Quantum Catalyst Healing

Chapter 11

Some situations call for a miracle

Shirley is a local woman who applied for a job I offered last year. In the course of our discussions, she told me about severe insomnia and chronic pain she had been suffering since early childhood. She had tried a long list of tests, treatments and remedies over decades in the hopes of helping her get to sleep and to ease the pain in her jaw, but she’d experienced little to no success. After I told Shirley about the possibility that Quantum Catalyst healing might be able to help her on a different level than she had experienced before, she booked an initial session with me. I admit feeling a bit of trepidation, as I did not want to be the next in the long list of healthcare practitioners she felt disappointed with.

During that first session, Shirley told me about overwhelming childhood experiences she had been through, that were likely causes of her sleeplessness.

I had insomnia always, since I’ve been 6 years old, and I’m in my 60’s now. I’ve had severe jaw and tooth pain all my life based on bruxism, TMJ disorder, grinding my teeth, and because I was always stuck in that loop, dramatic dentistry ensued. What the dentists did to me back then when I was six was literally physical torture and highly inappropriate, as I believe I was also sexually molested by one of them. My mother also greatly amplified my pain by putting toxic chemicals on my scalp and tying my hair into very tight and painful buns. I’ve had chronic pain since childhood in my neck, scalp and jaw. In addition to all of this, I went through a series of traumatic relationships with older men while I was still a teenager and into my early 20’s, feeling controlled and helpless.

My husband is a doctor and we have tried so many things to try to ease my pain and get me some sleep, but basically nothing has had much effect.

During her first session, I adjusted her Assemblage Point (see explanation below), balanced her chakras and applied a series of microcurrent frequencies. As we went through these techniques, I explained to Shirley how she could attune herself to the Quantum Field. Even though she had never heard of it before, she was able to feel a new vibration in her body that felt good. Shirley was very encouraged by how positive and relaxed she felt after this first session, as it gave her hope that she could actually respond to treatments. Through discussion, we were able to determine that Shirley is a very sensitive empath, who is also highly sensitive to electro-magnetic fields in her home. As part of her solution, she ordered a special EMF blocking bed cover that helped her feel more at ease at night.

After going through a series of weekly Quantum Catalyst sessions for one month, then tapering down to once every three to four weeks, Shirley reported:

Each Quantum session with Darren has been unique and different, there’s been many levels and layers of things both deep and noticeable on the surface. It’s been super beneficial on many levels, I feel so much better. I feel strengthened, healthier, stronger and my organs are shored up. Even the first time he adjusted my assemblage point in my very first session I felt heartened and strengthened. My husband says I’m a lot nicer and more ebullient, a whole lot happier. I’m still going through changes with my pain levels, I’m always working with that but that loop is not as dire and drastic as it was.

When Darren and I worked on my liver last time, I experienced a sudden clarity, as if the curtains opened. Initially it was painful and a lot came out and I had some swelling up here, some breakouts, that felt like a natural response to that treatment. But then I suddenly had crystal clarity and everything fell into place in that way that things do sometimes. It was as if all the anger and hostility had gotten out of the way. Things just seemed clearer. I felt generally better, not pissed off at the world. I usually just feel cloudy, dark and terrible, but it all got clear after that treatment.

About my sleep – I have gotten some more rest. I feel like I’m coping with my insomnia a lot better and it doesn’t freak me out as much. I’m treating myself differently and taking better care of my schedule. That feels 95% better, just not so horrible with the darkness of all that. I was really depressed. I was in such a dark place and really reaching for a lifeline. The results have been very heartening. It was like the light switch came on,

Similarly to Shirley’s experience, the most common reaction from people going through Quantum healing is how different it seems to them than most medical or holistic healing treatments they have experienced previously. They are often surprised to see that the treatment of their distressing symptoms is not the main focus of the sessions, yet their pain and other symptoms usually do clear up.

Let’s now look at what Quantum Healing really is.

