by Darren Starwynn  August 18, 2020

I know lots of people in the San Francisco area spiritual communities who have been dedicated to various forms of spirituality, self-realization, fifth dimensional consciousness and ways to heal our planet.  Recently I’ve been fascinated by the increasing divide and polarization in these communities.  Many of them have become avid supporters of the agendas of Trump and QAnon* (if you don’t know what QAnon is google the term).  Plenty of others I know detest those agendas.  I believe it is very important for all of us to look into the deeper, often hidden causes of this deepening divide.  I am writing this post to create a dialogue for looking at why this may be happening and what could be a real solution.

There is a path of wisdom, of higher light that is available to us now that puts everything into its proper perspective.  I am going to share some perspectives in this article that could be triggering, confronting or hard to believe, so only read it if you are a seeker of truth willing to consider new viewpoints.  That is a vital part of the process of critical thinking.  A definition of critical thinking is:

“disciplined thinking that is clear, rational, open-minded, and informed by evidence”

It is commonly accepted that a process of critical thinking is required to discover is true, especially when what is true initially appears to be unclear, hidden or shrouded in controversy.  I believe this process requires the investigation of different viewpoints and perspectives before arriving at conclusions about what is true.  My father Abe exemplified that, a devoted political liberal who spent a lot of time listening to right-wing talk shows on the radio just so he could hear all sides.

For those who are now looking at what’s happening with the human race and think you already know what the truth is, I encourage you to read this blog post in the spirit of critical thinking, and then share your reactions and comments!

Very few of us ever believed things would come to this point in our lifetimes.  A global pandemic that has shut down huge sectors of the US and world economy while one of the most unpredictable Presidential elections in modern history is only a few months away.  Such intense polarization exists in the belief systems of Americans that extreme scenarios ranging from contested election results to some form of civil war could seem plausible.  The divide between the dedicated supporters of Trump who see him as a kind of savior and those who see him as the worst thing to ever happen to our country is so profound that any form of meaningful communication is very difficult.  This is not just disagreeing about issues and policies, it is more about living in alternative universes, each with its own set of facts and truths that wildly diverge from the other.

A few weeks ago I made the long drive up to Mount Shasta, California to visit a friend I had not spent time with for 44 years.  Back in 1976 we were living in a spiritual community in San Antonio, Texas, and this man’s input had a big effect on opening my mind to a bigger spiritual awareness.  So I was happy when he and his wife invited me up for the weekend to re-connect.  I knew that their belief systems tend to be aligned with QAnon and the agendas of Trump and therefore quite different from my own.  Yet I saw this meeting as an exciting adventure in communication.  My friends and I did have a great time hiking to the vortex spots, meditating and enjoying meals and music.  At times I did a lot of listening to their perspectives and shared some of my own.  Although some of these communications got kind of heated I feel that we did a reasonably good job respecting and listening to each other.  On the long drive home I listened to a 2.5 hour YouTube video they gave me laying out more of the beliefs of QAnon supporters, just so I could really make an effort to understand.  In the spirit of my dad I have read or listened to some more QAnon presentations since then.  A lot of what I heard was disturbing, and yet listening felt like a vital thing to do so I would not be one more person caught up in polarity and judgment.

Now I understand why my friends are so intent in their support of Trump.  They believe that there is a massive international Satanic cult that abducts and tortures children so their bodies produce a stress substance called adrenochrome which provides powerful rejuvenating for the perpetrators.  They believe that almost all world leaders, Hollywood actors, lots of business leaders and most of the Democratic party (which they call the Deep State) are part of this supremely evil cult, and because they control the “fake” mainstream medias their depredations are kept hidden from us.  And they believe that Donald Trump, as arrogant and unpleasant as he may come off, is the only major world leader who stands above this Satanic cult and is a kind of savior with the mission and power to take it down.  (Later in this post I will tell you who I believe is the REAL savior of the human race)  And it goes on from there but that is the essence of what I understand their beliefs and concerns to be.

Most of my friends and family on the other hand see things very differently.  Our values include acknowledging and taking concrete steps to end the blight of racism in our country and also taking the kind of urgent, uncomfortable steps that are needed to avert major climate catastrophe.  Many of us also care about creating more income equality between the super-rich and those in poverty, stopping voter suppression and other agendas often labeled as “liberal”.  Of course there are all kinds of individual variations within the “liberal” beliefs, but at least it seems like we are inhabiting the same universe and can have meaningful discussions and debates with each other.

