Darren Starwynn
July 13, 2018

By Darren Starwynn

There could be many answers to the question of “what is Quantum Healing?”  Some could be:

  • It is an energy healing system based on Quantum science
  • It is a spiritual experience
  • It is magic

All of these are a part of what Quantum healing (QH) is.  In this brief writing I will share what I experience it to be.  Why?  Because I am having remarkable experiences working with Quantum Healing and would love to share this with more people.  Just over the last week I had the joy to experience these QH encounters:

  • A friend who was using a cane due to painful plantar fasciitis was able to stop using the cane after an impromptu 5 minute session due to greatly lessened pain.
  • I met a woman at Good Earth at the salad bar who had a hand brace on due to carpal tunnel syndrome.  I offered her a one minute QH blessing.  A few days later she emailed me saying that most of her pain had been gone ever since that day.
  • A client struggling to find her new work direction got clear and inspired during a QH session
  • A young woman feeling angry and resentful after a relationship breakup opened her heart to forgiveness and greater self-responsibility during a session.

In describing Quantum Healing the first thing to do is back up and ask “What is healing”?    According to Mirriam Webster dictionary, a definition of healing is:

“to make free from injury or disease : to make sound or whole. heal a wound.”

In this traditional view, healing is repairing something that is broken.  That is NOT the way Quantum Healing works.  Rather than attempting to fix a wounded part of a person QH works by helping them awaken from the dream of separation and duality – where the pain is – into the one-ness and wholeness they already are.  That is a mouthful, I know, but is really the way it is.

Let’s take a short look at the science behind QH.

One branch of Quantum Physics is called Quantum Field Theory.  On a simple level it demonstrates how all tangible things in our universe arise from an intangible field of unlimited possibilities called a Quantum Field.  Such a field cannot be directly observed or measured because the act of doing that “collapses” the field into something that CAN be observed or measured that is different.  Quantum fields can only be theorized through complex mathematics.

All matter, including us, are ultimately made up of intelligent patterns of sub-atomic particles.  These are constantly moving back and forth between form and formless, manifest and unmanifest.  Therefore we are always in intimate relation with the unmanifest Quantum Field we truly are coming from.

Each physical part of us, such as our shoulder, our heart or our big toe are modeled on perfected templates that exist on the 6th dimensional (6-D) level.  Even if our liver is diseased with cirrhosis or liver cancer the perfect template of our healthy liver still exists on that higher dimensional level.  Quantum healing can, in some cases, seem to “download” that perfect template into the physical, 3-D level and replace the diseased version we were suffering with.  In some way the consciousness we touch into through QH collapses the Quantum Field in a new, healthier way based on that 6-D template.  Could that be why the woman at the salad bar had an instantaneous healing of her carpal tunnel?

There is another term from Quantum Physics that is applicable here – the proverbial “Quantum Leap”.  In science that refers to the phenomenon of a sub-atomic particle, such as a photon of light, instantaneously jumping to a higher energy level.  As far as scientists can tell this happens outside of time.  The particle just appears in the higher level.

This is also what I observe with Quantum Healing.  In many cases there seems to be a point in the sessions where the client shifts in a profound way that elevates their consciousness to a clearer, higher level instantaneously.  Sometimes their physical symptoms also shift at that time, sometimes not.  It all depends on what lessons the person is learning from the symptom and how resolved they are.

Quantum healing can be done in person or remotely over thousands of miles.

I have taught Quantum Healing to acupuncturists, massage therapists, estheticians, nurses and holistic healers.  Each has experimented with using it and combining it with their regular treatments.  Most have communicated with me about clients who are responding faster or more dramatically than before when QH is added to their sessions.

Quantum Healing is not a method you can share with other people without also transforming yourself.  It seems to be a medicine where client and practitioner are healing together.

There is more information on this subject on my website in the form of free videos and writings:  www.drstarwynn.com    I welcome correspondence with interested people.


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About the Quantum Mastercourse

About the Quantum Mastercourse
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