Quantum Catalyst Healing

The Basis of Quantum Healing

In this context the word “Quantum” refers to several of the qualities of reality that have been known since ancient times. These were introduced to the human race through what has been called the seven Hermetic Laws.1 While many meditators and visionaries have had direct experiences of these principles throughout human history, many of their experiences have been confirmed over the last century through laboratory experiments. 2

1See The Kybalion, by Three Initates for details on Hermetic Laws, which have been known since the time of ancient Egypt. These seven laws are the basis for spirituality, most sciences, metaphysics and understanding of human behavior

2 For accessible accounts of these experiments see Quantum Physics for Beginners: Discover the Science of Quantum Mechanics and Learn the Basic Concepts from Interference to Entanglement by Analyzing the Most Famous Quantum Experiments

The Quantum principles most relevant to this level of healing are:

1. Healing the pain of separation:

Everything in the Universe is holographically inter-connected, also called quantum entanglement. That means that each individual point connects with every other point in the Universe in a neverending matrix of universal Love. The deep sense of separation that underlies so much of human pain, depression and disease is therefore an illusion. The healing process involves a process of conscious re-connection with the direct experience of our true selves. As this alignment takes place, a great deal of pain and physical dysfunctions spontaneously clear up. The title of Diane Connolly’s book All Sickness is Homesickness aptly describes this key principle of healing.

2. Awakening from the dream of suffering:

Consciousness is the prime mover of  everything in the Universe. As people unburden and free up their consciousness, their  minds and bodies are able to heal through the principle of epigenetics. Healing the mind is the process of releasing identification with what has justifiably called the slave self,

3. Spontaneous remission:

Under certain conditions sub-atomic particles can instantaneously leap from a lower to a higher level of energy and vibration – the so-called Quantum Leap. This experience is mirrored on the human level by spontaneous  healings of pain, diseases and emotional imbalances. Once a person’s innate ability to  heal is unblocked, the master healer connection within them is able to restore their well-being.

What is the Master Healer?

We are usually programmed to think of a master healer as a wizard-like person with miraculous healing abilities, yet this is not accurate. Being a master healer is not a personal accomplishment. It is a universal energy field we can tap into best described through words like love, harmony, consciousness, oneness, light or clarity. Even though it is not something that derives from our human small self, we can learn to embody the vibration of the master healer  and channel it effectively.

The English word “healing” is rooted in old English and German words that mean “wholeness.” rue healing is not just relief of symptoms - it is a return to wholeness. Returning to the  experience of our unbroken self is a lot like rebooting a computer that has been running  annoying, buggy software. The processor is able to delete the distorted version of the buggy  program and re-install the original, uncorrupted code, so things can function as they were  intended to. In cases in which rebooting the program is insufficient to remove the corrupted  code, it becomes necessary to download the latest version of the code from the source server.

3 Slave self: The separated self most people identify with that can be controlled and manipulated by others, and usually is without us knowing it

This process is extremely accurate in describing the process of true healing. That is not surprising because we have built computers in in our own image.

Master healer is a brilliant vibration that brings about all real healing, ranging from the mending of a cut on your finger to unexpected remission of stage four cancer to breakthrough experiences of spiritual awakening. Master healer is catalytic. A catalyst is an agent that brings about transformation in substances or systems it is in contact with, yet it itself is not changed.

For this reason, I have been using the term “Quantum Catalyst Healing” to refer to the therapeutic work I do and teach that facilitates the healing and transformation of others.

Because master healer is an impersonal field of infinite resourcefulness, it does not need to take a long time for a practitioner to tap into it. A healer who has been practicing Quantum healing for many years is not necessarily able to facilitate healing breakthroughs any more readily than a new practitioner. Sharon’s story about offering her very first Quantum healing session is an excellent example: 4

I want to share with you the very first healing I offered to someone. My client was a woman in her early thirties who had had depression and suicidal thoughts since she was twelve. She had been to many psychiatrists, psychologists and therapists to no avail, so she decided to try an alternative form of healing. After the usual intake we began our session, and during the session a strong quantum field formed. I could feel the energy spiraling between me and my client, It almost seemed out of time. I could sense that she was deeply affected by the field and immersed in Light. And I saw her in her wholeness and truth. In that moment, I knew the her healing had already taken place, and that her previous thoughts concerning depression and lack of self-worth had been lifted.
When the session ended and the quantum field was released, my client stared in amazement and shook her head. She indicated she had experienced something life changing. After that session, she began to meditate and became interested in spirituality. Her depression was gone. I saw her a couple more times to make sure the healing had stuck. She said that her depression had been a faulty way, or untrue story of looking at the world. I, as healer just held the quantum field. The quantum field did the healing.

