By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

How much difference does your life make?  The answer depends on your sphere of influence.  In this writing I will present a vision of how you can understand and expand that.

2018 is a time of accelerating transformation in so many areas – environment, politics and more.  Each of us is choosing how to respond to these unprecedented changes.  Do we choose to be an activist, or detach and tune it all out?  In my opinion the way we can make the greatest difference is through consciousness.

Many teachers and writers have expressed that the world is a “dream” based on our collective thoughts and beliefs.  Each society has its own version of the dream.  The dream of America is one of materialism and individuality.  As a result children are domesticated to develop their intellect and ego at the expense of much of their innate spiritual awareness.

The last Presidential election and so many events since have made me deeply question how I can step up to be part of the solution.  If you have been thinking similar thoughts I would like to share a perspective of how we can be that through our consciousness.

In 1995 David Hawkins, M.D. published a very popular book called Power Vs. Force.  When I read that over 15 years ago I was struck by his analysis of the levels of consciousness of the human race.  Hawkins’ scale of consciousness ran from a low of 20 up to a high of 1000.  Numbers on the scale below 100 correlated to experiences of guilt, shame, apathy, grief and fear.  People primarily vibrating at this level are usually controlled by others who are vibrating at higher levels.

At the consciousness level of 200 courage and personal power first appear, and levels up to 500 correlate to increasing levels of awareness and positive qualities.  People vibrating at 500 or above are highly motivated by unconditional love.  Levels from 500 up to 1000 indicate increasing levels of enlightenment.  Hawkins referred to the positive spheres of influence radiated by people at high states of consciousness as “attractor patterns”.

Each of us has a sphere of influence.  That is the amount of people and other living things we have an impact on.  According to Hawkin’s research one human being vibrating at level 500 counterbalances 750,000 people vibrating at levels 200 or below.  That means that one person largely living in the consciousness of real love helps to pull up the consciousness of 750,000 other people having a more negative experience.  Someone living at level 700 counterbalances 70 million people at levels 200 or below.  That is real power!

Regardless of the accuracy of Hawkin’s methodology I do believe that there is significant truth in this principle.  I do see how the level of consciousness we tend to vibrate at determines our sphere of influence as well as the amount of positive impact our life has on others.

So how can we raise our level of consciousness?  Doing that is the path of Ascension.  Rather than keeping that as a vaguely understood term I would like to offer more clarity about it.

Ascension is literally the process of raising the level at which you and your energy fields tend to vibrate.  It can be understood as part of the higher physics, or meta-physics of life.  Everything in the Universe has a characteristic vibration rate and signature.  That is what differentiates things and makes them what they are.

When a person’s primary experience is of frequent fear, shame, self-doubt, sickness, fatigue and more this is a low vibratory level.  When we spend more of our time with our hearts open to loving, serving and acknowledging Spirit we are vibrating at a higher level.  Sounds simple, right?  But there is more to the picture.  If you are reading this article I believe that you are probably experiencing some of both high and low vibrations!  Why?

The vibratory level of the Earth and all life upon it (that includes us) has been steadily raising in recent years.  The Earth is now largely in the 4th and 5th dimensions.  The reason we still experience so much angst and see so many difficult things happening around us is twofold:

  1. As a race we humans tend to hold onto and keep perpetuating old realities. It’s part of the addictive, “Groundhogs Day” way our minds operate.  According to some interpretations of Quantum Physics the sub-atomic particles we are ultimately made of are disappearing and re-creating itself countless times per second.  If we were not so addictive we could re-create ourselves at higher levels of consciousness very rapidly.  But very few people do that, and the herd instinct keeps reinforcing negative attitudes and viewpoints.  Therefore much of the human race is continually re-creating old, polarized, fear-based realities because our brains are literally addicted to them!
  2. There are forces messing with us. As the higher Light is coming into dominance on our planet there are forces that don’t want to let go of the control they have had over us.  Even though they know their game is ultimately up they are trying their damn-nest to keep our heads full of dark images and thoughts so they can maintain some level of control.

So what’s a lightworker to do?  Here are a few important ones for raising your vibration:

  1. Know that you are already a being of light and divine love.  Nothing really needs to be fixed or changed except your beliefs and habits of thought.  Be courageously determined to claim the truth of the sovereignty of your true Self.
  2. Meditate. Whether easy or hard make the commitment to set a timer and sit with your mind on your breath for at least 5 minutes twice a day.  There are also other valuable forms of meditation.  This is vital food for our Ascension, and there is no substitute.  Build up your meditation times as you can.
  3. Give of your gifts.  You real-ize your spiritual gifts as you share them. When you hear pretender voices in your head saying you don’t have much of value to offer thank it for sharing then promptly ignore that voice.  It is false.
  4. Come together – spend time with groups of people committed to higher consciousness and Ascension that you vibrate with. This is one of the most valuable things we can do to uplevel our consciousness.
  5. Love yourself, including your wounded shadow side.  I know lots of people who will do the first four items in this list and neglect this most important one (including me sometimes). You are so worthy of love, so start giving it to yourself by being present to your experience and embracing yourself.

There is no higher fulfillment of self and no higher service you can do than to get about the work of raising your own vibration.  The ripple effects, as explained above, are endless.



Dr. Darren Starwynn is a Oriental Medical Doctor, inventor and writer with over 30 years of clinical experience. Darren has led well over 100 seminars and workshops throughout the world since 1991, and is the author of the books Microcurrent Electro-Acupuncture, Healing the Root of Pain and Reclaiming Your Calm Center.  Darren has a strong interest in helping people heal the psychic and emotional roots of pain and disease, and has developed several clinical systems using microcurrent, color light and spiritual energy for this purpose. He is the Director of Bridge to Mastery, a modern mystery school for acupuncturists and physicians.  Darren works at the Center for Health and Happiness in Mill Valley, CA and also offers remote sessions for resolution of chronic pain, trauma and emotional imbalances. He can be reached through his websites and ,  email .


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