Raise Your Frequency and Heal Your Body – Tapping into the Energies of Ascension

Learn how to heal yourself and others with the higher light energies of Ascension, sound healing, quantum energy and sacred space with Techno-Shaman Dr. Darren Starwynn. Ascension is the unstoppable elevation of consciousness now progressing on planet Earth, and affecting all living things.  How we experience Ascension is a lot like surfing on ocean waves. [...]

Expanding Your Positive Sphere of Influence

By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. How much difference does your life make?  The answer depends on your sphere of influence.  In this writing I will present a vision of how you can understand and expand that. 2018 is a time of accelerating transformation in so many areas – environment, politics and more.  Each of us is [...]

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