Multi-Dimensional Medical Practice

Most doctors and holistic practitioners focus mainly on the physical body or the balancing of its energy in their work. Others, who consider themselves to be spiritual or energy healers, mainly focus on invisible, subtle levels of consciousness and feeling. What I have found to be exciting and highly effective is combining both in my work. Integrating modalities such as microcurrent, acupuncture and light therapies with healing through pure consciousness is a multi-dimensional approach to health care. We can picture it like this:

A human being who is expressing the vibration of master healer acts as a catalyst for profound healing and transformation in others. What is required is developing the quality of embodied loving Presence. This happens as healers rebuild the energetic circuitry in their own bodies. This requires a commitment to staying present in the now moment, and consciously inhabiting our body as much as possible.

Quantum Catalyst Healing

Many of my clients are healers or healthcare professionals. As is the case with Shirley described above, I often draw people who have long-term, convoluted and difficult to treat issues. They have been around the block for years or even decades, seeking relief from issues such as unresolving chronic pain, depression, PTSD, various forms of disability or psychic attack. They often feel spiritually blocked or out of balance in hard to define ways. Other clients arrive without a lot of troubling symptoms. They come because they sense there is another, higher level of spiritual awareness available to them, one that has been elusive for them to realize.

While I used to have trepidation treating people with complex, multi-layer issues, I now welcome them with calm confidence. That’s because I have let go of a lot of my dependence on external techniques, and know that I am not responsible for their healing. I am allowing a greater power and Quantum field of energy to create the results. It is really the master healer within my clients that creates the miracles. I support and guide them in accessing that part of themselves, and allowing the shifts to happen.

There are many healers throughout the world using the name Quantum Healing to refer to what they do, and their methods vary widely. To provide some specifics about the system of Quantum Catalyst Healing I work with, here are some of the specific steps and methods used:

1. Testing and balancing the Assemblage Point

The Assemblage Point (AP) is the locus where our physical body and the larger fields of our energy body line up. Healthy alignment of the AP is when the center of the greater field of the human energy body lines up with the center of our chest. Various forms of trauma or the excessive use of mind-altering drugs can knock the AP out of alignment for long periods of time, sometimes decades. That can create tendencies toward anxiety, depression, aggression or spaciness.

In my experience, as long as the AP is out of alignment, other treatment modalities don’t work as well in producing long-term results. Therefore, the first step of my sessions is to test the position of the AP and to align it with a special crystal wand if necessary. I love this method because most clients notice an immediate shift in their state as soon as this five-minute technique is complete. Once their AP is aligned one or two times, it tends to stay aligned long term.

2. Healing Through the Quantum Field

The Quantum Field is the field of unlimited possibilities from which everything in the Universe originates, and eventually returns to. As esoteric as that may sound, we are able to directly experience the Quantum Field through our feeling sense. This experience is heightened when two or more people tune into the field together.5 One person who has attuned themselves to the Quantum Field can act as a catalyst for another who has not yet recognized that experience. This is the basis for Quantum Catalyst Healing.

When clients are relaxed and attuned to the Quantum Field, there is much less energetic resistance in their bodies, and their hearts and minds become more open. This state makes them much more able to respond to healing dialogue and energy therapies.

The Quantum Field contains perfect templates of all parts of us, including our organs, tissues, chakras, brain and pure emotions. In some cases, an imbalanced or diseased body part can be energetically replaced in Quantum healing sessions by its perfect template in the Field. This is similar to what surgeons do with organ or bone transplants, but in this case no physical surgery is required. It all happens on the unseen, Quantum level. See Shannon’s story below for a dramatic example of this.