So how can so many intelligent, aware people who have so much in common on so many other levels have such extremely polarized opinions about how to save the human race?  I am going to propose some answers to that question here that I hope you find useful, thought provoking or at least entertaining.

What came to mind during my visit in Mount Shasta was the old Indian story called the Four Blind Men and the Elephant.  Even though you may have already heard this story I will briefly repeat it here because it is so relevant:

In the town square of an ancient village in India four blind men were hanging out together as they usually did on sunny afternoons.  An elephant driver arrived in the town square and parked his elephant in the midst of the four blind men.  Aroused by curiosity at hearing and smelling this huge creature they all stood up and started feeling the elephant with their hands.  One man felt the elephant’s tail, one felt the trunk, one felt one of the elephant’s legs and the last one felt its side.  There were lots of “Hmmm, very interesting, aha!” and sounds like that coming from the blind men as each came to his own conclusion about what an elephant is.

After the elephant left the town square the blind men started discussing their findings.  The man who had felt the tail said “That’s amazing, I never knew that an elephant is like a long rope!”.  Another man said had felt the elephant’s side said “No, no, you’re wrong, the elephant is like a huge, rough wall”.  The third blind man who had felt a leg said “You’re both deluded and wrong!  I know the truth about what an elephant is – it’s like a huge tree trunk!”.  The fourth blind man who had felt the trunk was getting really irritated and exclaimed “All of you guys are crazy!  I felt the elephant for myself and it’s really like a big thick, moving snake.”  The four blind men got very emotionally triggered by hearing these denials of the truths they were convinced were correct, so they got more and more agitated and argumentative.  Yet they could not come to any common ground.  A man with eyesight saw what was happening and came over to the blind men and said “Wait!  Calm down guys.  You don’t need to argue about what an elephant is.  You are all correct in what you perceived.  It’s just that none of you were able to see the whole elephant – you were each only experiencing a part of it.”

This story reflects what I feel is going on with the polarization of beliefs among many of the people I know.  They are hearing about things they recognize as truths, that they feel passionately about and resonate with deeply.  Yet these revelations of genuine truth tend to be cleverly mixed with a lot of unverifiable information that is highly accusatory and damning to huge numbers of people who hold different viewpoints, and that triggers greater polarization.

What I notice about those I know who follow Trump and QAnon is that seems to be quite a conformity of belief.  It’s like a package deal and reminds me of some forms of religious fundamentalism.  If you deeply care about protecting children from the depredations of pedophiles then you’re also going to tend to minimize the need to protect our environment and address racial injustice.  They also tend to deny that the COVID-19 pandemic is real and find wearing masks abhorrent.  When I was speaking with my friends during my trip I asked why all these beliefs have to be lumped together.  Why not work to protect children from exploitation and also protect our environment from corporate polluters?  If you believe vaccines are harmful (a view which I am open to) why does your activism on that need to make you deny the very real plight of people of color in our country?  I never got much of a satisfactory answer.

What is interesting is that I do actually believe in many of the same conspiracies and cover-ups that my Trump supporter friends are outraged about.  I have seen plenty of evidence that there is a widespread dark cult including many of the richest and most powerful people on our Earth, and that child exploitation is practiced by many of them.  This ugly stuff has been going on for a long, long time, including in Nazi Germany.  Sometimes called the Cabal or the Illuminati, this elite group has also been massively gaming our economy for a long time to sap the wealth of the many to enrich the few.  I also believe that there have been disinformation campaigns to hide many vital truths from us, including what really happened to the World Trade Center in New York in 2001.  I am very suspicious of the new vaccines being rushed into production now from companies who are totally exempt from liability caused by their products.  So I am quite sympathetic to many of these views of my friends who are speaking out about these things and taking action to fight against them.  I do admire their dedication and passion for taking action on what they believe in.

But I also feel that they are misguided about some of the conclusions they are believing in – that Trump is the savior to rescue us from these things, and that just about anyone of substance who does not follow Trump is either deluded or a part of the evil cult.  I see this as a faulty logic: if A = B, therefore B must = C.  That is not always true, but a part of the human psyche that finds comfort in seeing reality as black and white sometimes finds it convenient to believe it is.  I keep hearing these Trump supporters excoriating the Democratic Party for being so evil and corrupt.  I have no doubt that elements of the Democratic, Republican and probably ALL political institutions in the world are corrupted and mis-use their power and influence.  At this point in our evolution that’s where human nature is at.  But that does not mean that ALL Democrats or Republicans can be lumped together as evil.  That’s faulty logic, and the kind that creates unnecessary polarization.  We must question all of these conclusions and use the power of critical thinking and our higher consciousness to find the truth that resonates with our hearts and souls.  We must be courageous enough to step out of the false comfort of conforming to a set of shared beliefs that make us feel like we belong to something bigger than ourselves.

