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What This Election is REALLY About – Some things well worth considering

Most Americans agree on one thing – that the stakes are extremely high for the outcome of the U.S. elections coming up on November 4.   I’m reading many articles about the probability of widespread violence around the election.  This is unprecedented in the 250 year history of this country. As I wrote in my last [...]

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Pro Trump, Anti Trump & the Four Blind Men: Discerning Truth in the Midst of Polarization

by Darren Starwynn  August 18, 2020 I know lots of people in the San Francisco area spiritual communities who have been dedicated to various forms of spirituality, self-realization, fifth dimensional consciousness and ways to heal our planet.  Recently I’ve been fascinated by the increasing divide and polarization in these communities.  Many of them have become [...]

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Happy Inter-Dependance Day – What Are You Claiming Your Independance from?

by Darren Starwynn  July 4, 2020 Happy Independance Day in this unique and unprecedented year.  In this year we can realize the truth that we are moving into Inter-Dependance in order to heal our planet and humanity. The people who wrote the Declaration of Independance and were willing to fight a war for independance from [...]

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Why We Will Never Go Back to “Normal”: The Opportunity Before Each of Us Now

By Darren Starwynn So many people are wondering when the enforced social distancing and economic shutdown will be over so they can go back to the normality of their lives.  The media is full of controversy and speculation about when this can happen without triggering a huge spike of additional sickness and deaths.  Yes, there [...]

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