The main reason most people seek out Quantum Catalyst Healing is that they have already tried loads of other medical, holistic or psychological treatments with limited results. These disappointments motivate them to open their minds to something new they have not tried before, and they find themselves guided to the Quantum realm of healing.

Quantum Catalyst Healing is based on these vital principles:

  1. Everything is energy. Everything in the Universe, and our bodies, are made up of patterns of vibrating energy responding to thought (consciousness). Things and personal issues may appear solid and fixed to our mind, but that is not the reality.
  2. All sickness is homesickness. This means that all forms of pain and dis-ease, at its root, are based in deep feelings of separation or abandonment from the true source of all love, abundance and light. This sense of separation is an illusion – yet it can FEEL so real, and does to most people. This is because the consciousness of the human race has fallen down to very low levels at this time.

But good news – we are now in a process of rapid ascension of consciousness. You can uplift your energy, your health and your mood by tapping into the limitless Quantum field of energy.

  1. Quantum Catalyst Healing works by helping to clear various forms of energy blockages that make people feel burdened, drained or overwhelmed. As you go through this clearing process you literally lighten up your body and mind, consciously reconnecting to the source of all good. You are then free to move forward with living your life fully as an inspired creator. I call that living in the zone of fulfillment.

As you learn to live in the zone of fulfillment resources start coming to you. You discover what your greatest gifts and abilities are, and can share them more freely. Many people around you are blessed and uplifted as a result. The zone of fulfillment is not something you make up with your mind. It is the experience of aligning your body and mind with your true, Avatar self. You might call it your soul purpose.

What comes along with this alignment is greater financial flow, and moving out of isolation into a rich sense of connectedness.

While Quantum Healing is a very intuitive, individualized process, it can be explained in three steps as described below. These steps are Releasing, Rewiring and Realizing. This three step process has come to me after close to 40 years of research and experiences in the field of human potential, energy medicine and spirituality. I’m really excited to share it with you.

The beautiful thing about this program is that it works regardless of where your starting point is. This is true whether you’re someone who is already quite accomplished and successful or if you feel like you’ve been held back a lot by old trauma and stress (or both).

An essential truth

Before going into the three steps, let’s talk upfront about a most essential truth.

That truth is that you are already everything you could ever hope to be. You already are a shining light being with unlimited potentialities. There’s nothing you need to improve about yourself.

But wait a minute, you may say, I don’t FEEL that way.

See, that’s the paradox we live in.  We have tried so hard, often with so much struggle, to try to become what we already are.

This is a big dilemma that the human race has been dealing with for a long time. So many world teachers have grappled with this problem of human suffering that is due to us not recognizing our true nature.

Let’s now look at the three steps of Quantum Catalyst Healing, and how you can live in the zone of fulfillment.

Step One: Quantum Releasing

This step is about lightening up your load of outdated experiences and beliefs, as well as the cellular memory of trauma. The word Quantum indicates that this lightening up process can happen very quickly, as described by physics when a sub-atomic particle instantaneously jumps to a higher energy level.

Through a combination of voice dialogue and spiritual energy work we will work together to remove ancient blocks that have prevented you from enjoying healthy relationships, financial flow or good health.

These internal energy blocks come from our own past, our families and others around us. Some have been passed down from our ancestors or others we don’t remember.

How does Quantum Releasing work? Our brains, and the intelligence in our cells, are a lot like computers. They can be programmed to create positive or negative outcomes through the principle of epigenetics[i]. Most of our programming has been of the negative variety! Releasing is the process of removing old, buggy programming from our subconscious, or even soul level.

The process of releasing in Quantum Healing takes place in a high vibrational coherent light field that makes it much easier to connect with and experience your true, higher Self. You will be guided through releasing all that does not serve back to the Light of source. While it can take time and preparation to be ready to release this old baggage, actual releasing can happen very quickly – like a Quantum leap.

Step Two: Rewiring

Rewiring is a beautiful process of energetic re-connection of your mind and body with your true divine Self. Rewiring happens at whatever pace you are ready for – it is highly individual.

Quantum Physics has confirmed that everything in the universe is connected with everything else. Another way of saying this is that everything is holographic – that is each part contains the whole and is connected with every other part.

Your body is full of energy connection and flow systems. Some of these are referred to as chakras, meridians, nadis and energy centers. When you’re feeling healthy and good these systems are circulating energy in a balanced, harmonious way. Most forms of poor health are associated with depleted or disconnected energy connections in your body.

Quantum Rewiring helps restore these energy connections, and the well-being that comes when you directly SENSE and FEEL your fundamental connectedness. Rewiring takes place during Quantum Healing sessions and is also supported by practices you can do for yourself on a daily basis.

Step Three: Realizing

True healing is not just about relieving painful or distressing symptoms. That’s just the first step. It’s much more about freeing you to move forward with living your life fully, fulfilling your higher, creative purpose. That’s where the real joy and gusto is.

The reason you may have felt held back in realizing your purpose has been all the energy blockages that have been creating bugs in the internal computer of your subconscious mind. These bugs, called samskara in Sanskrit, have literally caused us to sabotage our own power and success – using our own power against ourselves.

As you go through Quantum Releasing and Rewiring it is much easier to start realizing your higher purpose in very practical ways. Your program may include coaching to help guide and support you in taking the necessary steps.

[i] Epigenetics is a science that recognizes how environment, diet, exercise, thoughts and beliefs affect our DNA, altering gene expression and remodeling our bodies. See my book Awakening the Avatar Within, Chapter 5


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