OK, that was the easier part of this article – now for the more radical part.

I have noticed that a big part of the agenda of both right and left, Trump supporters and Trump bashers is to be strongly to violently AGAINST massive numbers of those who hold different beliefs.  This is the polarizing force.  I believe that the strong fearful, angry and judgmental emotions stirred up by this polarizing force are actually amplifying the very problems the people feeling them say they want to solve.

I first learned about a hidden reason for this when I read the book Bringers of the Dawn by Barbara Marciniak back in the ‘90s.  This was claimed to be channeled information from the Pleiadians, an extra-terrestrial Light race that has already faced and passed through the perilous testing time the human race is now going through.  That book is full of profound revelations that touched thousands of people and myself. The part of the book that was the strongest for me was the piece about the dark alien overlords of the human race.  This story is very involved and I will not take time to recount it here, as this information is available elsewhere.  The main point is that these beings had some role in creating our genetics, and they have been mining the Earth and the human race to meet their needs, just like we do with domesticated farm animals.  This has been going on since before our recorded history.  Because these beings don’t have souls and emotional bodies like we do they crave those qualities and have been literally harvesting the energy of our feelings and spirituality from us.  They get the best and most fruitful “meals” when they can stir as much negative conflict as possible – ranging from personal feuds to world wars.  It seems likely that these dark aliens often promote their agendas by working in tandem with some of the human Cabal members through their political, economic and military power.

Through my own meditations I have also received information that the deep conflicts between the red and blue factions of our societies go way back.  It goes back to even before the creation of our Earth “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.  That’s one reason the Star Wars series of movies struck such a chord – because a part of us remembers those kinds of experiences.  In other words, these divisions are ancient and go very deep, and the challenge of healing them now is prodigious.

If you find this story about alien overlords too far-fetched to believe, I can express this same point in another, more scientific way you may relate to better.  Here are two terms from modern physics:

Fractal:  Anything that repeats on all scales of reality.  An example of this is a musical note that repeats in each higher or lower octave.  Or the spiral form, which is seen from molecules of DNA (the microcosm) to the shape of galaxies (the macrocosm).

Hologram:  Any system in which the information of the whole exists in every point within the system.  We’ve all seen holographic 3-D photos where you can see depth in the photo and sometimes around corners.  If you cut out any tiny bit of a holographic photo out with a razor knife and put the right kind of laser light on it you will be able to see the image of the entire photo in that fragment.  Quantum Physics has proven that our Universe (and any other universes that exist) are holographic – every point in the Universe connects with and contains every other point.  Acupuncture is also holographic in that “maps” of the entire human body exist in the ears, face, hands, feet and just about everywhere else, and can be stimulated for healing purposes.

Many enlightened spiritual masters have taught this same principle of holography by telling people to look within themselves for solving their pressing problems.  In other words, anything that we perceive, desire or are concerned about in the outside world exists within ourselves.  They have also taught that there is tremendous power in our thoughts, especially thoughts directed with emotional intensity.  Everybody from Jesus to Buddha to the Bhagavad Gita to the movie The Secret are saying the same thing – that we are constantly creating our reality through our thoughts. That which we focus on expands.

I noticed something about all my conversations with Trump / QAnon supporters over the last month.  That is that a big part of their agenda seems to involve demonizing and judging massive numbers of people whom they have never met because they believe them to be parts of the Deep State and/or the massive Satanic conspiracy.  As stated above they demonize the majority of the Democratic Party, Hollywood actors and producers, the majority of scientists (especially those sounding the alarm about climate change), Black Lives Matters organizers, world leaders, big Pharma companies and basically any other influential people who strongly criticize Trump and QAnon.  I will also include in this characterization many politically Liberal people I know who hate Trump and believe all the people following him to be deluded, unintelligent or white supremacists.

So what is the impact of all these people focusing so much of their emotional intensity on vilifying others they see as dark, evil or misguided?  I’ll repeat my earlier statement:  That which we focus on expands.

The Nazi propaganda minister Hermann Goering was famous for working with the principle of the Big Lie.  That is that people will tend to question corruption and untruths, yet when given a huge whopper of a lie they have much less resistance and tend to buy into it.  That is one reason why so many highly educated, accomplished and probably previously moral Germans came to support Hitler.  I feel that one Big Lie so many people are buying into now is that the polarizing beliefs and crusades they subscribe to are noble and good, and that judging and demonizing huge numbers of people is justified by those beliefs. I believe that dis-information campaigns from many directions have been manipulating us into this greater polarization.

