by Darren Starwynn  July 4, 2020

Happy Independance Day in this unique and unprecedented year.  In this year we can realize the truth that we are moving into Inter-Dependance in order to heal our planet and humanity.

The people who wrote the Declaration of Independance and were willing to fight a war for independance from the most powerful country on Earth at that time, England, were activists.  Some of them knocked down a huge statue of King George, a symbol of oppression in Boston and melted it down to make bullets for their fight.  Sounds similar to things going on in the USA now.  There are new ways of being activists that we need to discover now.

A classic definition of complacency would be to think of those activists back in the 1700’s as historical figures who already did all the messy, scary work, and then excuse ourselves from needing to continue to work for freedom and justice.

I grew up in a Jewish tradition, and we celebrated Passover each year.  In that ceremonial dinner we youngsters were taught to not take for granted our freedom that our ancestors claimed by courageously fleeing from slavery in Egypt into the desert with no certainty of survival.  That is a powerful message, and one that we need to take to heart.

Each one of us who values freedom, justice, equality and evolution of consciousness needs to be an activist now and ditch the illusion of complacency.  It is valuable to ask yourself “What am I claiming independance from?” and “how will I contribute to the cause of freedom, democracy and inter-dependance now?”

I’ll answer that for me.  I am claiming independance from fear – fear about my life, fear about what is happening in the world and fear that we may leave an unlivable world to our children and grandchildren.   I do that not just by changing my mental attitudes, but by also embracing the truth of who I really am.  I am a spiritual being having this material experience, and as such I have the ability to tap into limitless love and creative resources.  By knowing and embodying who I really am my ability to truly make a difference for others is expanded.   And the price I need to pay is to remove my obsessive focus on my small, egocentric self and bring the thought patterns it is based on into the fire of love and presence.   The message I get these days is know and experience your true Self – and then from that awareness radiate your light and take action to help others.  Taking action to help others is always good, yet when it comes from a place of fear, anger or polarization it is less impactful in the short and long run.  When it comes from the consciousness of oneness and love it is much more powerful because then it is based on truth.

The Black Lives Matters is the largest movement in our nation’s history, and is raising our collective consciousness about our dark history of building a nation on slavery and the subjugation and genocide of the indigenous peoples of North America. I am so happy about Black Lives Matter and other movements that are bringing the collective wounds of our nations into the light of public awareness – and demanding meaningful change.  These are certainly part of the Ascension of consciousness that is already in full swing on our planet.

There are many ways to support this Ascension.  The most important one is face our own inner shadow and have the courage to bring it into the light so we can embody more of the spiritual being we really are.  That enables us to be transmitters of higher Light.  Contributing to movements we believe in is necessary for success.  Joining with others who are committed to the healing of individuals, groups, communities and humanity is golden and creates a powerful positive force for good.  Awakening the small, still voice of your intuition is necessary so you can discern the truth for yourself in the midst of uncertainty about our information sources.  And know that it was not just our ancestors or people in history books who fought for freedom and the forward evolution of the human race – it is us.


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