Embodying Your Higher Light

An Online Retreat for Lightworkers

May 1 - 2, 2020

Facilitator: Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

100% Affordable - Sliding Scale Tuition Offered

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"Your mastery of personal, spiritual energy truly shines through. This is personal nourishment and affirmation for each of us, not in intellectual knowledge as much as emotional, spiritual challenge to go inside and help clear ourselves so our abilities are enhanced as healers, doctors and simply as humans. Thank you for that."

Joshua Piagentini, Acupuncturist

During these times of tremendous challenge and uncertainty the need for clear, empowered Lightworkers is at an all-time high.  Have you been wondering how you could offer your most valuable service to others in need while keeping yourself in a clear place?  And, have you started to feel elevating shifts in your own consciousness, and would like practical methods for deepening and grounding that experience?  All of these needs are furthered through the process of “embodiment” of your higher Light, a prime focus of this retreat.

The breakout room function of Zoom allows us to work one to one with each other for portions of the retreat to practice Quantum healing and sharing of intuitive readings.

Another fun and valuable part of the retreat experience is identifying your “super power” so you can put it more into service (see below).

It is important to me that this retreat be accessible to everyone, so it is being offered on a sliding scale, from $160 all the way to free.

All sessions will be recorded so you can watch later or review

When:  This workshop takes place over the combination of a Friday evening and Saturday:

Friday, May 1,   6:30 PM – 9:30 PM Pacific time, 9:30 PM – 11:30 Eastern time

Saturday, May 2:  9 AM – 4 PM Pacific time, 12 Noon – 7:00 PM Eastern time

Where: Via online Zoom conference

Facilitator:  Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. with contributions by others

Retreat Activities and Topics (yes, these can all be done well via Zoom!):

  • Quantum healing level 1 –these skills can help you increase clinical effectiveness and start offering effective remote healing sessions
  • Simple, effective methods for releasing stress and anxiety and clearing energy blockages by working with universal energy
  • Qi Gong and simple yoga exercises for embodying higher Light
  • Opening your Central Channel of energy (one of the most valuable embodiment practices)
  • Guided meditations for activating your Light Body and DNA
  • Identifying and expressing your Super Power – this is your strongest Soul quality that allows you to offer your highest service to others
  • Expanding your intuitive abilities – giving and receiving readings
  • Moving into the new economy of the New Earth
  • Making new Lightworker friends!

Comments from past retreat attendees:

“I really liked being the pyramid of light and accessing the Quantum Field and expanding it. Feels like it increases my own personal tools and feels like more intuitive information comes in.” Rebecca Harmon, L.Ac.. Cardiff, CA

“ I personally received such a healing during this workshop I am forever grateful, something I had been struggling with for years. For me to have lasting results means everything. I am in awe and very inspired to learn more.. the Quantum Field of Light will be a part of every treatment from this day forth.” Ahnna Goosen, L.Ac., Gilroy, CA

“I truly appreciated Dr. Darren’s ability to teach energetic and fifth dimensional content in a tangible way that can be duplicate-able, informative and can be used in a clinical setting. His clear knowledge and experience in Quantum Healing shines through in his teachings and passion for the work.” Roeshan Shadravan, D.O., O.M.D., Encinitas, CA

How Can This Retreat Help Me Now?

Our ability to stay grounded and keep our energy free and moving are essential skills during this Covid-19 pandemic.  There are many new adaptations demanded of us, sometimes seeming beyond our capabilities.  Taking some time out from all that for inner development, self-expression and compassionate connection with other Lightworkers is a wonderful medicine for this time.

If you are attempting to treat clients during the disruption of “sheltering in place” you will start learning new skills that empower you to conduct effective remote healing sessions, a trend so many practitioners are moving into.

Let’s make inspiration, compassion, fun and connection the priorities for these 8 hours.

To pre-register (sliding scale offered so there is no financial barrier for anyone called to this event):


Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. has led hundreds of educational workshops for healthcare practitioners and the public throughout the world and is the author of three groundbreaking books.   Darren has over 30 years experience as an expert in acupuncture and pain management, and is the director of the Microlight Institute and Bridge to Mastery.  He has invented several innovative energy medical devices used worldwide.

Darren integrates advanced energy technologies with higher dimensional Quantum healing to help his clients release old trauma, pain and blockages.  The ultimate aim of his work is to empower people to discover and actualize their most fulfilling life purpose so they can be an active part of the solution on Earth.   Darren is a gifted channeler, psychic and healer.  A lifetime meditator, he works locally in Mill Valley, California and also offers remote healing sessions throughout the world.

"Darren is a joyful, unpretentious example of a great teacher. I came away with a renewed sense of dedication to help others using quantum healing, multi-dimensional clearing, voice dialogue, trauma release techniques and a general state of confidence as I move into new areas of healing. I am so grateful for this retreat and the Bridge to Mastery school."

Judith Hazelett, LMT, Payson, AZ

"The structure, flow and balance of this retreat was extremely well done. It was a lovely balance of applicable tools, practical application exercises and creativity with an infusion of fun. Darren holds a wonderful space for participants and soul family to process, discover, share and ascend!”

Shannon Morse, Owner The Green Door, San Francisco, CA

"My personal growth was exponential! I’ll be transforming my work. It was an experiential retreat with plenty of practice time to give and receive and the group became a cohesive unit on the first day! We are all feeling part of a tribe – new family."

Caryn Carroll, L.Ac., Venture, CA
Need Assistance? Call customer service at 415.888.3891
E-mail them at darren@drstarwynn.com

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