Is Quantum Healing and Coaching Right for You?

You’ve come a long way in developing your abilities and your character. In other words, you’ve done a lot of inner work. There are new goals and visions calling to you, yet fulfilling them has often been elusive or even frustrating. You’re ready for a Quantum Leap past old fears and resistance. You’d love to discover the master keys to fulfilling your higher purpose and the joy of bringing out your superpowers in service to others.

Is this you? If so now could be a great time to engage in Quantum Healing and Coaching.

Quantum Healing and Coaching

Quantum Healing and Coaching is a personalized program that takes you through a profound process of self-healing and self-discovery. It opens the way for you, or your group to be effective and successful at whatever you are led to create.

The first objective is to guide you through a process of clearing burdensome old conditioning. Some of this “residoo-doo” has been with you throughout your life or beyond. The methods of Quantum Catalyst Healing are powerful for identifying and releasing the often hidden roots of limiting mindsets and behaviors. As you clear this old stuff you are better able to enjoy self-realization and unfoldment of your higher purpose. 

It’s about true spiritual awakening, in which you lighten up and discover the secrets of expressing your Divine self in your everyday life and relationships.

Darren Starwynn O.M.D

Hi, I’m Darren Starwynn, and I’d like to tell you why I am qualified to support and guide you in these ways. On my bio page you can read about all that I’ve studied, researched and accomplished. What I’d also like to share with you is that I’ve been there. I well know the struggle of having great potential from a young age, yet feeling the pain of failing to actualize it, over and over. I know what it’s like to feel alienated, a stranger in a strange land and carrying bewildering burdens in my gut from my past. It was all this that drove me into a lifelong search for truth and deep healing starting in my teenage years.

I have made friends with humiliation more times than I can count, and now bless each of these experiences.  Why? Because those experiences helped me cultivate humility, humor and deep empathy for others. It grounds me in being able to express Divine Love and Divine Power in simple, genuine ways. The fruits can be seen in the many testimonials from my clients you can see on this site.

Quantum Healing and Coaching can be done in person or over Zoom conference. You can receive sessions individually or through small groups. 

What is included?

At the beginning of our work together I’ll help you clarify the outcomes you want for yourself or your business. We’ll craft a plan for helping you actualize those outcomes. Then we’ll determine which blend of healing and coaching is right for you. Many clients start with a focus on self-healing and spiritual development, and then move into receiving coaching for upping their business success.

Each session includes some combination of these elements:

  1. 1
    Energy clearing and grounding: Rapid release of core conditioning that's been getting in the way and creating unnecessary stress.
  2. 2
    Quantum Coaching: Working with you on clarifying your goals and helping actualize them. This process helps you decode hidden aspects of your subconscious programming that have been driving or controlling you. It can also include working together to formulate specific action items you need to take.
  3. 3
    Testing and balancing of your chakra system: Open up the flow of vibrant life force within these deep centers of life and consciousness within you. Everything about you is rooted in your chakras.
  4. 4
    Alignment of your Assemblage Point: If you require this energy alignment you’ll notice a significant positive shift right away after receiving it.
  5. 5
    Multi-Dimensional Clearing: An extraordinarily powerful system of inner detective work - identifying hidden root causes of your stress, pain or limitations and working with Divine Grace to rapidly clear them.

Complimentary Discovery Call

If this resonates with you I invite you to have a complimentary Discovery Call with me. On that call we’ll meet, I’ll do a lot of listening, and we’ll talk about your goals and visions. I’ll share a mini-reading, and activation if appropriate with you on the call.