• Are you tired of playing small in your life?
  • Did you suffer from childhood experiences that are still holding you back?

  • Do you have new ideas for your life but feel frustrated or depressed because you can’t do what it takes to make them happen?

  • Do you have chronic pain or mystery illnesses that no one can help you with?

Would you like to:
  • Clear old emotional pain from your body and mind?
  • Alleviate pain or fatigue and feel good again?
  • Develop a more positive outlook on life?
  • Discover your calm inner center and learn to be unshakeable in the face of stress?
  • Confidently create the purpose filled life you really want to lead?
If you answered YES to any or all of these questions schedule a
to learn what your next best steps are.

En-Lighten Your Load

Your struggles and suffering started when you agreed to be less than you really are.  You can cancel those old agreements now and release your addiction to pain.

I will help you remove those blockages and align with your Divine nature – your true Self.  This is the real way to enjoy peace of mind and discover clarity of purpose.  I would love to support you in sharing your brilliance and creating your awesome new life.

Darren Starwynn

Darren offer a unique three step holistic program that physically re-aligns you with your source of joy, power and financial abundance. His clients have reported:

  • Symptoms of anxiety, pain, fatigue and poor health diminish
  • Clarity of purpose and self-confidence increases
  • Moving out of resignation and getting excited about their life again
  • Receiving soul-guided direction for a more fulfilling, profitable career

Schedule a 30 minute initial call to see how this work can help you heal yourself more than you believed possible, and actualize that awesome potential you always knew you had inside of you. It is through fulfilling our unique purpose and becoming part of the solution that we are truly healed ourselves.


” The latest rounds of treatments have been amazing.
I knew on a deep level that I had a deep, powerful and IMMEDIATE shift. ”

Therese S., Business Coach

” I’ve been to other acupuncturists before and could not tell any difference after the treatments. After the first treatment with you I felt much less pain. After each session I felt significantly better. The work you did on opening my heart was phenomenal. “

Yvonne E., Cancer patient, California

” You are truly an awesome acupuncturist and healer. My whole body feels amazingly
relaxed and pain free. You are also an excellent reader. Your very clear flows have
helped me immensely.”

Carole F, California

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