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Welcome to my scheduling page for Quantum Healing sessions. My service is to help you free yourself from persistent energy blockages and limiting conditioning that have been holding you back from joyful self-expression and well-being. Energy blockages and conditioning could manifest as chronic pain, depression, anxiety or failure to thrive in your work, business or relationships. I work with many holistic practitioners, medical professionals and healers, supporting them in clearing their energy fields so they can fulfill their greater potential as Lightworkers and changemakers.

Quantum Healing is very effective through remote Zoom sessions. Learn more about my services here.

New clients start with an in-depth Discovery Session. During this 90 minute session we will discuss your needs and health history and you will receive a thorough energetic evaluation. We will go through a process to understand the root causes of your issues, and you will then receive your first Quantum healing as part of your Discovery Session. In-person clients will also have their Assemblage Point evaluated and aligned if necessary.

Message me if you have any questions or special requests by filling out this form. Darren

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    Most new clients experience positive shifts during their initial Discovery Session. During your Discovery Session, you can talk to Darren about your wellness goals. Based on the evaluation results he will help you create an effective plan for freeing yourself from trauma, pain and chronic stress, and realizing your potential for a joyful, fulfilled life.


    All sessions are by appointment. Use the links above to open the calendar to select an available time.

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