Do you remember that rock n’ roll song Addicted to Love by Robert Palmer? One of the lines is “You’re gonna have to face it, you’re addicted to love”.  That may be, but an even more universal addiction is to pain.

We are so addicted to pain that we believe that it is our normal experience.  We are so addicted to pain that we have made the world a violent, scary painful place.  We are so addicted to pain that we convince TV stations to fill the airways with stories about crime, vampires, zombies, war, terrorism, serial killers, emotional betrayal and weak, humiliated male figures.   We are so addicted to pain that we have made the pharmaceutical industry the biggest and most profitable one.

But wait, you may say, there is a lot of pain, but am not addicted to it, it just happens to me.

Uh huh.  I’ll repeat it once again. We are sovereign Creator Beings.  We choose what we want to create and experience.  We choose to keep re-creating that which matches our internal map of reality.  If your life is totally or partially full of pain, it means that you are craving the stuff and re-creating it.

As each of us perpetuates our addiction to pain it feeds into the painful mass hallucination we call our world.

People who are full of more pain than usual become our doctors, psychiatrists and healers so they can service the rest of us who are re-creating pain.  Hey, it’s a growth industry!

This does seem kind of crazy, right? Especially for us ex-hippies who wanted so much to live in peace, love and pleasure.

I’ve heard some interesting theories about why we are so addicted to pain. Here are some of those explanations:

Psychological explanation:

In some bizarre way we believe that fixating on pain makes us safe from further injury and insult, because we will be on guard to never let it happen again.

Karmic explanation:

We feel a load of guilt for all the alleged mistakes and depredations we have done in our past lives, so we create all kinds of self-punishment and self-sabotage to try to work off the karma.  One of our favorite ways of doing this is to ignore glaring red flags as we get involved with our next intimate partner.  Or swallow rat poison. (Many older people do, it’s called Coumadin™).

Ekhard Tolle explanation:

We are connected at the hip with millions of people we share collective “pain bodies” with. S o most of our pain is not really our own, but we carry it just for good measure.

Conspiracy explanation:

The conglomerate of our shadow government, military-industrial complex, news media and pharmaceutical companies conspire to fill us with pain and fear so they can more easily control us and get filthy rich selling us drugs with inflated prices.

Soul explanation:

Some people believe that our souls learn and grow a lot from lots of intense emotional experiences, and to the soul it doesn’t really matter if its pain or pleasure (and pain is easier to come by).

Bringers of the Dawn explanation:

There are aliens who don’t have their own emotions and therefore crave ours. S o they are basically farming the human race to harvest our emotions.  The more pain we feel, the better fed they become.

Well, you can believe what you want about all those.   The 100 million dollar question is what can we do to break our addiction to pain and have a better time?

Let me offer myself as an example of the problem and a solution.

Today I had some quite varied experiences.  I had some high and rapturous experiences of facilitating 5D healing sessions in which my clients had profound positive transformations.  I felt myself filled with Spirit and my heart open and grateful, and was inspired to write.  At other times today I had my emotions triggered by feeling disregarded by a few people, and having a friend cancel a social get together at the last minute.  As I sat home alone on my Friday evening I felt old programs of loneliness and abandonment offer their sad stories for my viewing pleasure.

So was this a good day or a bad day?

I really get that I get to make that call.  As I wrote in another post today, we flash in and out of existence countless times per second.  There is no one way that we generally are.  We are constantly recreating our experience from scratch.

Yes, my pain body is seductive, she calls to me, she touches me and beckons me to get naked and close with her.  She reminds me that she is so familiar and close and intimate, don’t I want to commune with her again and be comforted by what is close and familiar?  Don’t I want to affirm who I am through her rather than face my trembling fear of the unknown, or even more scary, take responsibility for who I AM?

But a wise part of me knows better. I breathe and relax into the now, into the emptiness that is so full of light.


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