The process of transforming your experience from stuck or struggling to successful is much more than what it may appear at first glance. It requires a shift in consciousness and the way you run energy in your body.

I like the term the “dream of our society” used by author Don Miguel Ruiz. This refers to the complex, often unspoken set of beliefs, inhibitions, values and taboos we were domesticated with when we were children. The main purpose of this dream is to instill fear-based control factors, creating a split-off part of the psyche that can be influenced or controlled by external authorities. This part can accurately be called the “slave self.”

One of the definitions of the word success from the Merriam-Webster dictionary is “the attainment of wealth, favor or eminence.” Any or all of these can be attributes of success. Yet having these boons can only be considered true success if they are accompanied by an increase in your sense of inner freedom – your freedom to embody love and share the God-given gifts you have within you for the betterment of others.

I have served as mentor and Quantum healer to hundreds of healers, health professionals and business owners for over 30 years. I’ve observed the sense of struggle, burnout or feeling stuck in patterns of limitation so many have dealt with. I’ve come to grasp what the deeper, often hidden causes for these experiences often are, and what it takes to shift into a more empowered, successful state of consciousness.

I’ve summarized my understanding of the process of moving from stuck to successful in the following five insights.

  1. Clarify what you want

Another dictionary definition of success is “a favorable or desired outcome.” We all want that, right?

In order to have a desired outcome you need to get clear about what it is you really want. This is step number one. Yet a surprising number of people, including those following paths of consciousness, say they don’t really know what they want. I mean what they REALLY want.

Sure, they would probably say they want relief from the pains or stresses du jour that are bothering them. Most people would also say they would like more money or less financial pressures. I don’t see these as ends in themselves; these are natural blessings that come to you when you are really living your purpose.

What you REALLY want arises from your soul, not your programmed mind. It is a revelation of the heart filled with juice, vitality and desire. When you clear the fog of the slave self and really get this, you become more magnetic to all the connections and resources required to fulfill your soul’s desire. That reduces the experience of struggle and creates greater flow.

Trusted people can help mirror your desires of the soul when you’re having a hard time seeing it. It is also very valuable to take the time to create a written business plan to help make your project more concrete. Many programs and templates exist for this purpose.

  1. Do your inner clearing work

Once you get clear on what lights up your heart and soul, you may run up against inner demons that have been holding you back from enthusiastically fulfilling it. These often manifest through energy blockers such as procrastination, feelings of low self-esteem or self-doubt, overwhelm or myriad “weapons of mass distraction.”

These experiences are often like the tip of the iceberg, and are connected with deeper causative factors. Some of the causes of energy blockages I’ve seen in my clients (and myself) have included the following. I’ve included a brief example after each item in italics and quotes:

  • Unresolved or unforgiven past trauma “mysterious inhibitions or loss of energy
  • Disempowering messages passed down from ancestors “life is a struggle, or women were born to serve men
  • Subpersonalities, or split-off aspects of self not in alignment with you being successful “I think I’ll just browse Facebook and binge-watch cable instead of focusing on my project
  • Psychic implants or curses “Every time my business starts taking off something always sabotages me!
  • Unresolved negative memories “Unexplained anxiety that keeps holding me back”
  • Vows made in the forgotten past that are still limiting you now “A vow of poverty made in past lifetimes keeping me feeling poor now in spite of my continued efforts.”
  • Incomplete incarnation into your human body “I keep struggling with unexplainable health problems and never get ahead”

Yes, the rabbit hole can go very deep! I affectionately call all of these conditions the “residoo-doo” of the past.

There are so many methods used for helping clear these inner burdens, each with various levels of effectiveness. The most powerful method I have discovered for clearing such energy blockages is infusing the parts of the body and mind caught up in them with the limitless energy of the Quantum Field.

This is analogous to fixing a buggy computer program by replacing it with an updated version from the source server. I call this method Quantum Catalyst Healing. It can be combined with other clearing methods such as therapy, tapping, acupuncture, EMDR or energy medicine with amplified results.

  1. Rebuild your energy circuitry

Physics has revealed that everything in the Universe is made up of energy, including your body. Everything in the Universe is holographic. That means that in reality, everything is inter-connected with everything else, in infinite octaves of higher and lower frequencies.

Energy circulates throughout your body in systems known as meridians, chakras, nadis and energy centers. It is divinely intended for our energy systems to be whole, unbroken and freely communicating with the Earth and the cosmos. This is the basis for living in love and abundance.

This is not the case for most of us, however. You and I were born into a fallen state of the consciousness of the human race. In this state we were domesticated to feel disconnected from our Earth, the cosmos and each other. This is one of the deepest root causes for feelings of struggle and stuckness.

Ascension practices are meditations and inner energy healing work that helps transform energy blockages and feelings of disconnection into freedom and flow. This is spiritual awakening and the basis of true empowerment

  1. Find your tribe

There is a strong mythos in the United States of the “self-made man or woman.” Individual effort and responsibility is an essential ingredient for success. It is also true that we are moving into a time of expanded collaboration. Set your intention to find a community of people you resonate with for mutual support and raising of consciousness. There are many resources available for this, including for members of

  1. Work with an awake mentor

When I look back on my life I feel gratitude toward the people who acted as mentors to me. These were people who had just the message and methodology needed to get over difficult humps and move into a new level.

For a waiter in a restaurant to refill your glass, he will need to hold the water pitcher above it. This is required by the law of gravity. In a similar way, good mentoring is a relationship with someone who is embodying a higher level of manifestation and spiritual awareness then you have so far. This relationship can infuse you with clarity, motivation and specific guidance at times of major change. When you are ready to move from struggle to success this is one of the best investments you can make.


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