Energy Medicine and Biofield Healing

darren-sessionIn my work with chronic pain and trauma patients over the last 34 years I have studied and worked with many therapeutic systems, always trying to discover ways to help my clients experience the best possible results. After all this experience I have concluded that the most effective system for treating people with PTSD, chronic pain and hard-to-treat illnesses is a combination of vibrational energy therapies and hands-on biofield therapies.

Vibrational therapies include use of sound waves, color light or microcurrent (low-level electrical currents). These therapies require equipment that generate specific frequencies of these energies. Biofield healing, on the other hand, does not require any equipment. This is a profound healing system that relieves pain and helps heal trauma through interactions with a client’s energy fields.

Using a combination of vibrational therapies and biofield healing I have helped clients release chronic pain, relieve long-term phobias, improve sleep, boost energy levels, get clear mentally and significantly reduce anxiety and depression. Through a course of treatments they learn to find and tune into their own inner calm center, and stop escalating fearful and stress-based thoughts. This frees them up to move forward creating a purposeful, inspired life.

chakraThe term “biofield” was originated in 1992 at a National Institutes of Health meeting. The biofield of the body consists of measureable electrical fields generated by the brain, heart, nervous system and cellular activity. There are also subtle energies contributing to the field that cannot yet be directly measured by test equipment, but can be verified through other, indirect methods.

The human biofield surrounds and permeates the physical body. Our biofields interact with the electro-magnetic fields of the Earth and the energy fields of other people around us. In terms of physics, that makes us an “open system” – one that interacts and exchanges energy with the environment.

Our biofield is also strongly affected by man-made electro-magnetic fields, usually with negative effects on our health and well-being. One likely reason for the spike in stress-related pain and disease is that most people live in urban areas removed from the harmonious energies of nature, surrounded by these more stress-inducing fields.

People suffering with inflammation, pain, disease and emotional trauma have disturbances in areas of their biofield. These can be detected in many ways, including hand scanning and the use of an infrared bioscanner device.

A skilled practitioner help resolve the root causes of pain and trauma by adjusting the biofield in conjunction with intuitive counseling.

In many cases energetic adjustments to the biofield are more important for freeing people from pain and disease than treatment done directly on the physical body. In any case biofield healing can augment and support effectiveness of physically-based treatment systems including western medicine, psychology, massage, acupuncture, physical therapy and much more.

The scientific basis of biofield healing

Healing arts that work with subtle energy fields have long been seen as separate from scientific medicine. This has been changing in recent years. There is now growing recognition of the energetic nature of life through many hundreds of recent studies. This is opening up exciting new avenues for more effective treatments for chronic pain, trauma, PTSD and hard-to-treat diseases.
This quote from B. Rubik clearly states the basis for energy medicine:

Living systems may be regarded as complex, nonlinear, dynamic, self-organizing systems of energetic and field phenomena. At the highest level of organization, each life form may possess an innate biologic field, or biofield, a complex, dynamic, weak energy field involved in maintaining the integrity of the whole organism, regulating its physiologic and biochemical responses, and integral to development, healing, and regeneration (Rubik, 1993, 1997, 2002b).

A retrospective study published in 2010 reviewed 66 clinical studies using a variety of biofield therapies in different patient populations. The conclusion of the study was that biofield therapies show strong positive evidence for reducing pain among chronic pain patients, and moderate evidence for reducing cancer pain, negative behavioral symptoms and anxiety among hospitalized patients. While this is a good validation for the efficacy of biofield healing methods, I believe that there are methods now available that are more powerfully effective than those examined in this study.

How does biofield healing work?

biofieldAcupuncturists describe energy pathways in the body called meridians. Meridians contain acupuncture points which can be stimulated with needles, heat or microcurrent. Acupuncture has a great reputation for pain relief, healing and rejuvenation. In my current work these meridians are referred to as axiatonal lines and certain acupuncture points are referred to as spin points. The key understanding is that these axiatonal lines inter-connect all parts of our body, mind and spirit.

Here is something that will expand your understanding: the Earth also has its own axiatonal lines, as does the solar system, galaxies and the Universe.

At one time the axiatonal lines of human beings were in direct connection and flow with the Universal lines of force, and life was very different. Through what has often been called the “fall from grace” our race largely disconnected our body’s energy pathways from those of the Universe. This led to all manner of pain, disease, conflict, scarcity and spiritual dis-connection.

We might say that biofield healing helps reverse that fall from grace, putting you back into direct connection with universal energy and consciousness. Now, that’s something to get excited about!

I consider biofield healing to be a fifth dimensional, or 5D healing art. What does this mean? It means that biofield healing does not really focus on fixing problems. It focuses instead on re-connecting us to our higher self where the problems don’t exist.

The fifth dimension is the part of our consciousness that has never been hurt, wounded or diseased, and has always been with us, running in the background of our minds. Biofield healing reconnects our bodies and minds to this healthy and complete part of ourselves. It is a much more effective and rapid healing method than trying to fix problems, which can sometimes seem like a losing battle!

There are 5D healing practices you can do for yourself that will help you reclaim your calm center, heal your emotions and raise your consciousness. You will find some of them offered on this website.

Biofield sessions

In the biofield sessions I offer the client usually lies face up on a treatment table in a meditative space. I facilitate reconnection by directing light into the client’s energy fields, and also through my hands and fingers into axiatonal lines and spin points on the client’s body. This could be described as a form of energy acupuncture where no needles are required.

Almost everyone who receives these sessions experiences a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Those that are more sensitive to energy usually also report blissful feelings of energy and light moving through their bodies.

A skilled biofield healer can sense where the subtle energy wiring of your axiatonal lines and spin points are frayed or broken, and can help restore them to full connection and function.

Because the energy directed through biofield healing is the quantum realm geographical distance does not matter in receiving sessions. The benefits are the same whether the receiver is in the same room as the healer, or around the world. Many clients prefer to have in-person sessions, but it is not necessary.

The root of most, if not all, pain, depression, fatigue and disease is a deep sense of disconnection from our loving, abundant true self. As you get physically re-wired through biofield healing you move out of separation and into the love and joy of living fully. Your energies are freed up from struggle for creative self-expression and giving your greatest gift to the world.

As you are reconnected the innate wisdom of your body can much more readily restore and rejuvenate itself. No claims or promises of specific medical results can be made for biofield healing, yet relief of pain and improvements in health and well-being are common.

These changes may be noticed right away or several days later. In addition to profound health benefits, clients report positive transformations in the areas of relationships, finances or spiritual awareness.

The ultimate goal of this work is not just alleviation of distressing symptoms. It is to bring people into a clear and grounded consciousness where they can make new, life-affirming choices and move forward with creating a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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