We are in the presence of the Infinite 24-7. We are an expression of God as us, in form. We are one with the source of all money, love, power and wisdom.

Yet we often choose to stir up a lot of drama and hang out in pain and problems.

Don’t matter why, it’s just a common human habit.

Lose your fear of being empty, of being in the Void. It is in the emptiness that you find your God.

Most people I know tell me “I just can’t meditate, my mind is so active”.

Right. That’s because we fear letting go of control.

We fear letting go of control because of deep cellular memory of past hurts when we did that before.

It requires great heart to take a stand for trusting your Divine Self again.

What seems like the void is really full of Light.

There is a golden opportunity to be in the void twice each breath.

Once is after the in-breath and before the out-breath. The other is after the out-breath and before the next in-breath.

In that tiny space of time is your direct connection to Source.

Go direct.

Just sit down and practice.

Doesn’t matter how good your concentration is.

Just intend to catch those windows between the breaths.

Remember how unfulfilling your search for love and joy out in the world has been. That will get you focused.

Each time you find yourself conscious of a space between the breaths celebrate.

You are doing the Work.

No one said it was going to be easy.

But it is simple.
When I first tried to meditate I started to follow my breath, and then noticed that 30 minutes of monkey mind had gone by before I was conscious of another breath.  Crazy.  But I didn’t give up because I was so burned out on trying to find it outside.  I persisted. You can too.

Don’t avoid the Void. Everything Real you want is there.




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