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  • Get clear on your next inspired business or project, and start taking concrete steps to actualize it?

  • Elevate your service to the Quantum Master Healer level?

  • Embody the radiance and love of your higher Self in your everyday life?

  • Unlock your superpowers to produce remarkable results for yourself and your clients?

Do you feel?

  • Dragged down by negative mind programs or old emotional wounding?

  • Stuck or inhibited in your personal or professional development?

  • Inspired to awaken your consciousness and claim your inner power, yet still find it hard to break free of old patterns?

If you answered YES to any or all of these questions, and you’d like to learn how Quantum Healing and Coaching could serve you, schedule a…

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Healer to the Healers

Energy Medicine & Quantum Healing

Welcome. This is the place for you if you are intentional about working on yourself, and are grounded in professional and personal growth.

I am known as a healer to the healers and teacher to teachers because I provide Quantum activations to transform people and organizations from limitation, or stuck-ness into new levels of effectiveness and spiritual radiance.

Step into a higher fulfillment of your life purpose. Experience the activation of living from a place of profound awe.

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As seen on…

“My hope returned and I am now making progress on the project I had been struggling with, and bringing it to completion. I have worked with other energy healers before but I have to say that the results of Darren work with me far, far exceeded anything I have ever experienced with any other energy therapist.”

Russell Scott Kitchener
Ontario Canada – author of Awaken The Guru In You


“Consciousness is the solution to all our personal and planetary problems.

Now is the time to reclaim your power and remember who you really are.

This is the truest form of healing.”

~ Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Quantum Catalyst

Services Offered

What are you ready to create now?

When you are ready to birth your next inspired project or new level of expression, I offer Quantum Coaching to support you in launching it beautifully.

Whatever your soul is ready to create personally, financially or creatively, now is the time. As one who is awakening, you have a great opportunity, as well as responsibility to bring forth what is within you for the benefit of others. The Quantum Coaching I offer provides expert guidance in developing yourself, while navigating the challenges of creating positive outcomes for your work and service.

I’ve been guiding healers, entrepreneurs and healthcare professionals in upleveling their abilities, earnings and consciousness for over three decades. In doing this I draw upon my rich experiences running successful businesses, including medical device invention and manufacturing, seminar production, professional training institutes, book publishing and multiple private healing practices.

If you’d like to have an in-depth, complimentary Discovery Call to discuss your project and find out if working with me is the right move for you, click the link below. You will come away from this call with actionable steps for moving forward as well as new insights about yourself and your path.

~ Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Master Quantum Healer

Director the Microlight Institute and Bridge to Mastery

“I have worked with other energy healers but I have to say that the results of Darren’s work with me far, far exceeded anything I have ever experienced before.”

Russel Scott Kitchener, Author, Ontario, Canada

“The greatest benefit has been grounding my energy, tapping into my higher self and remembering that I am guided by my avatar or goddess energy. I have let go of many lower vibrations and am standing firmer in my spiritual practices.”

Meridith Snyder, Florida

“I have been feeling wonderful since the healing you did for me that day; such a wonderful release of past hurts. I can’t thank you enough. I have experienced some awesome meditations, energy upgrades and beautiful healing blessings on myself and others.”

Linda Yarbrough, Energy Healer

“Darren is a true leader in healing and bringing students to their true mastery… barriers are dissolved.”

Pam Toki, Artist

“I am so grateful for the tools and practices Darren has imparted to me to help me step into my divine presence. I had been struggling to raise my vibrations and this program supercharged my abilities to live my higher purpose.”

Mo Perez, LMT

“I felt safe enough to release chronic anxiety – I feel grounded and more at peace.”

Emily B, Chiropractor

“The work allowed me to elevate my consciousness and step more fully into my Goddess and Higher Self aspects. It is wonderful!”

Lisa Nickelson, Reiki Intuitive Healer

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