We are all powerful Creator Beings, and are constantly creating and manifesting our reality through our thoughts and feelings.  Regardless of how correct or noble we may hold our belief systems to be this activity of projecting fearful, angry, distrustful and judgmental feelings toward others is broadcasting those energy frequencies into our shared space of consciousness.  This actually makes many of the problems we are concerned about worse, can weaken our immunity and vitality, and is harmful to the Earth and its natural ecological balance.

I do believe that as a human race we must actively come together to stop the dark Cabal and take our power back from the beings who have been feeding off us.  This will take massive numbers of good people rising up and working together in an unprecedented fashion. We must rebuild our societies on the basis of truth, justice and critical thinking.  If we stopped battling each other and used the best of our science, intelligence, spirituality and volunteerism we could solve all the pressing problems facing us before it’s too late.  We must be ready to graduate from the childhood of our race in which our unhealed and sometimes savage natures combine with our advanced technologies.  This dangerous combination has so often become used for destructive and manipulative purposes.  In my view healing all of this requires releasing our addiction to polarization and tribalism and embracing the Oneness we truly are.

This Oneness expressing through us is called by many names, one of which is Christ Consciousness. It sees the Divine in all life, even in those our lower nature may call our enemies.  What is the hardest for us to grasp is that we are the Christ, we are the Divine and we are much more powerful than we believe.  Many people claim that they are “woke” to a greater reality because the messages of QAnon and similar sources are empowering them to see the real rot behind the façades of our systems and institutions.  Uncovering and taking down this rot is necessary, but our bigger awakening starts when we accept that the real enemy is not “out there”, but also lives within the distortions and projections of our own minds.  This essential step of self-mastery is the hardest thing in the world to do because we are so programmed to project responsibility for our fear and pain onto others.  As long as we are crediting or blaming others for our experience we are greatly diluting our power that could actually help change the world for the better.

It is actually much easier to tap into Christ Consciousness at this time than in previous generations because the Earth and all life on it is going through a huge Ascension of consciousness and light.  Many people can’t believe that we are ascending in consciousness at a time when so many seemingly horrible things are going on.  Yet this higher Light is acting like a cosmic Roto-Rooter, flushing all manner of denied and unresolved energies up to the surface for acknowledgement and healing.  A very intensive process!   As long as we are caught up in polarized, us against them agendas we will not be able to fully embody this higher truth.  Truth will seem more like the wavy mirrors they used to have in amusement parks that distort your image in many bizarre ways – a kaleidoscopic hallucinatory hall of crazy mirrors.

Many years ago I found this quote in the book The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus the Christ – “Man is truth and falsehood strangely mixed”.  That quote is so right on for what we are all being presented with these days – QAnon and mainstream medias both included.

Many Christians have called Jesus the savior, and look forward to a second coming of the Christ to redeem the human race.  Here’s how I see it:  In the time we’re living in now the “savior” is not any one special man or woman.  The second coming of the Christ really happens as huge numbers of us come together as Divine embodied beings.  By doing and Being that we create such a powerful field of Light that the power of the dark forces of all kinds will be broken for good, just as shadows disappear immediately when a bright light is turned on.  Then efforts to clean up the corruption and rot in our societies can be effective because as a race we will have made the most vital inner shift onto solid ground.

You and I are living during this amazing time in which we all must make a deep choice and commitment.  If enough of us commit to Self-realization and working toward a healthy, just world based on Oneness we can co-create the best time yet on our planet.  If enough of us don’t choose that and keep choosing polarization we could become the experiment that had to be terminated

It is the Christ Consciousness (or whatever other name you want to call it) within you and me that can traverse this crazy, perilous, polarizing and wonderful time and come into the higher life of ascended consciousness.  It is that field of Oneness and neutrality out of which springs real love and compassion for ourselves and our fellows.  Nothing else will cut it.  There are tremendous powers and resources within Christ Consciousness that very few of us yet understand.  By turning away from fear and polarization and embodying more of our true Self we will access real power to help change the world, and change our minds that is truly beyond our wildest dreams.  It’s an awesome opportunity and responsibility and no one promised you a rose garden.

“You tell me it’s the institution, well you know, you better free your mind instead” – Revolution by John Lennon of the Beatles, 1968