By Darren Starwynn

So many people are wondering when the enforced social distancing and economic shutdown will be over so they can go back to the normality of their lives.  The media is full of controversy and speculation about when this can happen without triggering a huge spike of additional sickness and deaths.  Yes, there will be a time in the coming months when most of us can go back to work and have current restrictions eased.  But the human race will never go back to what we have known as normal, and if we tried to do so it would be a grave mistake.

This pandemic has forced a global stop and reset that I referred to in my last article.  A huge collective pause before a new phase of life.  What that new phase will be is not pre-destined – it is up to each one of us what it will look and feel like.  In this article I will describe how I see the choice each of us must make, a choice that not very many people are consciously grasping yet.

Because of our free will we are frequently (if not always) standing at what can be called forks in the road – decision points where we choose our direction and destiny.  Each fork in the road represents a different expression of energy.  In most cases one choice will take us into higher levels of energy vibration with the qualities of greater love, health and freedom.  The other fork often takes us into lower vibrational frequencies with less of those qualities.  Sometimes there is no higher or lower, just different expressions of energy.

A higher vibrational choice before us now is to align with the rapid elevation of consciousness happening on Earth, which is often called Ascension.  This is happening regardless of our beliefs and choices.  What we can choose is how much we open our minds and align our bodies with these ascending energies (or how much we resist and deny it).

All this so far is general and theoretical.  Let’s next look more specifically at this decision point we are at as individuals and as a society.

There have been periodic Ascensions of consciousness throughout history, going back to the Big Bang that birthed our Universe.  According to traditional Mayan science, which is in some ways more advanced than our modern astronomy and physics, we don’t evolve through gradual evolution as Darwin taught.  Mayan science showed that we actually evolve through periodic sudden quantum leaps onto whole new levels of consciousness and expression.  This time we are living in now is one of those times, as has been predicted through many sources.

Many visionary people have used the expression the “New Earth” to refer to a higher vibrational level of our planet that is already manifesting.  The New Earth is the reflection of the current quantum leap.  Because we human beings can experience our reality through multiple dimensions of consciousness it is possible for some people to be starting to experience the splendor of the New Earth while many others are still living in the old Earth, looking through the lens of fear and habitual ego-based beliefs.

Those of us who dedicate ourselves to cleansing our bodies with natural food and medicines, healing our minds through meditation and service to others and welcoming the elevating frequency levels are choosing to align ourselves with this quantum leap of consciousness.  Recently I have been often seeing the world through different eyes, and hearing about similar experiences from many others.

Although none of us can stop the Ascension of consciousness and the birthing of the New Earth we can collectively stay in a state of denial and dis-empowerment for a little while longer.  A “little while” for the Earth could be years to decades from our human perspective.  If most people on Earth take that fork in the road here are some ways I could see it playing out:

People all over the world have temporarily given up a great deal of their freedoms and ability to earn money to cooperate with governments desperately trying to stop the spread of the pandemic.  In the short term this is appropriate and seems to be working.  What concerns me is the likelihood that the conglomeration of big corporations and their lackeys in government will use fear of the virus to grab additional power for themselves and further erode our civil liberties.

This brings us to a big, controversial question – is there a “conspiracy” to take away our freedoms, sap our economy and amass the power to control the human race by an “elite” minority of wealthy and powerful people?  And if there is, could that elite be using the COVID-19 pandemic as an opening to fulfill this plan?  I realize that most people look upon “conspiracy theories” with disdain, refusing to consider them as possibly being real.  Other people I know delight in studying, researching and talking about these, often based on unsubstantiated blogs and websites that they choose to put their faith into.  I personally don’t choose either of these extremes.

To me it is clear that some level of harmful conspiracy has already been happening for a long time, in clear sight to anyone caring to look.  Big corporations have been buying the favors of our politicians for a long time and biasing our laws and policies toward their profits rather than the good of the people.  They have done this by preventing or delaying actions that would support human equality, prosperity of the middle class and protection of our environment.  The disastrous Citizens United Supreme Court decision of 2010 was a major step toward consolidating the power of the big corporations.  In 2019 they paid 3.5 billion dollars to high-power lobbyists who often have much more influence on American Senators and Representatives than their constituents.  We all know this is happening.

The only difference is that avowed conspiracy theorists see this obvious truth as a lot more deeply engrained and malevolent than most other people do.  But think about it rationally – if we can clearly see this conspiracy I mentioned above playing out in plain sight why would we not think that more of it could be happening behind closed doors?  The rot we see on the outside almost always goes deeper that what we can see on the outside.

One of the most powerful lobbies is that of the pharmaceutical industry.  These interests have already filled the media (which the big corporations largely own and control) with the recurring message that it is only Big Pharma that has the solution to the current pandemic.  They keep saying that we can only get back to our normal lives when a vaccine against COVID-19 is perfected and the human race is mass inoculated with it.

