How to Release PTSD in 25 Minutes

As you probably know from media reports, our country has a big problem with PTSD, or post-traumatic stress disorder.  Thousands of service people have returned from active duty complaining of nightmares, traumatic flashbacks, headaches, insomnia and depression.  A high percentage of them have turned to drugs and alcohol for self-medication.  These veterans are at high [...]

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What is 5D Healing?

5D Healing is amazing and revolutionary. It is unlike all medical and holistic healing systems. But how to describe it? Fifth dimensional (5D) reconnection is not truly healing in the literal sense of the word.  5D sessions are not about fixing or clearing anything.  It is a process for physically reconnecting your body to your [...]

Do the Transformation Two Step: Heal Your Pain, Then Move Forward With Your Higher Purpose

Hey, you are reading this post.  Congratulations, that shows that Awakening is high on your priority list. Simple is good.   Let's cut through all the esoteric, metaphysical, religious, New Age and personal growth stuff we have been inundated with and cut to the chase.   I believe true and real can also be fun. [...]

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3D, 4D and 5D Acupuncture

You may have heard about master acupuncturists and energy healers who have a reputation for producing consistently effective results. I have seen demonstrations at conferences where a panel of expert acupuncturists all diagnosed the same patient and explained their treatment plans. Most of them came up with different diagnoses, and treatments! Yet it is likely [...]

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