Would you like to heal your deepest issues and bring Quantum magic into your everyday life?

Just Released: New Self-Healing Course

New Video Course from Darren Starwynn, OMD

Quantum Healing for Professionals

Awaken your ability to create brilliant client results while accelerating your own transformation. Discover how to radically boost your client effectiveness through a shift in consciousness

Quantum Healing for Professionals

9 out-of-the-box lessons to accelerate self-healing and conscious awakening

Some of what is included:
  • Improve results for clients with chronic pain and disease through Quantum chakra balancing
  • A 30 second ritual to uplift yourself from muggle to magician as you start each client session
  • Meditations for grounding and empowerment
  • How to create a profitable remote healing business
  • Start living as an Avatar
  • And more!

Investment: $495.00

Course release special offer: Purchase Quantum Healing for Professionals at reduced cost AND receive Quantum Awakenings course at no extra cost (Value - $195 during promotion period).

Final cost for both courses: $395 (good through May 30, 2024)

Quantum Awakenings is the companion course to Quantum Healing for Professionals that includes the following:
  • How to bring more quantum magic into your everyday life
  • Healing unresolved trauma
  • Embodiment meditation practices for grounding and empowerment
  • The Quantum finances boost
  • Test and balance your own chakras
  • Master keys to regenerate your body
  • And more!

At this time of massive shifts in our societies people are going through increasing amounts of stress and challenge. As a holistic practitioner or coach you have the opportunity to offer skillful support and clearing that is of great value at this time.

Trouble is that many people coming to us have needs that the methods you were trained in may be insufficient to address. Increasing numbers of clients complaining of chronic pain, disease or emotional stresses are in fact going through spiritual crises.

Quantum Catalyst healing is a system that equips you to effectively work with such clients. A big part of entering the Quantum level is your own process of inner development. The Quantum Healing for Professionals course provides clear, details instructions and insights to take your work into the Quantum realm.

The companion course, Quantum Awakenings is more focused on your own personal healing and development and is bundled with the professional course for a limited time.

About Darren.

Darren Starwynn is a “Quantum Catalyst” who helps people to awaken their consciousness and superpowers, so they can make their most valuable contribution and thrive. He is dedicated to creating consciousness raising and heart opening gatherings for meditators and Lightworkers.
Darren has written four groundbreaking books including bestseller Awakening the Avatar Within, led hundreds of workshops and trainings internationally, and invented vibrational medical devices that have been sold worldwide since the 1990’s.

Darren has over 30 years experience in acupuncture, Chinese medicine, energy medicine and spiritual healing. He has mentored or inspired thousands of healthcare practitioners, business owners, healers and meditators to embody Quantum principles of healing, leadership, spirituality and financial success.
Director of Bridge to Mastery Consciousness Institute, Darren also serves as lead minister of Lightworker Ministry. Darren loves hiking, writing and creating original music. He lives in Fairfax, California and can be reached through his website https://drstarwynn.com/

Mastercourse Retreat - February 2024

Darren Aligning a Student’s Assemblage Point