There is a powerful taboo in our human societies against knowing who we really are.

The word “taboo” originated in the Tongan language of Fiji. Its meaning is similar to words like “prohibited, banned or forbidden“. The feeling of taboo is more than just something not allowed, it’s more like ”don’t even think about it” because if you do the consequences are totally unacceptable.

In this short article I will review where this taboo came from, and a simple way you can step out of it.
We all know that most people lie at times. We expect that, and are usually not surprised when well-known people, or our partners or children, are caught in the act.

But then there is the Big Lie. Here is a quote about it from Joseph Goebbels, Hitler’s propaganda minister:

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the biggest enemy of the State.”

Goebbels derived this understanding from none other than Hitler himself, who wrote in his book Mein Kampf about: ”a lie so “colossal” that no one would believe that someone “could have the impudence to distort the truth so infamously.”

Remember the Wizard of Oz movie? The Great and Terrible Wizard of Oz, with huge scary face, flashing lights and awe-inspiring sounds turned out to really be a harmless man pulling controls in a back room. His Big Lie was compelling enough to motivate Dorothy and her gang to go and take on the Wicked Witch of the West.

The Big Lie that we live with is that we are limited, fear-based beings who are powerless to make a difference on Earth now.

Let’s start by looking back to see where the taboo against knowing who we really are originated.

At some pre-historic time humans knew they were one with Source. Lots of ancient scriptures as well as modern day channelers have indicated this. I have heard from several sources that people in the ancient continent of Lemuria, or Mu, had not yet split their consciousness off from Divine Source. They knew who were, and lived without scarcity or significant conflict. The Vedas from ancient India also describe a race of enlightened people who lived for centuries and used technologies that would still dazzle us today.

The Judeo-Christian Bible contains the story of humanity’s fall from grace when Adam and Eve ate from the tree of Knowledge. Once they did that they left their state of innocent Oneness and abundance and had to start struggling and competing for survival.

These and many other sources point to the truth that somewhere along the line we humans had a big split from our spiritual Source. For whatever reason this divorce happened, it opened the way for all the wars, scarcity, cruelty, polarization and other massive suffering we have endured as a race.

As part of this fall, or perhaps in response to it, a class of priests arose who offered to help the scared and separated people re-connect to a higher Power and make sense of their lives. This new priest class derived great power and profit from this activity.

They knew that maintaining their privileged status would depend on doing everything they could to make sure their followers deeply believed they were sinners separate from God. They made darn sure that the people knew they had to come to them and pay to be granted some measure of forgiveness and re-connection.

These priests eagerly created and deeply reinforced a powerful taboo against people knowing who they really are.

Heretics who spurned the priests and trusted their own healthy feelings of being One with God/Nature/Source have often been imprisoned, tortured, exiled, crucified, burned at the stake or reviled and labeled as ”witches”. This sure reinforced that taboo and embedded it deep within our subconscious minds!

We can’t totally blame the taboo on the opportunist priests, however. All of us participated in creating it on some level. As Don Miguel Ruiz says so well in his book The Four Agreements, when we were children each of us went through a process of domestication, similar to farm animals. Our family members, friends, clergy and school bullies all did their part in ensuring that we didn’t get too far out of line from knowing our place in the fear-based pecking order of our world.

But ultimately all this was our own choice. Our limitless souls apparently had a strong urge to fully descend into this dense material experience for our learning, or maybe just to have a new, groovy experience?!? Ultimately we can’t blame anyone else for anything.

Severe persecution of heretics still persists in places like Saudi Arabia, but here in America we now have quite a bit of freedom to believe and speak about what we want. As a result there are a multitude of religious and New Age spiritual paths, practices and belief systems being offered all over the place.

So now people are more open to affirming a direct connection to God/Source without the need for greedy priests. It is now much more acceptable to leave dogmas behind and say that God lives within me, or I am a part of God.

Because of the I AM teachings offered by Ascended Masters through Blavatsky, Bailey and other illuminated authors increasing numbers of people are affirming their own true identity as Divine.
This is the 5D way. Focus less on the path and more on the truth that you already are the Destination. We do this by knowing the great power of I AM.

You are using a Super Power whenever you say I AM (Superman and X Men, step aside!). Whatever words you put after I AM is what you are choosing to affirm and manifest into your reality. Be very careful with what you put after I AM or even ”I’m”.

For example, if you have been experiencing what seems like a lack of money in your life recently, don’t say ”I’m broke” or ”I am having a hard time making ends meet”. By saying anything like that you are literally creating that reality in your life movie. Shift the movie by saying ”I AM living in abundance, always”, or ”I AM One with my Divine Source of all supply”. It may feel phony or silly at first, but continue using your Will to choose it over and over and it will become more and more tangible to you.

It may help also to remember that if you are living in the USA or other developed countries, your ”broke” is probably richer than 85% of people on Earth!

If you are going through a period of feeling down or depressed, it can be honest and vulnerable to tell your friends ”I have been feeling down lately and could use some support”, but saying ”I AM depressed” is a way of cursing yourself to continue that experience!

There is a 5D Movement gaining momentum in our world. This is the most radical revolution of all. We are choosing to transform ourselves and our world by breaking the taboo against knowing who we really are. How to join the movement? Simply commit to shifting your inner dialogue and verbal communications to an impeccable use of I AM. Make a firm resolve to stop cursing yourself or others by misusing the power of your words and thoughts and bless yourself and others instead.

Once you make this commitment and start practicing the right use of I AM, don’t worry if things in your life don’t seem to change immediately. Remember the Law of the Spiritual Preceding the Physical. Things shift on the level of essence faster then they usually do in matter. Be kind, loving and gentle with yourself, and also be determined and persistent to fully break the taboo and awaken to I AM, your truest identity.

One way to accelerate this process is to participate in 5D group gatherings or receive 5D healing sessions – these are powerful for helping re-weave your physical body and personal energy systems with your Divine self.

Here are some wonderful 5D I AM practices that I am really grooving with:

I AM that I AM
I AM in love, I AM loved, I live in abundance always
I AM holy, perfect and pure
I AM the healing presence of God always, wherever I go
I AM One with the Source of all Supply
I AM the Light
I AM accomplishing all my tasks today, in perfect timing

Are you ready to join the 5D Awakening Movement? No paperwork needed. Just commit to breaking the taboo against knowing who you really are, open your heart, be genuine and pass it on.


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