by Darren Starwynn

Because much of what is in this short article is on a metaphysical level, I will first share a note I received from a new client who had her first session with me a few days ago this week:

“It was astonishing.  Every single part of this healing seemed as if it was specifically relevant and tailored just for me.  The experience of feeling the Quantum field through you Dr. Darren, gave me great inspiration and renewed strength for my continued path and effort for greater connection.  Having felt this field before through my own practices, I was able to recognize and finally put a name to it.  I’m so grateful for our connection…” 

SM, new client, after receiving her first remote Quantum Healing session from 3000 miles away, Aug 2018

That’s right – she lives on the East Coast of the US and me on the West Coast, and yet that obviously did not detract in any way from the Quantum Healing experience.  In this short post I will explain a bit about what Quantum Healing is, and some of the principles behind it.

Quantum physics describes Quantum fields that hold unlimited potential frequencies in the form of sub-atomic particles.  All manifested things emerge from Quantum fields, therefore these are fields of unlimited possibilities.

Quantum Healing is a therapeutic system that relieves human suffering through direct immersion in the Quantum field.  It works through awakening client’s deeper connection to what is real within them, unifying the polarized, warring aspects of their minds and emotions. This is the key factor in freeing up people’s innate healing and regenerative abilities.  It also helps empower them to manifest the life they want to live.

A core truth is that our true nature is One-ness, and that the root cause of human suffering and limitation is living in a mindset of duality.  Dualistic, separating core beliefs and feelings lead to myriad physical and emotional diseases.  The masses of people living in duality has led to polarized, high-stress societies full of seemingly unsolvable crises.  The leaders we have chosen reflect that.

A dualistic paradigm also limits the effectiveness of the medical and holistic healing services we offer.  Almost all healing systems are dualistic – even my original profession of acupuncture and Chinese Medicine which is based on the dualities of Yin-Yang.  Dualistic healing arts can be highly effective for relieving symptoms and even correcting deep imbalances.  Yet they rarely act to free patients from the real root cause of suffering which is the divided, separated mind.

The Zero Point is the place within us that is always free of duality.  It is where we can consciously access the Quantum field.  As we learn to identify and come from this place more and more we can experience the opening of our spiritual Heart and increased effectiveness and fulfillment in all areas of our life.  If you are working as a doctor, health care practitioner or healer your clients will experience positive changes far greater than your professional techniques are able to provide by themselves.  If you are a coach or entrepreneur your clarity of mind and ability to create powerful transformations is likely to increase.

The experience of the Quantum field can rapidly clear distortions in our mental-emotional space and bring us into the abiding consciousness of pure love. Unlike the subtlety of the higher dimensions the Quantum field is more likely to be tangible and feel-able to most people.  This allows them to rapidly shift into a transformative space where they can clear trauma, release limiting agreements and re-negotiate their freedom.  Therefore Quantum Healing is a pure expression of Grace.

Holding Zero Point Presence

We are living in a time of rapid consciousness shifts on our planet, often called a time of ascension.  All of the skills that you have previously learned, whether they be medical, holistic or other address certain levels of human need.  We must acknowledge that the needs of people at this time are rapidly changing. Some of the things that you have done that helped clients in the past may not be working as well now because of the degree of deep mental conditioning that needs to be cleared at this time.

The energy field surrounding a Quantum healer can be described as “Presence”.  This field has been known by many names including Tao, I AM Presence, Divine, Divine Love, Spirit and more.  Each of those has a different “flavor”.   Here I will simply call it Presence.  This is the emanation of the Quantum field through the Zero Point within you.  The closest description of this in modern medicine has been called “bedside manner”, which is an aura of kindness and confidence emanated by some doctors that puts patients at ease and supports their recovery.  While similar in some ways Zero Point Presence is much more far-reaching and therapeutically powerful.  Consider the possibility that part of your greatest service could be to radiate Presence and help your clients entrain to it so they can deeply heal and become Presence for others.

How do you learn to hold Presence for extended periods of time?  It requires a fundamental shift in perception and a remembering of who you really that may have been in the background of your awareness up to this time.  It also requires a commitment to ongoing self-healing and detoxification of your emotional, mental and astral bodies.



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