By Darren Starwynn

December 31, 2020

There is an unprecedented opportunity in front of you now as you move into this New Year of 2021.

I have heard many people say that they hope this new year will be better than the last one. They hope things will get better in their work, in our society or in the economy.  I’m writing to say – forget about “wishing and hoping”. Don’t hope for things to get better – you have the power to MAKE it better, much more than you may believe. It’s time for us to take responsibility for who we really are as creators.

Through the process of the Solstice on December 21st and the weeks leading up that it a lot of the negative energies that had been weighing us down and lowering our energy vibration have been removed. There are now open doors in front of you to what may have seemed difficult, idealistic or out of reach in the past. Whatever you have been dreaming about doing or experiencing but hadn’t done yet – 2021 is a great time to actualize them. There is a vast power of upward movement of consciousness pouring through our world now and we can jump on board that train and ascend our consciousness, our energy and our ability to manifest our dreams.

The biggest challenge may be believing it!  Our minds could be having a hard time releasing its habitual thought patterns based in limiting beliefs and self-doubt. We may be going through uncomfortable purification of our minds and bodies that make us feel funky at times. So in this moment check in with yourself. Have you been aware of any shifts in energy, in how you have been feeling on some levels?  Have some things have come to you that you did not expect, or some clients responded better than you would have expected?  These shifts may have seemed subtle. I certainly have seen and felt that, and yet I’ve also had to be diligent in doing my meditation, physical exercise and practicing careful discrimination about what thoughts I was empowering with my attention.  It hasn’t been an easy process, but it is an amazing one.

If you’re a healing arts practitioner such as acupuncturist, physician, bodyworker, esthetician, chiropractor or therapist your ability to benefit and uplift your clients is boosted at this time. Your time has come to step into new levels of what you have to give and receive. In addition to the regular services you offer your clients you can also be more of a wayshower because people are really needing that now.  This is a good time to get inspired about the possibilities for expanding your abilities and being more successful at what you want to do because the new energies flooding our planet strongly support that.  If you’re not yet seeing this that’s OK, sometimes it takes some right encouragement and support.

You and I are creator beings. We can envision outcomes that we really want and create them. Through your love and positive visioning you have the power to re-create your life and to help re-create our world during this critical transformative time. You see, there are different destiny paths in front of us. These are often called timelines. The year 2021 offers many different potential timelines that could unfold. One of them may be that our society muddles along in similar ways to how we have been in 2020.  Another timeline could bring even worse setbacks with the pandemic and other crises and things get much harder.  But most importantly there is a big, bright timeline in front of us in which your life, and the world you live in gets surprisingly better in 2021. You feel more inspired, your business expands and you feel more empowered, creative and ready to rock. We need to take responsibility for our power as creator beings and not be run by the old programs of our minds.  We can take charge of what we are creating individually and collectively.

In the first Spider Man movie the father figure says “with great power comes great responsibility”.  That has always stayed with me. Let’s not hide from our power because we fear the responsibility.  This is all about love. We offer our highest service out of deep love, and that love eases and removes our fear.

This is not an ordinary new year. We need to really choose which world we want to live in, and then help others to consciously choose their higher good. I’ve been having many extraordinary experiences supporting others in stepping into greater fulfillment of their higher potentials, and it has been really fun and rewarding. I’ve also had to face a lot of my own holdbacks and denials and come to terms with that.  It all seems to go together!  To the extent that we are willing to do our own inner work we get the privilege of helping others change their lives.