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Darren Starwynn Testimonials

Peggy O’Neill | Speaker and Coach

Rachel Gila | Nurse, Qi Gong Teacher

Rafa Rice | International Financial Trader

Darren Starwynn testimonials


The online Mastercourse program culminating in the live retreat was profoundly healing, transformational, inspiring, evolutionary and motivational. It truly was all remarkable – your presentation, the incredible individuals and group. The creation of this group Quantum Field, the exercises, the material, the invocation of the Divine and all our Avatar selves.

Santon de la Vie , Spiritual Teacher and Mentor


Darren is an excellent facilitator who explained material clearly and held a safe container for all. I would highly recommend working with Darren in a group setting since that is where the magic happens!..I felt seen and witnessed with love and found enjoyment and playfulness in participating. I felt like I was with a very loving and accepting family.

Lauren Sugarman, Licensed Acupuncturist


Darren is a master at his craft. His passion exudes from his words and the Quantum practices he gets us into doing. I highly recommend Darren’s class, especially if you are a practitioner. The class is designed to empower yourself in taking care, cultivating and radiating your divine energy and authentic self. It will enhance whatever is needed in your work, life and spiritual journey.

Katy BarryLicensed Acupuncturist


Dr. Darren Starwynn has a wonderful ability to create a loving, joyful space to enhance personal growth. His acknowledgment of each individual’s sovereignty is inspiring and well received by all. From my perspective everyone grew by leaps and bounds in consciousness and walked away with a new realization of who they truly are.

Judith Hazelett, B.S., Nutritional Coach

Darren has a unique gift that sets him apart from other teachers: he is a conduit of light and a catalyst for Lightworkers and healers to step into their full potential. I am forever grateful to know him, his courses and his retreats. I highly recommend his offerings. This is an opportunity for expansion that you can’t miss.

Stephanie Nelson

CMT, yoga instructor


The awareness and practices I’ve taken from this course have done more to change my world than anything else I could have done…Wow! the DNA upgrade; the transmissions; upgrading energy circuits, getting to meet all these people and feel so connected to them. It was an amazing experience!! I definitely feel like my voice, confidence and willingness have been amplified.

Eileen Durham, Acupuncturist

Based on client progress, my work has become more effective.

Conde Freeman



I have been feeling wonderful since the healing you did for me that day; such a wonderful release of past hurts. I can’t thank you enough. I have experienced some awesome meditations, energy upgrades and beautiful healing blessings on myself and others since last weekend…You are most certainly doing God’s work

Linda Y, Energy Healer

I feel like my meditation has gone to a higher, more profound level and am hitting new stages of continued enlightenment.

Chris Frederick

P.T., master trainer


I am so grateful for the tools and practices Darren has imparted to me to help me step into my divine presence. I had been struggling to raise my vibrations and this program supercharged my abilities to live my higher purpose.

Mo P, Energy Healer


I feel truly blessed and grateful to have found Darren! After being in Darren’s Lightworker groups and receiving multidimensional clearings, I feel as though I am finally discovering my soul’s true purpose. He is also a gifted instructor who is very generous and offers many tips, tools and guidance on how to get clear to heal yourself and others. He is an excellent communicator and explains spiritual and esoteric concepts in a way that can transform your life. If you are ready to go deep, Darren is your man!

Jillsuzanne C, Esthetician, Healer


I booked a session with Darren because I could not make any progress in a big project I was working on. Nothing I tried worked. I was depressed, emotionally shut down, and frustrated. Within a matter of 15 minutes of working with Darren, my heart and crown chakra opened up and I felt a flood of expansive, invigorating, and clear energy all around me, infusing my being…My hope returned and I am now making progress on the project and bringing it to completion…I have worked with other energy healers before but I have to say that the results of Darren’s work with me far, far exceeded anything I have ever experienced with any other energy therapist.

Russell Scott Kitchener, Author of Awaken The Guru In You.

Lisa N


The space that was created in love not only benefitted the group but me personally and the world… it allowed me to elevate my consciousness and step more fully into my Goddess and Higher Self aspects. It was wonderful!

Kevin A


I attended the Mastercourse Retreat on Zoom. I felt I was a part of the group and included in participating, even though I was physically 2000 miles away. After the Retreat, I strongly feel that my Avatar is more awakened and closer than before. It’s much easier now to join with my future Avatar Self, and that Self is very near.

Meridith S

healer, caregiver

The greatest benefit for me has been grounding my energy, tapping into my higher self, and remembering that I am guided by my avatar or goddess energy. I have let go of many lower vibrations and am standing firmer in my spiritual beliefs and practices. Darren you are a gem of a person who gives all of yourself and lends an atmosphere where it is safe to be our true selves as well.

Bonnie M


I have felt so much more myself since our session….definitely better than I have felt in quite awhile! I have had two very satisfying days at work – the breakthroughs I received with you got passed on to so many of my patients!

Raul G

Tech Developer

A lot of the negativity and depression started fading away and changes in my personal and professional life started to happen.



WOW, I am absolutely blown away. I haven’t felt this good in at least a few months!! I feel so much stronger. After what I experienced yesterday and how I’m feeling today I want you to know I am eternally grateful. You opened a door for me that has been closed way too long!



What an amazing experience today to have met you and then see Elke be able to move her whole leg over and over again. She hasn’t done this is four weeks. This is really miraculous! My friends were speechless. It was the best day ever!



I experienced feelings of deep connection to my spiritual source, and waves of energy moving through my body. It was super relaxing and it felt like all kinds of deep discomforts and anxiety melted out of my body. I came with some nagging back pain and it was gone after the first session. I have been a regular meditator for years, and I do healing work myself, but this felt like a whole new level of connection that I loved.

Ming-Sung A


I am very happy to have met Darren. He led me to another spiritual space and healing energy spectrum huge and limitless. I just opened a new window in my healing field and I am very excited about newer, broader and deeper (spiritual, physical, emotional energy fields) journey in my future life. Thank you very much!

Sharon N


Imagine my immeasurable good fortune to have you appear in my life, to find you, just the right person who can guide and navigate me in and through my request to wake up. I can’t remember feeling this much relaxation and ease in my body. And no more headaches!