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At this joyous and uplifting event you will enjoy four live musicians, learn about vibrational healing and experience healing in the quantum field.   Darren will be offering and signing his new book Reclaiming Your Calm Center.

Musicians:  Sabenah Elizabeth, Momo Cortez, Darren Starwynn, Denise

Prayer leader, organizer:  Christy Michaels

Experiential Lecture:  The Power of Vibrational Healing

Many people suffering with long-term health problems or chronic pain have been disappointed after consulting with a series of practitioners and not finding lasting relief.  As miraculous as modern medicine can be, it often falls short when it comes to the treatment of patients with chronic health conditions.

Vibrational healing works differently.  It is based on the recognition that our physical bodies are only part of who we are.  We are also filled and surrounded by vibrating energy bodies that are highly affected by the environment, other people and forgotten past experiences.

In his presentation at Unity on October 25 Dr. Darren Starwynn will talk about vibrational healing and how it can rapidly address the root causes of pain and disease through the principle of energetic resonance.  He will explain how our physical, energetic and spiritual aspects of self, inter-mingle, and the most effective methods for healing on all three levels at once.

Love offering, no pre-registration required


Dr. Starwynn has had over 30 years’ experience in the fields of acupuncture, energetic medicine and spiritual healing.  Considered to be a “techno-shaman”, he has invented several electronic healing devices used worldwide and taught hundreds of trainings for health professionals and the public.  He is the author of three books, including his new book “Reclaiming Your Calm Center”.