5D Healing is amazing and revolutionary. It is unlike all medical and holistic healing systems. But how to describe it?

Fifth dimensional (5D) reconnection is not truly healing in the literal sense of the word.  5D sessions are not about fixing or clearing anything.  It is a process for physically reconnecting your body to your higher Being through the systematic infusion of Divine love and higher dimensional light.

The 5th dimension is the realm of unity, oneness and inter-connectedness. The 5D aspect of ourselves:

· Is whole and complete and HAS NEVER HAD A PROBLEM
· Is in direct flow and connection with our source of all good and supply (that includes money)
· Experiences and radiates unconditional love and service
· Is unlimited and can create awesome outcomes in our physical and emotional lives

Almost everyone who receives these sessions experiences a deep sense of relaxation and well-being. Those that are more sensitive to energy usually also report blissful feelings of energy and light moving through their bodies.

“I felt a tremendous release of trauma that has been embedded in my tissues for decades.”  Melanie H.

A 5D healer can sense where the subtle energy wiring of the energy channels in your body are frayed or broken, and can help restore them to full connection and function.  Kind of like a spiritual electrician. Or not.

Because 5D is the quantum realm of Oneness geographical distance does not matter in receiving sessions.  The benefits are the same whether the receiver is in the same room as the healer, or around the world.  Many clients prefer to have in-person sessions, but it is not necessary.

The root of most, if not all, pain, depression, fatigue and disease is a deep sense of disconnection from our loving, abundant Source.  As you get physically re-wired to Source you move out of separation and into the love and joy of living fully.  Your energies are freed up from struggle for creative self-expression and giving your greatest gift to the world.

As you are reconnected the innate wisdom of your body can much more readily restore and rejuvenate itself.  Therefore improvements in health and well-being are common.

Here are statements from recent clients about their experiences with 5D Healing:

“WOW, I am absolutely blown away.  I haven’t felt this good in at least a few months!!   I feel so much stronger.   After what I experienced yesterday and how I’m feeling today I want you to know I am eternally grateful.  You opened a door for me that has been closed way too long!”    C.H.

I worked with Dr. Starwynn during a crisis period for myself and also my father who was stuck in the ICU with severe pancreatitis, followed by a botched gallbladder surgery and stent placement.     The 5th Dimensional energy healing work was an incredible life-changing experience…   He went from a white blood cell count of 37 all the way down to 15 (12 and under is the normal range).  Now, my father is stabilized and is on his way to a rehab facility.   Thank you so much for saving my father’s pancreas, kidneys, digestive health, and most of all his life! It means the world to me.”    Dr. A.N.

“It was so powerful Receiving the downloads and the whole experience of ancestral clearing Wow ! I can’t wait to see what may happen.”   L.E.

“What an amazing experience today to have met you and then see Elke be able to move her whole leg over and over again. She hasn’t done this is four weeks. This is really miraculous!  My friends were speechless.  Thank you so much for coming and helping Elke.  It was the best day ever!”     N.M.

“I had been to other acupuncturists before and could not tell any difference after the treatments.  After the first treatment with you I felt much less pain.   After each session I felt significantly better.  The work you did on opening my heart was phenomenal.”  Y.E., Cancer patient

“My whole body feels amazingly relaxed and pain free. You are also an excellent reader. Your clear flows have helped me immensely.” C.F.

“The thought arises for me that many things are changing on many different levels. For instance I’m kinder and gentler towards myself I’m more tender with myself.  I’m more conscious of how I speak to others and how I speak to myself”    R.C.

“Please, please keep doing what you are doing. No one is doing this spiritual work for healers. Not the way you do. I am increasing my vibrational quickly and exponentially.”  K.B., Acupuncturist


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