June 25, 2024

The fact that you’re reading this post means that you already ARE moving through the Portal of Awakening (even if you don’t yet know what it is). Little information has been given to us about what this experience is, its significance and how to navigate it. This post is offered to help fill this gap.

Let’s play What – Why – How with this subject, as that is how our minds can start to relate.

What is the Portal of Awakening?

It is a high vibrational, crystalline ascension system offered by Divine Source. Its purpose is to accelerate your awakening to who you really are – beyond the limited identity of the personality-ego self. In this way it is a form of Grace. Grace is what gives you more good and less “bad” than you would normally deserve based on your thoughts and actions (karma).

a drawing of a gate in the sky

Why is the Portal of Awakening offered to us now?

Because it’s needed! The mind-field of the human race has fallen to a low, fear-based level infused with collective trauma. Our systems of healing (both medical and holistic) are simply not sufficient to extract the deep core of trauma so many of us are carrying and acting out from.

There is a powerful movement toward ascension of consciousness on Earth now, and the Portal of Ascension is a meeting point of the higher levels of our consciousness. Just as a ski lift carries you up the mountain when you sit on it, so this Portal of Awakening lifts your consciousness to a higher level when you connect with it.

How does it work? What do I have to do?

There are two ways the Portal of Awakening works. One is through clearing old, negative conditioning and the other is through uplifting consciousness.

Have you felt a lot of issues, dramas or other “stuff” coming up in your face recently? No, that doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with you! It means that you are in a process of profound clearing – which is getting free of the past. The Portal is probably quickening your clearing process. Yet it can be very trying!

It’s vital to take the time to sit in the silence of your own being – to meditate on the Radiance inside your breath. This is the commitment to experience what is real and grounding. The Foundational Practices and Central Axis Breathing described in my book Awakening the Avatar Within are some of the most soothing and uplifting meditation methods I know of.

Take time to visualize what you really want to create, and infuse it with your love and faith.

Participating in groups dedicated to higher consciousness and healing is one of the greatest supports. Beautiful activations of your light and pure love happen in these gatherings. I offer free Quantum meditation gatherings on Zoom each Tuesday morning for this purpose at 8 AM Pacific time. Duration is 30 minutes. You can get on the notification list for these meetings at this link.

Experiencing the Portal of Awakening is a lot like surfing ocean waves. If you’re riding on your surfboard on top of the wave it’s a great, exhilarating experience. Yet if you lose your balance and “wipe out” it can feel overwhelming and chaotic. Can you relate?

Part of the art of living at this transitional time is increasing your inner balance and groundedness. This happens as you learn to attune yourself physically and energetically to the Quantum field – the unified field that is the source of everything.

This is especially valuable for healers and healthcare professionals who are serving others going through a great deal of challenges. As you embody the Field you become a catalyst to help others find their inner balance.


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