What you are about to read is the story of Donald Trump’s miraculous transformation as he goes through an experience similar to what Ebenezer Scrooge went through in the Christmas Carol story by Dickens.  Is this my wishful thinking and sweet imagination?  Or prophesy?  You can decide for yourself.

Our tale begins in Trump Towers, Manhattan on the night of November 8, 2016.  Ebenezer Trump gloated in his victory over Hillary Clinton.  He is already thinking of all the billionaire CEO’s he can install in his Cabinet, all the Obama directives he can overturn, how he can get rid of Obamacare, how he can fill the Supreme Court with jurors who will reverse Roe Vs Wade and how he can roll back all environment protections.  And all so he can make the biggest business deals of his life and go down in history as the greatest winner to ever walk the Earth.

For you see to Ebenezer Trump man-made global warming and protecting the Earth and its endangered species was ”humbug”, things that only deluded, weak liberals would think about.  To Ebenezer Trump science, fact-checking and speaking accurately about boring issues were all ”humbug” and not worthy of his attention.

He was also thinking happily about how his business partner Vladimir Putin had sicced his crack hacking team on the Democratic National Committee and made a mess of their organization, exposed all their confidential documents and fully embarassed his foe.  He knew that some secret operatives on his team had manipulated voter registration in many of the coveted swing states so that he was guaranteed victory by grabbing their all-important electoral votes.  The ethics of this didn’t bother Trump because winning was the only thing important to him.

As it became clear that he had won the election battle through the Electoral College phone calls started streaming in.  Many world leaders and leaders of concerned constituencies wanted to speak with him.  Trump turned most of the calls away.

That night Ebenezer Trump laid down in his massive bed in the penthouse of Trump Towers, ready to sleep.  He had achieved the biggest victory of his life, closed the greatest deal he could ever aspire to.   He was so happy and contented.

As he drifted off to sleep he was awakened by the sound of heavy chains being dragged on his floor.  He slowly opened his eyes and was shocked to see his business partner Putin, covered in chains and groaning under their weight. Putin spoke to Trump and said ”This is what will happen to me after I leave this world. I am already feeling them in my soul.  I am forever cursed to wander the earth dragging a network of heavy chains, forged during a lifetime of greed, misuse of power and brutal supression of dissenting views.   You will have one chance to avoid the same fate.   You will be visited by three spirits, one tonight and others on each of the next two nights, and you must listen to them or be cursed to carry chains of your own, much longer than mine.”

The apparition disappeared.  Trump figured that it had just been a bad dream caused by an undigested bit of the prime rib he had had that night.  But just as he was falling asleep again he was awakened to see an even bigger being appear at the foot of his bed.  He turned and saw his wife Melania sleeping on the other side of the bed, apparently undisturbed by all this.  This being looked like what he had seen in pictures as an angel, of uncertain gender.  Trump had never really believed in angels, God, Jesus or any of that, and had just paid lip service to these kinds of things to cozy up to the evangelist power brokers he had needed support from in his campaign.

The apparition spoke to him, directly into his mind, which really freaked Trump out.  ”I am the Ghost of Christmas Past.  I want to show you some of the good things from your past.”  What looked like a huge movie screen appeared in the air at the foot of Trump’s bed.  Images started to appear on the screen.  Trump saw some of the times when his massive ego had stepped aside, and he had acted as a good father to his children, shared moments of real tenderness with his three wives, and occasionally given money to charities without any ulterior motives (yes, he did do that a few times).  He also saw how his former wives Ivana and Marla really did love him until they realized that he would never love them as much as he loves money.  After a timeless interval of watching these images the screen faded and the Ghost of Christmas Past dissolved into nothingness.  Trump fell back asleep.

The next day was full of meetings, celebrations, phone calls and tweeting.  Trump forgot all about what seemed like a dream from the night before.   Finally by 1 AM he was ready for bed and retired to his suite after an evening cocktail with Melania.   Trump was just falling asleep when he was awakened by another huge apparition at the foot of his bed.  This Ghost looked like a Muslim woman bleeding from many wounds on her body.  The Ghost wordlessly communicated to Ebenezer Trump saying ”I am the Ghost of Christmas Present.  I will show you things now going on inspired by your words and example.”  She beckoned to him and he could not help but rise from his bed and follow.  She floated out the window with Trump right behind.   He was saying to her ”What is happening, where are we going?”  She did not reply and soon they descended down to a small store in Queens with shattered windows and a fire raging inside.  The shop owner, a Muslim man was lying in a pool of blood on the sidewalk.  Bystanders were all around and the police had cordoned off the sidewalk area.

