Choose Love

By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Quantum Catalyst September 12, 2022 The title of this writing may sound simple, or maybe even trite. Yet there is such a profound truth behind those two words that is well worth taking the time to see it with new eyes. The words Choose Love are kind of like the tip [...]

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Three Ways Trauma Hijacks Intimacy

In this article, you will learn three ways that the brains of people who have been through trauma can hijack their ability to enjoy intimate relationships.  I will also discuss new, exciting healing methods that can help free people from these painful patterns. Being in love is one the most beautiful and enjoyable experiences.  Most [...]

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From Autonomy to Intimacy

Autonomy is keeping your emotional boundaries up and being independent. Intimacy is letting your boundaries down so you can be vulnerable with another person. I’d say it is a safe bet to say that relationships are something we put a great deal of our time, energy and money toward.  We invest all that into some [...]

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