Quantum Healing in the 5th Dimension

Using the tools of energy transmissions, guided meditations, simple yoga, movement and sound healing participants in this workshop will be able to activate their healing energy and release old psychic blocks that have been holding them back.  You will do this while falling more in love with yourself.

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What is 5D Healing?

5D Healing is amazing and revolutionary. It is unlike all medical and holistic healing systems. But how to describe it? Fifth dimensional (5D) reconnection is not truly healing in the literal sense of the word.  5D sessions are not about fixing or clearing anything.  It is a process for physically reconnecting your body to your [...]

Between Grasping and Resisting: Love All Serve All

Where is all the fun, loving, sexy, exciting, reward and REAL stuff happening? In the Now moment of course. Once Ram Dass’s book Be Here Now came out in 1971 we all at least intellectually knew this. Since then millions of people have started meditating, doing yoga and practicing mindfulness in an attempt to spend [...]

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