Darren Starwynn
March 23, 2018

By Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

Quantum field healing is more than a healing modality or technique.  It is a field of unlimited potentiality and pure love that you can invoke to fill your treatment room and uplift your client results.  Quantum field healing is not really something that you “do”, but you can definitely learn how to work with it.  It is an expression of the Chinese phrase wu wei, or “producing results with no action”.

In my practice I use a variety of vibrational tools, including Acutron, essential oils, herbal therapies, electronic gem therapy, energy clearing and many forms of intuitive counseling.  Each of these can be highly effective in their own right.  My clients tend to open up and respond much more profoundly when I perform any of these techniques within the elevated field of quantum field healing.

Here are a few practical examples of quantum field healing from my practice.  After these I will share a snippet of the science behind it.

One of my clients is a woman in her 30’s with a complaint of recurring anxiety and relationship difficulties connected to past experiences of child sexual molestation.  After her first quantum field session she wrote to me describing how her emotional walls and resistance to others were lessened, and she felt much more relaxed and at ease within herself and on a “high”.  Another recent client is a nurse who had severe digestive pain without a clear medical causation, and was taking strong anti-inflammatory medications.  She noticed significant lessening of her pain after a session that combined quantum healing with other vibrational modalities.

Now for that bit of science.

Quantum field theory is a branch of Quantum Physics.  It describes the behavior of constantly fluctuating energy fields in the form of waves that are the origin of everything in the universe.  All the “things” that we (or our scientific instruments) can experience such as atoms, rocks, apples, human beings or stars start out as part of an undifferentiated quantum field.  The field “collapses” to create a pattern of particles that turn into one of these things.  When that thing ceases to be we can say that it returns to the quantum field.

So what makes the quantum field collapse into matter?  This is still the subject of speculation and debate in the quantum physics community, but one popular belief is that it is the application of consciousness that collapses the field.  It has been established that the act of observing or measuring subatomic particles changes their position or velocity.

To keep this very simple lets follow this idea of consciousness collapsing the quantum field.  Let’s say that undifferentiated quantum fields are in a state of unity, and have not yet entered into the dualities of our physical and emotional world.  From the perspective of Buddhist thought a quantum field could be compared to the Void from which all things come, and which can be experienced in deep meditation.

OK, so why is this important on a human level?  A great way to understand this is to think about the title of the acupuncture book All Sickness is Home Sickness, published by Diane Connolly in 1987.  That is a really brilliant title!  What it is saying is that feelings of separation from the sense of being at home are at the root of all disease.  Feeling disconnected from our source – or being in hell – are other ways to describe that fundamental separation experience.  After decades of working with clients on the deep causative levels of their pain and diseases I agree with Diane.  Feeling stuck in the dualities of connection – separation, love – hate, infatuation – aversion, young – old, pleasure – pain kind of drives people crazy. When we go crazy parts of our bodies and energy fields go out of whack and voila, pain or disease appears.

This is because at the deepest level of our true selves we are not wired for separation and duality.  Yet we find ourselves swimming in it most of the time.  We are wired for one-ness and a love that transcends these pairs of opposites.  Until people can ground themselves in that reality it is hard to fully heal.  What happens more of the time is that you help give them relief for one issue and another one soon pops up.

Quantum field healing puts people back into the bodily-felt sensation of being at home in one-ness.  This is regardless of their belief systems.  When the cells of their body start sensing the quantum field they can deeply relax and become much more receptive to whatever clinical technique you are doing with them.  They also tend to spontaneously tap into greater clarity about their life situations connected with their pain or disease.  Sometimes clients describe being in an altered state during sessions but I believe that is their everyday life that is altered, and their quantum experience is when they start feeling more like themselves.

Being a facilitator of quantum healing is more about your own attunement to subtle energy than it is learning another clinical technique.  The process of becoming a quantum healer involves regular meditation in the quantum field and working on ourselves.  There is also an element of spiritual transmission – working with someone already attuned to quantum field healing tends to spark you to “get it” and soon find yourself recognizing the experience and sharing it with others.


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