The Ghost of Christmas Present telepathically communicated to Trump and said ”This man has run his small grocery store here for 22 years and is a solid member of this community.  Tonight a gang of people came in and killed him and destroyed his shop.  Do you know what they were yelling?”  Trump, looking dazed nodded his head no.  The Ghost continued ”They were chanting ’Trump’s in power, now we can get rid of these terrorist Muslim bastards!’.   Your rhetoric validated their hate and fear and emboldened them to act.

She continued: ”This is not all, come with me”.  A swirl of energy surrounded Trump and the Ghost and as it cleared they had been transported to a university campus in Texas.  A female Muslim college student wearing a burka was surrounded by a circle of young white men.  They were yelling insults and slurs at her and poking her with their fingers and she was terrified.  Trump overheard some of these comments:  ”Go back to Arabia you Muslim slut”, ”I’m not going to let you blow up our campus!”, and ”This is the time of Trump, towelhead, go back to where you came from”.

The Ghost told Ebenezer:  ”This is happening all over your country now.  Lots of fearful and insecure white males who had held back their anger for a long time now feel free to let it all out.  They look up to you and have heard all the diatribes you have said in your speeches about Muslims, women and Mexicans and now feel free to act out their fears and aggressions.”   Trump was shocked, he had never really thought much about how his words may cause people to act.  After all, he was always focused on the prize, the victory and didn’t care much about the details.  But this was hard for even him to see.

The swirl of energy surrounded Trump and the Ghost again and Trump felt himself whirling through space.  He started to feel queasy in his stomatch.  Then the energy swirl cleared they were on the streets of a large city in a slummy area.  Sitting despondantly on the sidewalk were two emaciated children wearing ragged T shirts and shivering in the cold.  The T shirt on one child read ”Ignorance” and the other child’s T shirt read ”Poverty”.  Trump didn’t like looking at these children.  He spoke to the Ghost ”Why are you showing me this?  Can I go back to Trump Towers now?”

The Ghost pointed at the child named Ignorance and communiated ”Ignorance is a great foe of mankind.  It keeps people enslaved to false beliefs based on fear and lack.  You have encouraged many millions of people to turn away from Reason and Enlightenment and to wallow in Ignorance.  You have done this by your example of winning the Presidency even though so much of what you said was false, misleading and ignorant.  You have set an example of a new low in leadership through doing that.”   Ebenezer Trump cringed.  He knew that he was making up his ”facts” on the fly, but always believed it was justified because it would help him crush Hillary and win the election, and that was all that mattered.  The Ghost continued ”The other child named Poverty represents the milions of people in this country who used to be able to support themselves and live a good life, and now struggle or even live on the streets due to the depredations of crooked banksters, international financiers and many big corporations.  Your ethic of doing everything you can to enrich the big corporations and top 1% of wealthy people in the country so that wealth will trickle down to the middle class and poor people just doesn’t work.  You have blinded yourself to this reality because of your ignorance.  You see nothing but what you want to see.”

The swirl of energy surrounded them again.   The next thing Trump knew he was waking up in his luxurious bed with Melania next to him, stretching and mumuring.   He felt very alarmed and conflicted.   But he couldn’t really believe that the vivid dream he had just had was true.   Before he could think about it much more his phone buzzed with the ”urgent” light.   Trump knew there were many things to do, many meetings to attend so he put the disturbing experience into the back of his mind and started his day.

That day Ebenezer Trump met with Steve Bannon, a man who believes in white supremacy.  Bannon also wants to end immigration and despises feminism and multiculturalism.  He has enjoyed blasting and harassing Jews, Muslims and other groups through print and social medias.  Bannon had been working as Trump’s campaign manager.  That day Trump appointed Bannon as his primary White House strategist and counselor.   Yet even while the two men were meeting Trump was feeling some un-ease in the pit of his stomach.  Memories of his disturbing dream tried to pop into his mind a few times.  He even had a few moments of doubt about what he was doing – could appointing my pal Steve really lead to those nasty things I saw in the dream?  But his massive ego prevented much of that from taking hold.   He knew his direction and nothing would stop him from moving forward with it.

After a long, exciting and tiring day Trump was back at Trump Towers and ready once again to go to bed.  For some strange reason he dreaded going to sleep, something he rarely felt.   He drank a few more gin and tonics than usual, and eventually drifted off to sleep.

Soon he felt movement and wind around him and sat up with a start.   There before him was a huge man who looked like a Native American chief from long ago with full feathered headdress, leather clothes and shell necklaces around his neck.   His face looked weathered and ancient, creased by deep sadness and having lived through many generations of struggle and loss.  Soon Trump heard words in his head again, which he did not like:

”Ebenezer Trump, I am the Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come, and I will now take you on a journey to show you what is to be.”   Trump emphatically shook his head ”No, no, I don’t want to go on any more journeys.  You leave now or I’ll call security.”  He started reaching for the security call button on his nightstand.  Before he could get his big hand halfway there a huge swirl of energy surrounded Trump and the Ghost and he felt like he was moving very fast in a very irregular, disjointed way.   Trump felt like he may be ready to throw up.

