by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D.

The treatment of acute pain from new or recent injuries is relatively straightforward most of the time.  It’s mainly a matter of preventing infection, relieving inflammation and letting the healing process takes its course.  Chronic pain is much harder to treat because there are way more unknown factors.  In cases of chronic pain the body has failed to fully heal the injury, or if the injury seemed to already be healed on a physical level there are now intangible factors perpetuating the experience of pain.

The over-use of powerful painkilling drugs has created a major deadly epidemic in the United States. According to an article in Time Magazine dated February 22, 2018  “The opioid crisis is the worst addiction epidemic in U.S. history. Drug overdoses kill nearly 64,000 people per year, and the nation’s life expectancy has fallen for two years in a row.”  This article states that a high percentage of those who become addicted to opioid drugs start using them due to unresolved chronic pain.

Chronic pain can be relieved to various extents by working with healing arts systems such as acupuncture, chiropractic manipulation, physical therapy or herbal medicine.  When these systems fail to relieve the patient’s suffering they are often referred for psychiatric care or psychological counseling.  This approach helps to resolve the pain issue in a limited number of cases.

I have spent much of my long career in alternative medicine researching solutions to the problem of chronic pain.  The creation of the Acutron microcurrent and light system has helped hundreds of practitioners to become more effective at treating chronic pain.  I am aware, however that even great tools like the Acutron may only go so far in providing long term resolution of many cases of chronic pain.  There is a soul-level causation of pain that requires a different level of solution.

The solution for chronic pain I am most enthusiastic about is what I call multi-modal therapy.  This is the combination of several powerful therapies with complementary effects.  The multi-modal combination I have found to be the most effective includes:

·         Vibrational therapies such microcurrent, light or sound therapies.  These work on the energetic level that is the nexus between the physical body and its subtle energy systems.  These therapies can relieve pain directly in a similar manner as acupuncture and also relieve pain indirectly by balancing the meridians, Organs and chakras of the body.  The two most powerfully effective systems I know are Frequency-Specific Microcurrent (FSM) and Microlight therapy, which combines microcurrent and color light therapy for treatment of acupuncture points.

·         Quantum field healing, which works on the more fundamental level of cause of pain by helping the patient to feel more at home in their own body because they are connected to their loving source.   Quantum field healing can also remove various forms of interfering energies or attachments associated with chronic pain.  This process can help transform repetitive patterns of thought and experience that tend to perpetuate the experience of past traumas.  This is based on the truth that “all sickness is home sickness”.

·         Lifestyle adjustments, biggest of which is a commitment to regular exercise.  Almost anyone who is alive can exercise in some meaningful way.  If the benefits of exercise were able to be put into pills and bottled it would clear be the greatest wonder drug in history.  In some cases dietary adjustments are required so the body can more readily move out of an acid, inflammatory state.

·         Finally coaching the patient to make changes in their actions and beliefs about themselves.  Each of us is creating our own reality through what we think and believe.  While this may be a gradual process for many, it is a necessity.  Quantum field healing can greatly assist patients in changing their mindsets because they experience a transcendent part of themselves that has always been free of suffering.  This can give them a new frame of reference.

One of my favorite root healing methods is TERS, or Traumatic Experience Repatterning System.  This is a vibrational medical system that combines beautifully with acupuncture and quantum healing.  TERS systems can rapidly assist people in releasing habitual patterns of the brain and psyche that have been perpetuating traumatic experiences.   This is the application of microcurrent and light to selected bi-lateral acupuncture points while guiding the client to visualize traumatic memories.  This method has shown remarkable results in permanently diffusing the power of traumatic memories, so that patients become free to move forward with a more positive experience of life.

In summary the combination of highly effective vibrational modalities such as microcurrent, light and sound therapies with high-level healing energies based in deep love and spiritual connectedness is a bright path to helping free up our patients from chronic pain.  This multi-modal approach works much better, in my experience, than only using treatment techniques.


This multi-modal system described in this article will be taught, hands-on, at an upcoming series of workshops in Florida and California.


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