If you are a healthcare practitioner, healer or coach, I’ll bet you’ve noticed this.

People come to you looking for relief of pains or symptoms. Or they may been feeling anxious, isolated or burned out. You probably do help most of them, and they appreciate that. But you know, and they know, that there’s a lot more lurking beneath the surface that’s still not resolved.

Most of these clients recite a long list of doctors, therapists, spiritual teachers and more they’ve tried before you, with limited results. Sound familiar?

I’m hearing a lot of the same things from the doctors and healers who come to me for sessions and coaching. These are some really smart people who’ve done a lot of work on themselves.

The old image of the tip of the iceberg comes to mind. It’s can be frustrating when all your skilled services and caring are mainly working on the tip, and can’t move the rest of the iceberg much.

Einstein was quoted as brilliantly saying:

“You can’t solve problems in the same consciousness in which they were created.”

After decades of clinical work I finally got this. I got tired of chasing symptoms and seeing the same inner burdens keep resurfacing in my clients. Eventually I discovered the Quantum level of healing and it’s been WAY better since. I’ve spent many years proving out how it really works, and developing effective ways to help other practitioners work on this level. That’s why I’m sending you this email!

So why is it really so hard for people to fully heal? Here’s what I’ve discovered about this important and exasperating question.

It’s the times we are living in. This mass shift in consciousness we’re all going through is changing everything. Methods that used to work for you don’t always work so well anymore.

This is because we’re all becoming much more empathic and feeling more of the collective. This is a time of profound choice for the human race. All that’s been buried and forgotten is up in people’s faces more of the time. Very different from earlier generations.

So this means when you’re working with a client there’s a lot more in front of you. There could also be their relations, their ancestors, group pain bodies and more crying out for help. Yikes!

Whether you’re serving clients or working on yourself, new methods are needed.

We need such multi-dimensional therapeutic methods that release, balance and uplift people on all the levels they require – physical, energetic and spiritual (Quantum).

Here’s a quote from someone who experienced that at one of my retreats:

“I experienced life changing moments during meditations. I have been unwound and unbound. I experienced feelings of a very high level of love and transformation. I met, felt and saw parts of me (within) that will absolutely change my future.”  Shannon L., Practitioner

I’d like to share one vital principle of Quantum Healing with you now. That is to train yourself to see your clients as already whole. That’s right – even though they tell you about all their pain and issues, see them as completely healthy, radiant, dolng the things they love to do.

You see, Quantum healing is all about consciousness. Positive energy and visualization is infectious. If you can see and feel it it helps them to get it. Then their body can transform through the epigenetic pathways. Way cool!!!

I’d enjoy hearing from you, about what you’ve discovered about healing on the core level.


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About the Quantum Mastercourse

About the Quantum Mastercourse
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