When the energy cleared he was next to the Ghost, just hovering up in the sky.  The Ghost pointed down.  When Trump looked down he saw the coastline of South Florida.  The sea had risen so much that miles of cities and towns were flooded.   He saw emergency camps for all the displaced people.  He heard the Ghost’s voice ”Now we are looking at the future.  I am now showing you the results if you continue with your current course.  Because you and your administration pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord in early 2017 it fell apart.  You and other populist leaders created a big backlash against environmental protections that year and empowered the climate change deniers.  Now, you are seeing what will come to pass by 2027.  Coasts and islands are flooded all over the planet.  Some island nations have been inundated.”

Trump couldn’t believe this, but he was seeing it.  He tried to pinch his arm to see if this was real.   He felt the pain of the pinch and the vision was still there. How could this be real?  How could this nightmare have come on so quickly?  Were those damn scientists actually right?   He had always discounted all that ”pointy headed liberal scientific crap” as an excuse to hold back business from booming.  Now he knew he had been wrong and it deeply stung him.

The whirl of energy surrounded them again.  Trump was feeling the nausea in his gut starting to build.  It was getting really uncomfortable but there was no way to distract himself from it.  As he felt himself moving queasily through space many images flashed all around him, like a horrifying kaleidoscope.  He saw images of overcrowded hospitals crammed full of sick people, mainly children.  He saw scenes of killing drought in the Western USA, with some cities and many forests in flames.  He saw an Arctic scene with flooding water and the carcasses of dead polar bears rotting all over new land that had previously been covered by ice.  He saw the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation full of people sickened by the comtamination of their sacred waters, years after he had issued an executive order to disperse and arrest thousands of protestors.  In his mind he heard the Ghost speak to him again  ”Yes, these are just some of the consequences of you choosing to put men in your Cabinet and Administration who did not respect our Mother the Earth, the skies and the sacred waters.   At the most crucial point in our Earth’s recent history when massive environmental protection was needed you brought in men who did everything they could do to roll all protections back.   There were huge protests against your administration throughout the country about this, but you used brutal tactics to suppress the dissenters and even declared martial law for a time.  Now I have one more scene to show you.”

Trumps head was reeling and now he felt fully nauseous.  He wished he could throw up but he was not in his body enough to do so so he just had to endure the agonizing feeling of feeling his own dark side.

As the energy vortex cleared they were still in the sky, but now in the midst of a massive storm above a great city.  Screeching winds and huge thunder claps blasted all around them, yet they were protected in a bubble of light.  The Ghost pointed down.  It was so chaotic Trump could not make out what city it was.  Huge tidal waves were washing over the streets and buildings, destroying whole neighborhoods.  Periodic massive lightning strikes hit buildings, and some of them burst into flames.  Far below he could see pandemonium on the streets as people tried to get out of town but were stuck in gridlock.  On many streets cars and buses were being swept away by massive flooding.  The Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come spoke again.  ”This is your beloved New York City, Ebenezer.  Global warming has come full force and has stirred up killer storms all over the Atlantic and Pacific.   Here, in April 2029 the biggest one yet will hit the Big Apple and will totally destroy Manhattan and leave it in ruins.   A nuclear strike could not be much worse.”

Just then Ebenezer Trump’s attention was drawn to the grand Trump Tower on 5th Avenue.  The biggest lightning strike yet smashed into the proud peak of the Tower and sent hot fire throughout.  As Trump looked on in horror he saw the building literally implode and burst into flames as if a massive bomb had exploded inside of it.  He watched his beloved tower crumble to the ground.  The wreckage was soon swept away by a trunami of water that roared in from the East.

”Ebenezer”, the Ghost continued. ”Your wife, son and daughter and some of your grandchildren were in Trump Tower that night.  The storm had shut off all travel for days, and intensified so fast that they were not able to get away in time.”

A groan of agony and despair came up out of Trump’s gut.  He was shaking violently and uncontrollably.  A deep cry tore out of his soul.  ”Please, Ghost, make it stop!  Please, I am so sorry, I am so sorry, I never knew, I never believed, I thought I was in control but by God I didn’t see this coming… Take this horrible vision away, Ghost, I cannot bear it.”

Just then the horrific scene disappeared and all went dark.

