One of the books I enjoyed the most back in my teenage years was called Been Down So Long It Seems Like Up To Me by Richard Farina.  I could really relate to that title, plus the book was funny and out of the box.

I guess that book and lots more was preparing me for a lifelong career in helping others heal from trauma and pain.  That sure turned out to be a growth industry!

“PTSD”, or Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, is now affecting millions of people in every walk of life, not just veterans returning from war.  An unprecedented overload of electronic stimulation, economic insecurity plus a planet full of seemingly unsolvable problems has made living in a state of chronic stress the new normal.

Those unpleasant influences combined with rapid new energy shifts on our planet are also bringing old stuff that had been buried in our subconscious minds up to the surface, and into our brains and nervous systems for re-processing.

All of these rapid energy shifts have been expanding our consciousness and activating our Heart centers.  Overall this is a beautiful thing, but there are some consequences of this rapid shifting that may actually add to your stress.

As you become more energetically sensitive you may also start feeling more of the pain and stress of countless other people on this planet that you are inter-connected with.  We do this through the collective ”pain bodies” that Ekhardt Tolle wrote in his books.  It was easier being unconscious and numb, eh?  Not really, but It is good to understand why many of us may have been feeling overwhelmed and crazed at times.

So it is now considered relatively “normal” to feel stressed out much of the time.  How we deal with that varies, and each of us has our “drug of choice” to try to keep discomfort at bay.

I am very happy to share with you a beautiful gift for personal transformation that makes our process of awakening and growth more inspiring and fun.  That is connecting with the part of you that is already pure and perfect, and has never been stressed or traumatized. Yes, you do have that part! And it is actually the “you” that is most real.

The difference between Fifth Dimensional (5D) healing and other medical or holistic healing systems is that 5D healing does not focus on pain and disease, or fixing problems. 5D healing brings infusions of Higher light to awaken the consciousness within the cells and organs of your body.  This is accelerates healing of all kinds.

Modern medicine acknowledges cases of ”spontaneous remission” of incurable cancers and other diseases.  They can’t explain why some Stage Four cancers just disappear without therapy, and other people recover from diseases and injuries that should have killed them.  In my view, these spontaneous remissions happen to people who have opened themselves to their Fifth Dimension self of unlimited possibilities.

When we uplift our consciousness to 5D the abundant love in our hearts becomes our primary experience.  What had seemed like big obstacles dissolve into the nothingness they truly are. As you awaken your body and mind old programs and cellular memory of trauma unwind and release.  Clients have told me that a few 5D sessions with me have released more deep pain and trauma than years of psycho-therapy or other methods.

How does this happen?

Think about a time you had a nightmare, and you wanted nothing more than to escape from the scary experience. As long as you stayed asleep, you felt scared and helpless. But the moment you woke up and found yourself in your own safe bed the nightmare was gone. You may have had some residual feelings for a few minutes, but most likely you felt great relief that the experience was not real and everything was really OK.

Right! That’s the way it is with 5D healing.  Experiences of anxiety, pain and trauma that may have dragged us down for years are found to be no more ”real” than those nightmares.

Receiving 5D healing makes this awakening much more readily available by reconnecting your personal meridians, chakras and auric field to the greater sphere of your being – your Divine or God self.  Not in theory – but an actual energetic re-weaving. As you feel connected on such a deep level there is a natural awakening from the dream of trauma and fear.

What I notice as I tune into my 5D self is more and more experience of my calm center.  This is the place within that is always at peace regardless of what is happening on the outside.  It is very much like the eye of a hurricane.  The eye is the central area of hurricanes that stays calm and serene even as wild, destructive winds rage around it.

I believe that this process of reclaiming our calm center is one of the most rewarding things we can do in our modern age.

This is SO much faster and easier than trying to analyze and solve our so-called problems within the dream.

Did this post touch or inspire you, or do you have something to say about this subject?  Please put it in the comment box below.


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About the Quantum Mastercourse

About the Quantum Mastercourse
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