3. Energy Clearing

In other chapters I talked about the build-up of heavy energies in the body, referred to as energetic gunk, psychic burdens, samskara or residoo-doo. It’s now clear to me why I and so many other doctors and practitioners have struggled to heal chronic pain. It’s because most of it does not originate on the physical level that we are trained to work on – it arises from this unseen baggage clients have accumulated in their energy bodies. Therefore clearing that psychic gunk is a first priority of Quantum Catalyst Healing.

There are many methods practitioners and therapists use to guide clients through the process of emotional release and integration. The methods I have found to be the most effective are guiding clients to speak empowering statements, breaking old psychic agreements, trauma release through guided visualization while applying color light to body energy centers and intuitive counseling. It is beyond the scope of this book to explain these methods in detail. What is most important to understand is that the effectiveness of any effective counseling or therapeutic method will be amplified when performed within awareness of the Quantum field.

4. Rewiring

Once a client has lightened their load of psychic burdens, there is the opportunity to re-wire the subtle energy connections between the high-frequency energy of their true self and their physical body. This is also called “building circuitry.” This opens the way for greater creativity, vitality and effectiveness in people’s everyday lives. I teach my clients how to do simple meditative practices, such as those described as Foundational Practices in the “Getting Started” chapter, so they can continue to build their own circuits.

5. Vibrational Medicine

As mentioned above, the use of therapy equipment delivering microcurrent, light, sound or other modalities can be highly effective for relieving specific symptoms. These include relief of inflammation, joint pain, nervous system imbalances, fatigue and much more. Vibrational therapies, as well as acupuncture, bodywork or spinal manipulation can help powerfully anchor the benefits of Quantum healing in the physical body.

Rapidly Releasing Trauma

Shannon is a fitness and lifestyle coach in her thirties with a sparkling personality and a national following. She had a series of sessions with me, beginningthree years ago. As soon as I met Shannon, I could sense the evolved consciousness she emanated, yet she was also struggling with some difficult emotional issues. Her story is a striking example of how rapidly deeply held traumatic imprints can be released. Here is how Shannon described her experience:

I was experiencing a relapse of trauma from earlier in my life that I thought that I had dealt with and worked through,. But then a trigger that occurred, and I began having visual relapses of this traumatic experience. I sought out quantum healing with Darren, and within the first session, I was like, “Wow, this is so different.” I've certainly had a lot of experience with healing of all different types, heart-centered therapy, different Reiki treatments; I've really had a wonderful experience of doing work on self in the past. But learning about quantum healing and the aspects of how we really have what we need inside of us, and how it can change in an instant, was a pretty miraculous discovery.
What I received was total clearing of these traumatic experiences within one to two sessions. I'm not exaggerating. It was astonishing. I just didn't have a charge around that trauma anymore. It was completely gone. And that is the first time that I've really had access to understanding that. Wow, all it really takes is a rewiring of our programming in a sense, and healing in our energetic field. And we can literally change the processes of how we experience life.

Can We Renew Imbalanced Body Parts?

I realize that the possibility of energetically renewing or replacing imbalanced or diseased body parts through the Quantum Field may sound pretty far out to many readers, especially those from a Western medical background. Yet I have experienced the reality of it during some client sessions.

I first heard about this possibility when I was studying with Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, a former medical doctor from China who evolved into a spiritual teacher. During some of his events, he spoke about replacing diseased body parts from a divine source. As open as I am to experiences outside of consensus reality, I must admit feeling somewhat skeptical of these claims. I did, however meet at least one woman at a retreat who told me that she had been healed of long- term cancer after Dr. Sha “downloaded” a new organ into her, so my mind was at least open to this possibility.

What’s remarkable is that I’ve started to experience this phenomenon with some of my own clients. I’ll tell you about one striking example.

