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Presenter:  Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

When:  Sunday, September 9th, 6 – 8 PM

Where:  The Temple on Pleasant Hill, Sebastopol, CA

How:  Attend in person, or remotely through Zoom conference

Suggested donation:  $15  Space limited. Pre-register below on this page to secure your space.

Sponsored by: 5D Village www.5Dvillage.com

This special mini-workshop is for people working with any forms of energy or light healing.  The Fall season we are moving into is a time of accelerated transformation.   The three keys you will experience and learn to work with will help you align with energies of Ascension and elevate the effectiveness of your therapeutic or healing work.

The three keys are:

  • Learn and practice a simple method to take you into the Zero Point of oneness and non-duality – your calm center
  • Attune to the Quantum Field so your healing results increase with less effort
  • Become aware of your light body and receive light body and DNA light activation

Also included:

  • Learn why so few people were able to effectively manifest their dreams and visions after watching “The Secret” and similar presentations – and why the Zero Point could be the missing piece
  • Experience and receive Quantum Healing – an expression of Divine energy that heals and supports your physical body and can balance your subtle energy systems
  • Learn what the human Assemblage Point is and why its proper alignment in your body is crucial to mental / emotional health. Learn the position of your Assemblage Point and have the opportunity to have it aligned if needed. (in-person attendees only)
  • Be empowered to start offering Quantum Healing for yourself and others right away!

Although there are myriad issues and imbalances affecting people there is really only one core dis-ease and one core cure.  That dis-ease is experiencing our minds in a state of duality. Living in duality just doesn’t work for us.  It is a major basis for all kinds of dis-connection, depression, diseases, pain, unfulfilled life potential and financial struggle.

The core cure to suffering is experiencing yourself as One – the I AM Presence.  This is a practical skill you can learn and embody – not an “airy fairy” philosophy!

Do you sense that you have a higher purpose and presence than have been able to express so far, and that you are ready to actualize in your everyday life now?  If so you will be supported in stepping into that in this event.

For participants who need Assemblage Point alignments, Darren will offer this service at the end of the workshop for the reduced fee of $20 (regular fee in his office is over $100).  Most people’s Assemblage Points are already aligned, but if you do need a correction this could bring an immediate shift into greater relaxation, harmony and presence!

Pre-register below on this page.

Zoom Conference is a service similar to Skype that allows people to attend the workshop from anywhere in the world.  It is very simple to use.  You will need a computer, tablet or smart phone with internet access.

Questions?   Email Darren at darren@drstarwynn.com  web: www.drstarwynn.com

Organizer:  Daniel Craig-Morse   dancraigmorse@gmail.com  web: www.5Dvillage.com


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