Would you like to raise the level of the work you are doing every day to a higher frequency and vibration?  Would you like to have what you are already doing in your career connect with the cutting edge of consciousness and spiritual growth?  I am going to share the extraordinary journey I have had in the process, and some of my struggles, in this blog post.

I have been somewhat of a techno-geek since my early 30’s.  An instructor from one of the early acupuncture schools I attended in the early 1908’s got me started with creating microcurrent healing devices.  He took my class to Radio Shack and guided us in buying electronic components and learning to solder them to a board.  My first microcurrent device was a small circuit board encased in a case I made in a cabinet shop out of mahogany plywood!   Around that time I also took the State of Florida Acupuncture exam and passed, thus becoming a licensed acupuncturist in 1984.

My wife, baby daughter and I moved up to New England soon after, where I found a full time job as an acupuncturist in Westport, Connecticut.  I plunged in, giving it all I had to help the patients coming to me.  I was able to help quite a few of them who came to me with chronic pain, addictions, uterine fibroids, overweight issues and more.   Some I was not able to help, even with my best efforts.   Even among the patients who were happy with the relief my acupuncture and herbs gave them I was able to see that there were deeper, underlying emotional – soul blockages that were not resolved.  In my heart I knew that these would resurface in other forms later.

My life took a major turn when I offered a seminar for other local acupuncturists and chiropractors in 1987.  I invited the instructor from Florida who had started me building microcurrent devices to come up to teach and show the stimulator device he was then making.  The seminar was a big success and we sold a lot of the microcurrent systems.   After that I started representing his machines in my area, but this did not last long.  Because there were a lot of issues with his devices and the support I decided to create my own.

Since then I have built a company that has developed, manufactured and marketed microcurrent and light therapy devices worldwide, including putting on training seminars for healthcare and esthetic professionals.  I have maintained a part-time private practice during these years.  That was a hard decision for me – to cut way back on my private practice so I could pursue more entrepreneurial business.  If you are in one you know that they take a lot of time and energy, with lots of fires to put out.

So, yes, I am a techy kind of person, very comfortable with developing and using electronic technologies.  But I see that they only go so far.  As mentioned earlier I have always had a lot of intuitive perceptions.  It has always been clear that even the most effective healing devices require clear intent and healing energy from the practitioner to be maximally effective.  I will explain this further.

I have been leading training seminars through my company East-West Seminars for over 20 years.  The schedule has been rigorous with 8 – 10 seminars in most years with my staff and I doing all the arrangements to create them and set them up.

Before each seminar I would write to those who were registered to attend and invite them to bring a patient with the worst, most hard to treat pain issue to the seminar so I could demonstrate how I would treat them.

Participants did indeed bring some of their patients or family members who had not responded well to other treatments, and continued to suffer with very challenging pain or neuropathy issues.  In some cases I also treated people with depression or phobias in front of the room.  As you can imagine, this was a high-pressure situation.  These patients had not responded to many highly skilled treatments up till then.  I wanted to look good and competent in front of my students, and so had a stake in demonstrating positive results.  I did not know much about these patients in advance, and so had to figure out how to treat them quickly on the spot.

The amazing thing is that I have been able to demonstrate quite impressive results with about 90% of these patients who came for my seminar demonstrations.  Most of these have been captured on video, and you can see many of them on my YouTube channel MicroLightVideos.

I learned some powerful lessons from doing these demonstrations.  There were certain requirements necessary for me to have these successes.  First, when setting up the seminar room prior to the people arriving I had to take time to bless the room.  I did this by invoking the spiritual beings who were supporting me and my business, acknowledging them with love and gratitude, and requesting that they clear the energy in the room and bring in healing and financial blessings for my participants.  Second, before starting each demonstration treatment I needed to silently invoke my own soul healing treasures and ask them to assist me by working through my Acutron equipment.  Finally, I needed to tune into my heartfelt desire to be of service without attachment to the outcome.

Whenever I remembered to do these three preparations I felt like I was walking on water and what seemed like miracles occurred.  Of course this impressed and inspired many of my students and helped me have successful events.  But a few times I neglected to do some or all of these invocations.  At those seminars the demonstrations were usually effective to some extent, but lacked the “amazing” level of results.  I also did not feel as good and got more drained doing the teaching and managing.  Big lesson!

So what does this mean?  Is the Acutron just a placebo and soul power is really doing all the healing?

I don’t think so.  What this is telling me is that healing happens on many levels.  Microcurrent, light therapy and acupuncture do have definite beneficial therapeutic effects.  These include rapid pain relief, relaxation of muscles and fascia, helping remove electrical blockages through scar tissue and adhesions, lifting sagging facial muscles, promoting healing and more.  So we can say that acupuncture and microcurrent work on the matter and energy levels.

My invocation of soul healing works on another level – that of soul or information.  This goes to a much more causal level than the physical or energy modalities.  I believe that the vast majority of chronic pain and disease conditions are based in emotional or soul level blockages and fixations.  Even if we do effectively move blocked Qi energy for pain relief, speed tissue healing or adjust crooked spines the relief provided will be short-lived, or it may only heal part of what the patient is suffering with.  The deepest suffering is on the soul level.  Soul blockages are created by karma, curses or other spiritual causes.  Matter or energy level interventions just can’t go that deep in their action, although they can help in many other ways.

I now call soul healing, soul communication and the power of intention soul technologies.  My techie self is deeply engrossed in exploring and serving others with these.  I use the phrase soul technology to make it clear that soul healing is not part of a dogma or religion, although many religious people do practice it.  It is a higher level technology that has awesome, unlimited capability.

I now understand that when I do my demonstrations with the Acutron device while channelling soul healing the healing is taking place on all three levels – that of matter, energy and soul.   This is why the results have been so impressive.  I now teach my colleagues how to integrate these three levels in their treatments, thus significantly raising the level of their clinical results.


Soul Technologies for Business

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