This post will be short and to the point. The term Lightworker refers to a person from any walk of life who has been developing their awareness, their love and their healing abilities so they can help uplift others and the planet. If you see yourself in that description in any way, please read my perspective on what you can do to make a positive difference during this critical upcoming week.

There will be a Zoom Lightworker event this Thursday, Jan 14th at 5 PM P.T. in which we will focus our group light on the outcome of a peaceful transfer of power in the United States, with all people involved staying safe.  Preregister here

There is one week leading up the US Presidential Inauguration on January 20th. Supporters of President Trump are preparing to have demonstrations in Washington D.C. and at the Capitol buildings of all 50 states to protest Biden being inaugurated, and lots of the people planning to come will be armed and prepared to take violent actions. This is the logical endgame of the Trump presidency, as he has made it clear for a long time that he would not accept any result of the presidential election except for himself winning. He has stoked his devoted followers into seeing themselves as patriots resisting the tyranny of a stolen election. At this time these demonstrations are planned for January 17th and 20th although anything could happen. No one yet knows how all this will play out, or how much violence will take place. What these people are planning could be seen in its extreme potential as a call to a new civil war.

Please check out the podcast that Dan Craig-Morse and I recorded this week with valuable, unique perspectives on this situation.

You and we can make a huge difference!  When we focus the power of our loving consciousness we can directly affect what is happening in the world. I saw what I consider to be proof of this back on November 3rd during the presidential election day.  There were widespread predictions of potential violence and intimidation at the polling places in the days leading up to that day. Yet things unfolded peacefully for the most part. I and many other Lightworkers had been spending time visualizing peaceful, safe, fair election process – and that is what happened. I am convinced that it was not a coincidence – we did make a difference in that outcome.  Just as the focus of millions of Lightworkers internationally helped douse the horrific Australian wildfires last February with unseasonable heavy rains.

So here is how you can serve – take some dedicated time each day between now and the 20th to create and sit in a sacred space of meditation. Clear yourself of fear and distraction and summon as much love and desire to be of service as you can. Do whatever you know to do to connect with your heart and higher self. Visualize a map of the United States in front of you, with Washington, D.C. and each of the 50 state Capitols lit up. Trust that you are a conduit for healing Light, and pour it out toward all those areas. Decree your truth.  For example, when I do this I state “I decree a peaceful transfer of power this week in the United States” or “I am seeing protection and safety around all people concerned with the Inauguration and the days leading up to it.”.  Make up and state what is in your heart.  You can use your power of visualization to see it all unfolding peacefully, or the two sides who have been at odds talking out their differences instead of going the way of violent confrontation.  This is your process – follow your own guidance.  The main thing is to take some time each day to act as Lightworker, even if this is unfamiliar to you and you’re not sure you can do it!

Doing this kind of Lightworker service is greatly amplified in groups. If you can, get together with others who resonate with this in person or over phone or zoom.  I will be leading a free Lightworker group this Thursday January 14th at 5 PM Pacific time for this purpose, and you can pre-register at the link below.

This is the time for all of us to take a stand for what we want to see in the world. By doing so you transform fear or apathy into positive energy and inspiration. We discover our power when we offer ourselves in service – whether we think we know what we are doing or not.

I welcome replies and comments to this post.