The next thing Ebenezer Trump knew he was still, like in a void.  He didn’t dare to try to open his eyes because he was terrified to find out that he was dead and there really was a life after death, something he had always rejected.  As he lay there his whole life flashed in front of him, scenes from his childhood, times of long-lost innocence, yet other times of feeling bullied and pushed by his father so much that he had to cover up his tender, vulnerable side.  He saw a long parade of all the women he had been with.  He saw with new eyes how callous and uncaring he had been with most of them, how they had been trophies, conquests to burnish his sense of success and status.  He saw the busts and booms of his career.  He saw the many times he used people, didn’t pay them, cheated on their contracts, used his influence to buy favor with powerful people, the countless times he lied to get an advantage, the people he threatened and the people he had ruined who had dared challenge his will.  Yet, as the Ghost of Christmas Past had showed him a few nights ago, he also saw times of sharing real affection and caring with some of his wives.  With his heart swelling he saw how he had given his best love and respect to his own children and refused to subject them to his scheming ways.  He had put them in a special status of care and love that he had witheld from most other people, and now he saw, from himself.

He saw the night he received the inspiration to run for President.  He saw the whole process of the run, the primaries, the countless meetings, tweets, blogs, TV appearances, strategy sessions, the election, his secret deals to destroy Hillary and his final trumph.  But now he saw it through new eyes.  He saw that all that really mattered to him now were the times he had softened his egoic rush and shared love with those close to him.  And now some of them were… dead.  And some of them were grandchildren he would never get to meet.  And now he was dead and it was all over.

A deep wave of grief filled Ebenezer Trump. Waves of deep sobs erupted from the depths of his being.  This went on for a timeless period.   Then he became aware of something shaking him.  He was so lost in his grief that he could not even think about what that could be.  Then he heard an angelic voice speak to him.  He hear ”Ebenezer, what’s wrong?”  To his surprise he found that he had eyes and could open them.  He looked up to see the beautiful face of his wife Melania.  ”Ebenezer, I’m so worried about you, you have been having these bad dreams every night since the election.  Are you OK?”

Trump them realized that Melania was not just a supermodel and his latest trophy wife.  She was truly an angel sent to help him.  He looked up at her in wonder.  For a long time no thoughts or words could come.  He finally spoke to her.  ”Oh my God, where are we?”

”You are right at home in your bedroom, you silly guy.  Where did you think you were?”

”You mean in Trump Tower?”

”Yes of course my love.”

”And you are still alive?”

”Yes, of course I am.”

After an initial rush of relief knowing that he and Melania were actually still alive, and safe, Trump now knew that what he had experienced was not just a dream.  It was a true vision of what would happen if he continued in his current course.  He felt like his heart was going to burst with pain but then Melania put her hand on his cheek and said ”It doesn’t have to happen.  You can choose which is the right way to go.”

For some reason he did not question how his wife knew what had happened to him.  All he knew was that he had another chance.  The pain breaking his heart started turning to hope, then wonder, then excitement and joy.  He knew what he had to do.

Ebenezer Trump spent that whole day huddled with his close family members.  All except Melania were shocked at what they heard.  He told them that he was not really fit to be President of the United States.  He told them that he did have some great ideas and abilities and would pledge that he would offer his service and much of his fortune for the rest of his life.  He would help build up America’s economy and help the disenfranchised Americans who had put their trust in him during his campaign.  But he would resign as President and ask the Congress to hold another election to bring in a suitable President.

He told them that he would expose what he knew about the massive hacking operation from Russia that had helped defeat Hillary Clinton.  He would put the squeeze on his buddies who ran the big media companies to put put full disclosure of this information out for all to see.

He told them that he would fight to bring the nations of the world together to prevent environmental destruction.  He would use his tireless energy to champion rights of all people in the USA, including minorities.  He would offer his services to the next properly elected administration.

And he told them he loved them so much.  He told them that he was so grateful that they had allowed him to keep the pure love in his heart alive, and from being completely lost to his driving ego ambitions.  Then he cried and hugged them all for a long time.

His children were amazed to hear these things, shocked, angry at times, but in the end they could not argue with him.  They recognized that Trump had faced his deep demons and had come to a new peace that had always eluded him.

The next day Ebenezer Trump gave a television address that was carried on every network throughout the world.  He announced his resignation as President and apologized for all the polarizing, demeaning and ignorant things he had espoused during his campaign.   He pledged to do everything he could to truly serve his country and protect the Earth.

This is the end of this story.  As I said in the beginning, this could be my sweet imagination or a glimpse of prophesy that is to be.  After all, according to Buddhist esoteric teachings the ”world” is an outpicturing of the inner world of our minds.  If you dare to believe that some version of this story is real you can help to make it our reality.  Whatever your dream is, whatever your highest vision, now is the time to stand in your power, take action and vision it forth into your reality.  You can, you know.

If this writing touched you please pass it onto others and write your comments below.  Thank you!