wake-up call so we will move out of complacency and totally commit to doing that – NOW.

As Edmund Burke wrote “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Here is what we can do:

1. Recognize and take a stand

Do you know that you are a being of Light with great potential, but have gotten discouraged because you seem to keep getting pulled off from your purpose?  If so, know that this is your time to be steadfast in Being who you are.  Start to recognize the thoughtforms that arise in your mind that make you procrastinate, doubt yourself, feel overwhelmed and all that.  Refuse to give your power away to these lies.

KNOW that it is your sacred duty and ability to put nothing before the truth of who you are. Recognize the inner pretender voices that tell you that you are too busy, too tired, too old, too sick, too lost, or too broke to totally live your truth now.  Laugh at them!  Don’t take them seriously.  There are now powerful clearing methods available to you – use them with diligence. (see below for one)

2. Learn to listen to and obey your higher guidance

Just as the parasite’s programs may often be playing in your head the Divine is also with you all the time.  You have everything it takes to discern between the two.  The voice of the Divine, your higher self is imbued with the qualities of truth, love and wisdom.  The negative implants are very different – more mechanistic, fear-based messages.  If you are ready you can create an intention right now to learn to discriminate. Such an invocation could be something like this:

”It is my intention, as the Master Being that I AM, to accentuate and amplify the small, still voice of Divine Love and guidance within me, and to learn to instantly recognize and obey it. It is my intention to release and free myself from all implants, messages and suggestions that are not real. Dear Divine Source please support and empower me in fully real-izing these intentions, NOW.”

(or create your own message that rings true for you)

3. Accept temporary discomfort

In our age of complacency, material comfort and entitlement so many people have been able to get through life avoiding rite of passage experiences that would make them face and conquer deeply held fears.  As a result they shy away from experiences that take them out of their comfort zone.  These people may be willing to go out of the comfort zone through predictable experiences like getting sweaty at the gym or plastic surgery, but avoid doing this emotionally.

We never can avoid the discomfort of facing our personal and ancestral wounds.  If you don’t do it voluntarily it is likely to manifest involuntarily through accidents, sickness and the like.  So be determined to follow your Higher Guidance even when your ego fears it may involve discomfort. You can handle it!  When you release fear of discomfort and follow your guidance your life will actually become a lot more comfortable because you will be that much more free from fear.

The Lakota Sioux leader Crazy Horse popularized the decree ”Today is a good day to die”.  Taking that attitude can free us up from avoiding experiences of empowerment that the ego fears.

4. Stay close with your spirit team

Each of us has a team of angels and master beings guiding us and supporting us on our path. When we were little children we effortlessly saw and communicated with them.  During our domestication process most people shut down their spiritual seeing and lost conscious connection with their team.  Have faith and start speaking and sharing love with the Divine and your team again.  Recognize that thoughts arising in your head that deny your loving connection with the Divine are just another holographic parasitic implant.  Those thoughts are not reality. Deny the denial and affirm your love and Oneness with your source.  Enjoy sharing love with your Divine and your team. If necessary, ”fake it until you make it”, it is that simple.

5. Take advantage of clearing technologies

There are lots of resources available to make it much easier for you to clear out your inner space and accelerate your freedom and ascension. I have created a 9 minute guided meditation video with a simple, effective process for doing this. The player for it is below. Once you make your commitment to awaken more resources will show up for you from other sources.