Diane is a dynamic teacher of energy medicine modalities who has co-taught several seminars with me. She leads a very busy, dedicated life in which she is on the road more often then she is at home. Last year, her back went out and she ended up almost immobilized on the floor of her home. She described her healing experience like this:

I’m a traveling teacher of healthcare practitioners and I’m in my fifties. Last fall I had returned from an extensive teaching tour around the USA, and was unwinding at home. I contacted a friend who did an energy healing over the phone. This healer helped me clear some heavyduty emotions that had felt trapped in my body since I was young. … About 10 minutes after I received this healing, I bent down to pick up a simple object and I felt something go out in my back. That was strange because I hadn’t had a bit of trouble there before. The pain and stiffness rapidly worsened. I started running microcurrent therapy nonstop and tried to do some of the stretches I know, but I was getting more and more immobilized by the back pain.
After over two days of mainly lying on the floor and not being able to do much at all, my colleague Darren called me. He took me through a Quantum healing sessions. We went through a guided visualization in which I ran white light from my head through my spine. He talked about replacing the damaged disks in my low back with new ones from my spiritual source. Whatever he did took just a few minutes. I could feel everything re-organizing in my body – that’s how it felt. I saw how everything was connected back to the trauma I had been through when I was twelve. That story got moved out and in some unexplainable way my damaged spine was replaced. My back very rapidly got stable and my pain went away. Quite remarkable!

You might justifiably ask “How did you know how to do that?” The honest answer is “I can’t tell you because I don’t know.” While experienced healers draw on a toolkit of favorite techniques and dialogue skills, one of our most needed qualities is open-mindedness and trust. On that phone call, I put my analytical mind aside long enough to support Diane’s disk in being renewed. I believe that it was the master healer inside of her that really did this, and my presence acted as a supportive catalyst. Because I believed it was possible, she was able to go beyond her own disbelief.

According to both quantum science and spiritual revelation, the Quantum field is a resource of unlimited possibilities. You or I can serve as a Quantum healer as we learn to stay attuned to our Avatar transmission, developing trust in our ability to help facilitate breakthrough healing transformations.

Tom M., who attended a recent retreat, described his personal experience as well as his perception of the Quantum field:

I have been on a spiritual healing journey for 10 years. And it has slowly evolved and grown over those 10 years. Before I was exposed to quantum healing I was feeling stuck in my process. I was feeling like I plateaued, and the synchronicities and the magic in the world seemed to get stuck and stop. There were also specific areas of physical pain that led me down that path, as well as emotional pain, depression and anxiety. I felt stuck in knowing what direction to go.
Once I experienced quantum healing things didn't magically change. Yet relief from a lot of my physical pain has happened. And I've had such an improvement in depression and anxiety as well. I'm finding that the more time I spend utilizing this quantum field to heal them, the more things lift, and the more synchronicities are stirring up again in my life. Things have really started moving, and it's like the vortex is spinning really hard around me again. I feel like I took a quantum leap into my journey of not only healing my wounds and discovering my true self, but also on this path of discovering what my Dharma is. Yes, new clarity on my career path and inspirations of all kinds have come since entering into this quantum healing energy. That's been what's been most profound.
From my experience, the quantum field is an undercurrent of energy that exists all around us in the world. It’s where everything comes from before it materializes here. That's where all the possibilities come from to recreate your physical reality. And there is a sort of a sixth or maybe even seventh sense within us beyond our five normal senses. We have this other sense in us that lights up when you feel into that energy. It starts with just being aware that it's there. Once you close your eyes and start becoming aware of this energy that surrounds you, the more you become aware of it as the energy of creation, the more you can feel it and the more of this sixth and seventh sense that you have within you opens up.
Yeah, I really have felt a quantum leap from our experience, and things in my life have really opened up.

So-called healing miracles start where the mind stops. According to the universal law of cause and effect, there is a cause for every effect. Those effects that we call “chance,” “random” or “miraculous” simply spring from causes we don’t yet see or understand.

Our modern sciences cannot fully explain the results reported by the clients quoted above. Yet there is progress in that direction. Studies in the fields of epigenetics and psycho-neuroimmunology6 have demonstrated direct linkage between our diseases and our consciousness. Quantum physics experiments have also confirmed the primacy of the mind in creating our reality. By training your mind to maintain conscious connection with the Quantum field, you are able to tap into an unlimited power of creation and healing for yourself or others.

By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D. All Rights Reserved 2022