Raise Your Vibration & Healing Abilities at the

Awakening & Embodiment Retreat

Attend In-Person at the Retreat Center or Participate Remotely Online

September 24 – 27, 2021

25 Acupuncture CEU’s Offered

Facilitators: Master Teachers Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. and Shannon Kassoff

The purpose of this retreat is to catalyze greater embodiment of your true, Avatar self in your body, and activate your innate Master Healer abilities.  Master Healers are greatly needed now in our societies because this level of in-depth healing is in such demand.  Your Master Healer is the deepest, truest Self that you already are. Most people have an extensive veil over this part of themselves that prevents them from fully accessing and expressing their higher spiritual abilities. This has been put in place through sub-conscious programming and accumulated trauma, much of which is unseen. You will be supported in releasing lots of this weight so you can truly Lighten Up!

“On a whole, personally I found it very powerful and the circuits started to connect in my body/mind/spirit. The mystery of how to literally lighten up was solved for me this weekend. It’s all about the inner circuitry work”

Allene H, Healer & Coach

2021-22 is a pivotal time of great personal and planetary change. What direction that change goes in is not pre-destined. It is up to each one of us to align ourselves with the outcomes, or timelines we want to see. Participating in this retreat is a great way to do that, and seed the creations you want in your personal and professional life.

  • 25 CEUS are offered for licensed acupuncturists. (FYI: This retreat is not about acupuncture or Reiki and you don’t have to be an acupuncturist to attend and benefit!)

*See information below about remote participation via Zoom conference.

**See note below about COVID-19 precautions for this retreat.


This workshop takes place over four full days (all times are in Pacific Time USA)

    Friday, September 24th:   11 AM – 5:30 PM plus evening session

    Saturday, September 25th: 9 AM – 5:00 PM plus evening session

    Sunday, September 26th: 9 AM – 5:30 PM

    Monday, September 27th: 9 AM – 3:30 PM


Dovid Oved Retreat Center, Running Springs, California. Running Springs is a gorgeous mountainous area near San Bernadino, CA with many retreat centers. Late September offers ideal weather for this beautiful region.

How to Get There: The nearest major airport to Running Springs is Ontario Airport (ONT), which is 30 miles away. Lyft rides cost $94 each way, and ride sharing with other attendees will reduce that cost. A group shuttle may be arranged if practical closer to the retreat dates.


Shannon Kassoff and Darren Starwynn – see bios below


Darren has negotiated very reasonable rates for your retreat attendance package, the lowest overall cost yet of any Bridge to Mastery retreat.

In-Person Attendance: $1250 for all four days, including three nights lodging, all meals during retreat and retreat tuition. CEUS for acupuncturists included in this fee.

Two payment plan offered for in-person attendance: Pay 50% when you pre-register, balance will be charged in mid-September.

For those arriving Thursday add $100 for Thursday night lodging plus Friday breakfast.

Remote Attendance via Zoom conference: $495 for all four days, including CEUS for acupuncturists. A few sliding scale slots are available for remote attendees in need, see note below for details.

Retreat Activities and Topics

  • Activating your Spiritual Transmission – Guided meditations for activating your Light Body and DNA
  • Lightworker Creation Power – your power to be a planetary healer and have a direct effect on what is happening in our world through shifting Timelines
  • Identifying and expressing your Superpower – this is your strongest Soul quality that allows you to offer your highest service to others
  • Learning to receive and share direct high-level guidance from your Higher Self, Archangels or Spiritual Guides
  • Soul Marketing / Financial Flow – Learn to call in the clients, resources and conditions you need through your Light Field
  • Learn the art of dowsing to clear energy blockages and raise your vibrational frequency to pure love and Ascension
  • Quantum healing level 1 & 2 –these skills can help you increase clinical effectiveness and start offering effective remote healing sessions
  • Attune yourself to your subtle energy body, chakras and the Quantum Field
  • Block Clearing process: Clearing of burdensome old subconscious programming so you claim your new level. You can offer this to others in your own healing practice once you learn it. Practice in maintaining your new, more enlightened way of being
  • Qi Gong and expert guided yoga sessions each day for embodying higher Light
  • Learn to assess and balance the Human Assemblage Point – one of the quickest and most powerful clinical tools to rapidly shift client’s longstanding energy imbalances
  • Opening your Central Channel of energy (one of the most valuable embodiment practices). Emotional self-healing through loving focus in the body
  • Healing Shadow work – support and guidance for transforming your relationship with your shadow side, making friends with it and benefitting from its power and passion
  • Making new Lightworker friends!


“When Shannon and I met through a training with Dr. Sue Morter in 2020 we felt an immediate synergy, and started sensing that we could collaborate to create powerfully transformative group events. Over several months of discussions we planned this very timely retreat. Although the work Shannon and I each teach is different, we both realize that what we are doing on the higher level is supporting Lightworker healers in activating their higher states of consciousness and healing abilities. We are very excited about the synergy of co-leading an event for the first time, partnering with the Avatar within each participant.”

Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. is a Master Quantum Catalyst healer, and has led hundreds of educational workshops for healthcare practitioners and the public throughout the world. He is the author of four groundbreaking books. Darren has over 30 years experience as an expert in acupuncture and pain management, and is the director of the Microlight Institute and Bridge to Mastery. He has invented several innovative energy medical devices used worldwide.

Darren integrates advanced energy technologies with higher dimensional Quantum healing to help his clients release old trauma, pain and blockages. The ultimate aim of his work is to empower people to discover and actualize their most fulfilling life purpose so they can be an active part of the solution on Earth. Darren is a gifted channeler, psychic and healer. A lifetime meditator, he works locally in Mill Valley, California and also offers remote healing sessions throughout the world.

“Darren is a joyful, unpretentious example of a great teacher. I came away with a renewed sense of dedication to help others using quantum healing, multi-dimensional clearing, voice dialogue, trauma release techniques and a general state of confidence as I move into new areas of healing. I am so grateful for this retreat and the Bridge to Mastery school.”

Judith Hazelett, LMT, Payson, AZ

The structure, flow and balance of this retreat was extremely well done. It was a lovely balance of applicable tools, practical application exercises and creativity with an infusion of fun. Darren holds a wonderful space for participants and soul family to process, discover, share and ascend!”

Shannon Morse, Owner The Green Door, San Francisco, CA

“My personal growth was exponential! I’ll be transforming my work. It was an experiential retreat with plenty of practice time to give and receive and the group became a cohesive unit on the first day! We are all feeling part of a tribe – new family.”  

Caryn Carroll, L.Ac., Ventura, CA

“Darren’s presentation was clear, humble and inspiring. He creates an environment of trust, humility, humor and authenticity. His absence of judgement is exemplary and this facilitates comradery and ease amongst the attendees.”

Debra Bentley, L.Ac.

Shannon Kassoff started her personal healing path through sobriety in 2002 and later became a yoga teacher in 2010 and a yoga teacher trainer. It is her greatest joy and her soul’s mission to help others along their own healing journey; mind, body, and spirit.
When she traveled to India, she felt as if she had been there before. Shannon felt an energetic shift and received spontaneous healing of trauma stored in her body and mind. It was at that moment that she knew she was being called to embrace who she is as a natural healer.
Shannon is a reiki master practitioner of Usui Reiki, Kundalini Reiki & Arcturian Reiki, she is an energy channel, psychic, intuitive healer, an avid meditator and a natural teacher. She helps others discover their own innate ability to heal themselves and guides them through the process of embodiment. Through her practices, her clients and students begin to experience expanded awareness, bliss as their natural state of being and collective consciousness.

“Shannon is an incredibly impactful teacher of teachers, she is Love, she is a knowledgeable intellectual, an avid learner, sharer, and healer. I thank my lucky stars she was put in my path a few years ago. Prior to meeting her in the yoga studio, I had some heavy samskara (old patterns and limiting beliefs) that made me, consequently everyone around me, in a state of dis – ease.  My experience with her has been nothing less than profoundly healing and enlightening. My awakening and comprehension of the universe and our interconnectivity continues to grow remarkably and so does my compassion for everyone and everything.”   –  –

Emily Barro

Because of Shannon, I no longer live in fear, I trust the flow of life, and I primarily live in a state of joy. I rarely have a need to see a doctor, as I’ve learned how to heal myself energetically, and also feel great satisfaction in sharing my healing energy with others (especially my children).  Every interaction with her lifts me up, brightens my spirit, and brings me to ease.  I have never met anyone like her before, and literally cannot get enough of her.  I would be her disciple in a heartbeat. 

Naomi Rose Mintzer

* Remote Attendance Via Zoom Information


The last two retreats led by Darren took place entirely through Zoom conferences, and participants loved them. The mix of healing practicums, group meditations, yoga practice, dance breaks and one-to-one practices in breakout rooms kept the experience engaging. This current retreat is the first one offered in person at a retreat center since 2019, and also offers the option of remote participation for who can’t travel to Running Springs, CA.

The breakout room function of Zoom allows remote participants to work one to one with each other for portions of the retreat to practice Quantum healing and sharing of intuitive readings.  Participants in previous Zoom retreats loved these one-to-one sessions and many reported breakthrough experiences with their partners.

If you would like to attend the retreat via Zoom choose that option on the registration form. Links for joining the retreat will be sent to you the week prior to the retreat dates.

Option 1 – $1250 – In Person Attendance – includes shared sleeping room and all meals

Option 2 – $1350 – In Person Attendance with Thursday night lodging & Friday breakfast

Option 3 – $625* – In Person Attendance – two payment plan ( $625 charged now, $625 charged Sept 13)

Option 4 – $495 – Remote Attendance

**All in-person attendees are required to bring a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 3 days prior to retreat start date of Sept 24. You can order a do-it-yourself test kit for $23 from Walgreens’s here.

Sliding Scale Tuition Offer:

A limited number of sliding scale tuition slots will be offered for remote Zoom attendees who are called to attend the retreat, and are dealing with financial hardships. To request a sliding scale tuition slot send an email to Darren at dstarwynn@eastwestmed.com . In the email state how much tuition payment you would like to offer. Your request will be reviewed with care and if approved you will receive a paypal invoice for the amount you offered, and you can pay from that.