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Before I started working with Darren I had a busy practice but now I am flooded with clients. I have a list of people waiting to see me.

Andrya Lopez, Holistic Therapist, CA
The breakthroughs I received with you got passed on to so many of my patients!
Bonnie McLean, Acupuncturist
My personal growth was exponential! I’ll be transforming my work. I’m really excited about using Quantum Healing, and this is the mastery I have been looking for.
Caryn Carroll, Acupuncturist
With guidance from Darren I have been able to grow my physical Acupuncture practice, and also open other doors I did not know were available to me such as remote healing… which I now incorporate daily into my routine. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
Mylinh Tran, Acupuncturist
I enthusiastically recommend Bridge to Mastery if you are in the healing professions looking for personal and spiritual growth in discovering who you truly are. As well, there is excellent support on how to better market and manage your business. Five stars plus!
Sharon Neilon, Hypnotherapist, spiritual counselor
Thank you so much, Darren. I think that might have been my most cathartic and empowering hour of this entire year. And certainly the most useful healing session I’ve ever had. Thanks for all that you do!
Ashley M, healer and coach

I feel like my meditation has gone to a higher, more profound level and am hitting new stages of continued enlightenment.

Chris Frederick, Co-owner and master trainer, Stretch to Win Institute
You have really gathered an impressive group of students… My work has become more effective. I’m also pacing myself in a different, more relaxed way, keeping myself in ‘the zone’ in a more connected way.
Conde Freeman, Acupuncturist
The Bridge to Mastery program provided me with concrete experience of how to increase my healing abilities through a deeper understanding of the quantum field and what a valuable part it plays.
Judith Hazelett, nutritionist, healer
The insights and practices I’ve taken from this course have done more to change my world than anything else I could have done… I definitely feel like my voice, confidence and willingness have been amplified. It was an amazing experience!!
Eileen Durham, Acupuncturist
I was depressed, emotionally shut down, and frustrated. After working with Darren my hope returned and I am now bringing the project into completion I had been struggling with… the results of Darren’s work with me far, far exceeded anything I have ever experienced with any other energy therapist.
Russell Scott, writer, healer and spiritual coach

Shannon Morse: Learning about Quantum Healing was a pretty miraculous discovery

Kaisa Lopes: A whole new level of intuition working with my patients

Melanie: Since I’ve been awakened I’ve felt so much more at ease