My work is individually tailored for each client, and generally creates its full benefit over a series of 3 – 5 sessions.  In serving my clients I draw from a lifetime of research and clinical experience, including advanced pain management, Chinese Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Quantum Healing, emotional healing, intuitive counseling, shamanic healing, business coaching and Biofield™ healing.

I offer a complementary 30 minute initial consultation during which time we will talk about your situation and needs, and determine if what I offer is a good match for you.  Once you decide to move forward we will schedule a Discovery Session (see below).  During this comprehensive session I will do a thorough evaluation and take you through a complete therapeutic session, including Quantum healing.   Most people experience deep relaxation or profound inner shifts during this initial session.

After your Discovery Session we will discuss what services will be required to support you in long-term resolution of your challenging issues.

You can receive your sessions in person in my Marin County, California office, or remotely by telephone or Zoom computer conference.    All services are offered by appointment only.