Are You Bugged by the Polarization of Our Society? Read This.

Needed now – people willing to step up to act as quantum catalysts. That can be you, just by truly being yourself. The ultimate way to be yourself is to go through the process of transforming your mind and body to living more as an Avatar. No, that’s not sci-fi or pie in the sky, it’s the next step in your conscious evolution.

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Pro Trump, Anti Trump & the Four Blind Men: Discerning Truth in the Midst of Polarization

by Darren Starwynn  August 18, 2020 I know lots of people in the San Francisco area spiritual communities who have been dedicated to various forms of spirituality, self-realization, fifth dimensional consciousness and ways to heal our planet.  Recently I’ve been fascinated by the increasing divide and polarization in these communities.  Many of them have become [...]

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What is 5D Healing?

5D Healing is amazing and revolutionary. It is unlike all medical and holistic healing systems. But how to describe it? Fifth dimensional (5D) reconnection is not truly healing in the literal sense of the word.  5D sessions are not about fixing or clearing anything.  It is a process for physically reconnecting your body to your [...]

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