There may very well be an effective vaccine developed but it will only be part of the solution.  Health and resistance to viral infections comes through a healthy body with a strong immune system.  As the science of epigenetics has shown our health mostly has to do with our diet and lifestyle choices, including the cultivation of positive thoughts and feelings.  Consider how much power the conglomerate of Big Pharma and their elected officials could grab through this pandemic.  They could use it as a rationalization for continuing to limit people’s freedom to gather, travel, earn and transfer money and to choose the kind of healthcare they want.  They could create laws that force every person to have drugs injected into them or face restrictions or even prison time if they refuse.  And lots of people would willingly accept this, giving up their hard-won freedoms out of their fear of contagion.

So the other fork in the road if we do not choose to align our bodies and minds with the Ascension of consciousness could be an increasingly totalitarian world with escalating numbers of economic and climate catastrophes.  Again, this is not a wild-eyed conspiracy theory.  Before the pandemic started there was already a trend in countries all over the world to put right-wing strongmen into power, including here in the USA.  These leaders exploit people’s fears by stoking the fires of nationalism and polarization, playing upon fears of financial decline, mass immigration and loss of traditional identities.  These strongmen are perpetuating the failed patriarchal system that helped bring us into the multiple planetary crises we are now facing.  In this light George Orwell was amazingly prophetic when he wrote his book 1984 back in the 1940’s.  He saw a lot of this coming.

So now it is up to us.  On the inspiring, positive side each of us is much more powerful than we realize.  When any person elevates their consciousness into greater love, compassion, gratitude and wisdom it creates ripple effects that help to elevate all of humanity.  This is because we are like mushrooms – seemingly separate on the surface yet totally inter-connected underground.  There is great power in this statement attributed to Jesus: “When two or more are gathered in my name, there I AM with them”.  I don’t believe that the I AM Jesus was referring to was his human self – he was referring to the Divine presence that seeks to express through every human being.  What this amazing quote is really saying is that when people who are claiming the sovereignty of their true self gather together (and nowadays that can be over Skype or Zoom) the amplification of consciousness is increased exponentially.

I have been sponsoring free weekly Zoom Lightworker conferences for this purpose.  If you’d like to be on the notification list of these click here.

In his landmark book Power Vs Force David Hawkins makes the case that even one individual elevating his or her consciousness to a significantly higher level can counter-balance the negative influences of thousands to millions of other people who have been vibrating at lower levels of fear, denial and ignorance.  Wow!  That’s truly awesome!  Do you believe it, and if so are you willing to be one of those elevating people?

That is the true choice before us at this pivotal time.  Clearly and proactively choose our ascension and sovereignty OR participate in the likelihood of an increasingly totalitarian world full of escalating political, economic and environmental crises.  This is a truly RADICAL choice – meaning going to the root of who we are.  To summarize the opportunity in front of us:

  1.  There is a rapid Ascension of consciousness now happening on our Earth.  It is unstoppable, although we humans can choose to deny it and think and act in old, non-productive ways for a while longer
  2.  Just like a skier hooking onto a ski lift moving up the mountain each of us has the opportunity to experience the benefits of lightening up our bodies and minds, aligning ourselves with the Ascension of consciousness
  3.  We can get with the program of Ascension through a firm commitment to meditation, gratitude, body energy clearing, healthy lifestyle and being of loving service to others
  4.  The energies of Ascension make our meditative practices more fruitful then they would have been in the past, so even small efforts in this direction go a long way. Bigger commitments can literally transform our bodies and minds
  5.  Through the process of epigenetics elevating our consciousness will also  strengthen our immune system, making us less likely to get sick.
  6.  Ego-based clinging to old, fear-based ways and resisting the transformations of Ascension is endemic in our societies, and also a part of our individual programming. It requires a strong desire and commitment to break the control of these old patterns both individually and collectively
  7. The corrupt politicians, corporate leaders, political strongmen and the financiers backing them will likely try to grab as much power and wealth as they can through the current crises, as that is their nature.  Yet they can only grab power from dis-empowered people and societies.  To the extent that we claim our own individual and collective spiritual power these “conspirators” will not be able to succeed.  They will eventually either be thwarted, brought to justice or even hopefully have changes of heart and join the wave of Ascension!
  8.  As masses of individuals choose freedom, ascension and sovereignty it positively “metastasizes” and affects exponentially increasing numbers of people because we are all inter-connected

Cheetahs can run very fast, birds can fly, gorillas have great strength and humans can deny.  We seem to have unlimited abilities to deny what is right in front of us and within us.  Moving out of denial into loving and living our truth is a prime requirement for taking the high road at this time.  Your love and light makes much more of a difference than you know.  When we come together our power is truly limitless.

The next blog in this series will be about how to step into the new economy now of the New Earth that can support you in living in abundance even in the midst of all the seeming losses of the current situation.

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