by Darren Starwynn, O.M.D., Quantum Catalyst

This is an amazing subject, and I’m glad you’re taking a few minutes to read it. I’ll keep this big subject very brief, because I know your time is precious.

The word Avatar comes from the Sanskrit word Avatara, which means descent. Such as God/the Divine descending into human form.

Avatars have rocked our world, and most of the world religions were based on them. Some of the big name Avatars were Quan Yin, Rama, Jesus, Krishna and Buddha.

Let’s break this down. An Avatar is someone who has these qualities:

  1. Has a purpose that helps make the world a better place, and goes their best to follow their purpose
  2. Has gone through hell in their life, struggled with many challenges and persevered through it
  3. Has at least partially awakened to the spiritual being they really are, and loves helping other people do the same
  4. Is Divine consciousness expressing through a human being
  5. Has developed some superpowers so they can get the job done

Let me ask you a question. If you look at yourself kindly, might you already have the first three of these qualities? If so, good start!

Let’s take this a step further.

Back in the bad old days it would be considered blasphemy for anyone to say God is inside of them or expressing through them. But now lots of us take this as a given. I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve had some experiences of spiritual oneness or being connected to the Universe. So that checks off the box for Avatar quality #4.

About #5: As I’ve written about in my book Awakening the Avatar Within, all of us have superpowers. They start out as your talents and abilities, and expand into superpowers as you raise your consciousness and put yourself into service to others.

Superpowers don’t have to be sci-fi kind of stuff like moving mountains or flying through the air like Superman. Your superpowers could manifest in less dramatic ways. For examples, feeling rich compassion toward suffering friends, moving people with your singing, or understanding the feelings of animals. Or being great with numbers, mediating between quarreling people or sharing a beautiful healing touch.

So I’ll ask you again. Might you have at least SOME of all five of those Avatar qualities? If yes, you are already starting to live as an Avatar. Can you dig it?

Let’s go back to Avatar quality #3 – awakening to who you really are. This is way more possible for us to do than our parents or ancestors.

We are living in a time of rapid conscious Ascension in which it is much easier to awaken from the conditioned, ego based self into increasing awareness of your true, Divine self than it used to be. Those ancient Avatars had to swim against the current of their times; for us it’s getting to more like going with the flow.

Each moment spent marinating in the Quantum field is supporting your awakening. One thing that really accelerates this is spending time with groups of good-hearted people who are into this sort of thing.

I already wrote that putting yourself in positions of service is the fastest way to bring out your superpowers. There’s more to this. Because our world situation is so dire there is even more Divine power flowing to help us through. That means that even more love and grace and power flows to you as you step up.

So don’t worry about your readiness, if you’re good enough, or how confident you are or aren’t. It’s not about all that stuff. Those who say yes to being part of the solution and open themselves are lifted up. No experience required. That’s how it works to live as an Avatar these days.




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About the Quantum Mastercourse

About the Quantum Mastercourse
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