July 27, 2022

By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Quantum Catalyst

My good buddy Dan has led a discussion and meditation group here in Northern California for over 9 years. It was originally called the “5D Group” in reference to the theme of fifth dimensional, or higher consciousness that the group members were dedicated to.

This group was like one big, connected family until a few years ago, during the Trump Presidency. Within a short period of time many of the 5D Group members became devoted supporters of Trump, and started bringing many of his messages and views into the group. These messages were strongly “anti”: anti-the “Deep State”, anti-anything of the Democratic party (especially its support for vaccine mandates), anti-mainstream media, anti-scientific consensus about key environmental issues and much more. The reactions of other members of the 5D group ranged from disinterested in these views to feeling appalled by them.

Now, in fairness to those group members who adopted these views, I recognize that if they were writing this article they would likely frame it in different ways than I am doing!

Dan and others in the group tried valiantly to help bridge the widening gap between group members, appealing to the common unity of everyone’s devotion to a higher, unpolarized spiritual truth. In spite of these efforts the 5D group basically splintered into two factions, with a fair amount of seeming mistrust and discomfort with those on the “other” side.

Now think about this for a moment. 5D is all about a level of consciousness based in One-ness and freedom from duality. Isn’t it ironic that an alleged 5D group could polarize like that?

My former wife started her career as an art therapist in Scottsdale, Arizona, and joined the local Art Therapy Association which consisted of 5 – 6 professional women. Guess what?  Even that tiny group developed such differences in belief and approach that it broke into two competitive factions who could not meet with each other anymore.

These are not anomalies or isolated experiences. This is a trend happening all over the USA and the world. School board meetings have often morphed from routine discussions of school budgets and policies into heated shouting matches about banning books or discussions of racial or gender issues. The U.S. Supreme Court is reflecting this tendency toward extreme polarization, creating both open and “shadow docket” rulings bitterly dividing Americans even much more than we already had been. And so many more happenings like that.

In order to understand why there is such a strong trend toward polarization, we need to broaden our view.

Our planet Earth is now moving through a process of rapid ascension of consciousness. Consciousness is what creates and animates the universe. It is an attribute of what can be called God or Source. All of us are God-consciousness at our spiritual core, yet this pure essence is usually clouded over with bewildering layers of negative, limiting beliefs and programming, AKA conditioning. Therefore a “high” level of consciousness is being more clearly in touch with and identified with the core God consciousness you truly are. “Low” consciousness is being more focused on and identified with clouds of conditioning obscuring your true consciousness. To lighten this discussion up a bit, let’s call that conditioning the “residoo-doo” of your past.

The human race has fallen way down into ego-based identification with all that residoo-doo. So yes, as a race we’ve pretty much dumbed ourselves down. Yet this is part of vast cycles of consciousness shifts. The great news is that we’ve already turned the corner and are ascending into our higher light at this time.

Part of that dumbing down process has resulted in most people primarily identifying themselves with the third dimension (3D), focusing on material stuff and our rational minds and their emotions as their primary reality. The sweet spot, and what will save humanity, is raising our consciousness to the level of 5D, or the fifth dimension. 5D is real happiness. It’s that feeling of being in harmony, being lovingly connected with all life, and feeling, well, lighter on many levels. If more of the human race, and especially our leaders, were more attuned to 5D we would be able to work out our differences and solve our pressing issues before it’s too late.

What is in-between the pure love of 5D and the sleepwalking state of being identified with 3D (materialism), is the fourth dimension (4D). 4D can be an inspiring, fascinating zone of awareness. Compared to 3D, it is definitely a higher level of consciousness, and is what most spiritual seekers are initially attracted to.

4D experiences include tapping into higher intuition and encounters with nature spirits, out of body experiences, astral traveling, aliens, angels, power animals, depth psychology into the sub-conscious mind and most “channeling” of allegedly higher beings. This is all cool and groovy, but there is one main rub. That’s that 4D is a highly polarized realm. It is NOT primarily a place of One-ness and pure love like 5D, although some of those experiences do filter through.

4D is opening people’s minds to broader horizons of possibilities. Just look at all the movies and TV shows capitalizing on the massive interest in psychic phenomena, sci-fi and epic struggles between the forces of light and dark. 4D also serves us by bringing all our unresolved stuff, the dirty laundry of our subconscious minds, up to the surface for resolution. Part of this process involves increased awareness of a sense of polarization from each other. This trend is a temporary exaggeration of our differences so people can learn to choose. That’s a big part of empowerment and claiming sovereignty – getting off the fence and clearly choosing what you want and what you stand for.

So, from this perspective even I can admit that the Trumps of the world are serving an important purpose. They are pouring gasoline onto the fire of our unresolved differences and tendencies toward polarization, blowing it all up in our faces. This makes the choices each of us are facing more clear. It is through making clear choices that we claim our true power.

In my view, people clamoring for right wing or left wing, liberal or conservative or any of the other polarized opposites are still people. We have hearts and souls and I believe the majority of people in both camps value love, decency (at least to people in their own tribe) and wanting to share their gifts with others. Each person holds pieces of the solution that others are partially or totally blinded to.

What is most needed is a massive movement of going WITH the inevitable ascension of consciousness. This is a rapidly growing movement that inspires people of all views to open their hearts to the common unity we share, and give more of themselves than their ego selves want to hold onto.

Nice talk, you may say, but HOW is that going to happen before we walk off the cliff of destruction of our environment, our economies and our ability to get along with each other?

It’s going to happen through the unlimited power of people acting as quantum catalysts. Yes, I will explain those terms.

Quantum: A level of reality, called “spooky” by Albert Einstein, in which sub-atomic particles can be in more than one place at the same time, and can instantaneously shift into higher energy levels. This is called a “Quantum Leap” by physicists. Human beings and our Earth are ultimately composed of sub-atomic particles that respond instantaneously to Mind, or consciousness.

What this implies is that massive “tipping points” can and do occur, in which large parts of society suddenly change direction. These tipping points are often triggered by what appear to be small, insignificant happenings. See Malcolm Gladwell’s book The Tipping Point for great illustrations of this.

Catalyst: An agent or person that sparks transformation in another person or substance, just by their presence.

Put these two proven truths together, and you have the recipe for saving and transforming humanity. Needed now – people willing to step up to act as quantum catalysts. That can be you, just by truly being yourself. The ultimate way to be yourself is to go through the process of transforming your mind and body to living more as an Avatar. No, that’s not sci-fi or pie in the sky, it’s the next step in your conscious evolution. Your choice is whether to jump on board now, or procrastinate and try to put it off into the indefinite future. That’s the choice facing all of humanity at this time. Your worst enemy is not other people, it’s your own procrastination in following your soul’s call.

You can discover a great deal more about being an Avatar and quantum catalyst in my book Awakening the Avatar Within. I’ll also post another blog soon with more juicy details.


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