by Darren Starwynn

You are much more powerful than you know.

Many people in the healing and spiritual communities have been talking and meditating on “Awakening”.  In this short writing I will share what I feel is an important distinction about this.

Yes, we awaken from sleep to waking state every morning, and we take that profound shift in consciousness for granted.  And if you’ve had any nightmares recently you probably can remember the relief when you realized “it was only a dream”.  So we all understand that kind of awakening.

The term Awakening (with capital A) implies that we can also awaken from what we consider our normal waking state of our lives to something else that is higher, more real and more full of real love.  There are people we can encounter who are considered to be “awake” individuals.  Some of these are well-known teachers who sit in front of large groups giving blessings to help others Awaken.  Some could be found in ordinary roles such as a checkout lady at Safeway with no external recognition.

At this time on our planet there are two main aspects to Awakening.  Both involve consciousness.

The first kind of Awakening is direct revelation of our true Self – aka Divine Self, I AM Presence, Spirit, God Self, genuine self.  It involves moving out of spiritual belief systems and more into direct experience of embodying that Presence in our everyday life.  This is about being less caught up in duality and more absorbed into the point of one-ness within us.  Yeah, things change as those happen in many small and large ways.

The second aspect of Awakening is something along the lines of “wake up and smell the coffee, dude”.  It is being willing to move out of our comfort zone as protected and entitled Americans (or whatever other country you are in) and seeing the truth of what is really going on in our world.  It is being willing to shed the comfortably numbing benefits of denial and seeing how critical this time we are living in RIGHT NOW is.  And what our responsibility is to being an active part of the solution.  This process of smelling the coffee is called the “disclosure movement” in some circles that I frequent.

If you want to have a strong dose of the second kind of Awakening, go out ASAP and see Michael Moore’s new movie Fahrenheit 11-9.  Tell your friends to go see it also and at least consider the truths Moore is exposing in that movie.  I believe you already know that things are “screwed up” in our government and financial control systems.  Seeing just how deep this rabbit hole goes is definitely a part of Awakening.  I actually believe that Moore’s movie only shows a small spectrum of hidden truths about our world, but it is a valuable contribution.

As I see that I feel a greater responsibility arising in me.  It’s not enough anymore to just live my life and do my personal path, being kind to the people in my circle and giving some to charity.  This is literally a Call to Arms – not guns and nuclear arms, but arms outstretched in service, love and blessings.  I have been searching within myself and inspired literature for what can I REALLY do to help.  And I am finding some answers and trying them out.

You are much more powerful than you know.

And WE are much more powerful than that when we join together in bringing the Light where it needs to go.

So doing the first part of Awakening in consciousness and self-realization is what this time of Ascension is all about.  Learning to stay anchored in our inner truth no matter what is going on around us or even in our own monkey minds.  But that is not all.

Being willing to shed comfortable numbness and denial and being willing to see more of the truth of what is happening in our country and in our world is also vital.  That is what can spur us to be Response-Able and claim our power to make our full contribution when it is needed the most.

Claiming power sounds like a cool thing to do and it is.  It is also the most scary thing you can do because all your deepest fears and karmic PTSD are surrounding your core of power.  As you approach your inner power those voices may scream “it is not safe, you could get hurt again, I am not worthy, I will mess it up again” and messages like that. But for me, as I wake up and smell the coffee there is no other thing to do, really. I need to do whatever it takes.

This time is not like any other we have lived through.  If there was ever a time to go further in discovering and activating our higher purpose, this has got to be it.  As we do that we can make our best contribution.  And that’s what it’s all about.

Vidya Frazier and I are offering a free webinar on October 11 to share what we know about recognizing and activating our higher purpose of mission.  You are welcome to join us if that may be valuable to you.

I’d love to hear your thoughts and comments.




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